Armstrong Ceiling - the technical characteristics and properties

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11 April 2016

If you need a quick and inexpensive to mount the ceiling in a room with high ceilings, is a good option - the type of suspension system.Especially convenient popular today honeycomb ceiling Armstrong specifications which will be discussed in this article.

Specifications ceiling Armstrong


  1. And what is it - Armstrong ceiling?
  2. Features ceiling Armstrong
  3. Where used ceilings Armstrong

And what is it - Armstrong ceiling?

name his beautiful and promising.It has already become a household name, often meaning any structure suspended ceiling with mineral tiles.However, this is a completely separate type of ceiling.Talk to the beginning of its pros and cons.

advantages and disadvantages of these ceilings

Positive aspects:

  • This mineral ceiling will make it possible to always have free access to the ventilation system, as well as various sensors and lighting.
  • All bumps, dirt and other errors in the base ceiling suspension system safely hi
  • Quick assembly and disassembly, easy to care for ceiling - these are two significant plus.
  • High light reflectance plates allows, to some extent, to save electricity.
  • good absorption of ambient noise making similar design an excellent option for the office.
  • large number of accessories, specially produced for these ceilings, making installation even easier.In particular, you can buy built-in ventilation and lighting elements.
  • Do not forget that the natural material plates is safe and environmentally friendly.

However, shortcomings ceilings Armstrong is not deprived:

  • The main problem - the fact that they do not like floods from the neighbors above.After all, even if the plate is water-resistant, the water resistance, it does not.Therefore, if a neighbor or as a pipe you are not sure, better give up the ceiling.Take the rack or cassette.
  • Where the temperature or humidity change frequently, mineral plate perishable.Their color varies - for example, the white becomes yellowish.
  • These plates are quite fragile.They do not like sudden impacts, damaged by even a shot of champagne cork.Therefore, you should always keep in stock two or three plates.It is quite easy to replace them.

Types of suspended ceilings Armstrong:

# 1. Cheap ceilings (types - Baikal and Oasis) is highly in demand.After all, this is the minimum cost and maximum convenience.These boards are inexpensive but of high quality and good design.

Armstrong Ceiling type Baykal

# 2. ceilings functionality (type impurity) have extra protection against moisture.Thus, the data plate do not change their shape even when the humidity of ninety five percent.

Ceiling Armstrong Prima

# 3. acoustic ceilings (a type of Ultima) are protected from external noise.

Acoustic ceilings Ultima

# 4. ceilings hygiene (type Bioguard) topped with a special compound that protects them from the effects of hot steam and build-up of fat.In addition, the coating does not breed bacteria.

Hygienic ceiling Bioguard

# 5. ceilings designer have an original look.They are used to impart a particular style to some room.

Designer ceiling

Features ceiling Armstrong

In general, a ceiling consists of a harness made of a special metal profiles and mineral plates that are mounted on the suspension system.At the beginning of talk about what characteristics are applied to the plate-type ceiling Armstrong.

plates for suspended ceiling Armstrong

basis for panels used for ceilings Armstrong, is a mineral fiber (otherwise processed in a special way stone wool).In this fiber admix latex, starch, gypsum and cellulose (prepared from recycled paper).The technology worked through, it allows you to get high-quality material with a minimum of energy and raw material costs.Cheaper boards are composed of more starch and more expensive - more latex.This additive gives the material excellent resistance to moisture.

Finished paving slabs of cardboard sheets, are stacked and sealed in plastic using a vacuum.Thus, the material is protected against natural disasters and damage to the mechanical nature.The stack may be from eight to twenty-two pieces.In the latter case, the packaging will last for 7.92 square meter ceiling.Store and use boards need, under certain conditions: moisture is not allowed more than 90 percent, and the temperature limit, and even less - 15 to 30 degrees.

To make installation easier, mineral Armstrong plates made with three kinds of edges:

  • plates with the edge Microlook are not very wide step edge.They are used in overhead structures width of 1.5 centimeters.
  • Plates with Tegular edge also have a stepped edge, but wider.They are used in suspension systems width of 2.4 centimeters.
  • plates with an edge Board are universal - they are smooth edge, so these boards are suitable for both types of suspended structures.

Types of edges of plates for suspended ceilings

As for the other characteristics of mineral plates Armstrong, they are as follows:

  • Width - 60 cm;
  • length - 60 or 120 centimeters;
  • thickness - ranging from 0.8 to 2.5 cm;
  • weight - from 2.7 to 8 kilograms per square meter.

What is the suspension system

popularity is the use of mineral ceiling tiles due to several factors.In particular, the ease of installation and low cost.Well, the technical characteristics of the suspended ceiling, too, play a role.

By and large, there are two basic types of systems: a modular and solid.Most often it used the first type, which consists of a frame and modules - panels, cassettes, strips.The frame is usually hidden under the headliner.However, there are embodiments where this is not required, and thus it can be seen protruding elements.In contrast to the suspended ceiling, suspension system takes up more space.But underneath, you can hide any utilities.

The device suspended ceiling structure Armstrong

way, installation of the ceiling should start by conducting communication (otherwise later it will be difficult to do).Next, the base is attached to the ceiling frame of the transverse and longitudinal sections.The distance between the individual profiles - 60 cm (this is the size of the plate are mineral Armstrong).By the way, installation is very similar to the frame assembly supporting structure made of plasterboard.The final stage of work - installation of plates, ventilation grilles and lamps.It is not working - ceiling assembly similar to the assembly of children's designer.

On the aesthetic component

Perhaps the favorite of all the colors used for the ceiling, can be called white.But on sale today can be found colored and patterned plates Armstrong.A black ceilings often used in cinema halls.Different boards and texture.In addition to the most commonly used smooth ceilings, there are perforated and embossed.There are also open-cell lattice-type, which look very interesting.Furthermore, they are able to visually conceal the entire suspension system.

This diversity allows to issue a ceiling completely to your liking.Can be varied and the number of levels.This will get in the office, apartment or public space is very interesting effects.Using built-in lighting elements, is a beautiful three-dimensional structure.At the same suspensions hiding or left in plain sight.

textura1m textura2m textura3m textura4m

Where used ceilings Armstrong

to different types of facilities are presented and different operational requirements.It is necessary to consider picking up the ceiling.And so there is the possibility - as mentioned earlier, produced as many as four types of boards mineral Armstrong, each suited to specific conditions.

# 1. Universal ceiling Budget no features are released, so it is suitable for normal operating conditions.This, for example, can be placed industrial buildings, hotel lobbies, schools and kindergartens.

# 2. functional ceiling constructed from water-resistant plates (which are a part of a lot of latex) is needed where the humidity is very high.For example, it may be the shop, cafe or restaurant, swimming pool, bathroom dwelling house, sauna, laundry.Also, these ceilings can be installed in wet industrial enterprises and shops where there is direct access to the street (in the corridors, halls).

# 3. acoustic ceiling is needed, where it is necessary to muffle loud noises.In particular, it may be a cinema hall, office or nightclub.These characteristics are suitable Armstrong ceiling for hotels or noisy workplace.

# 4. ceiling hygienic coined specifically for the medical and food premises.In keeping with all the norms and requirements of hygiene, such products are decorated with hospital clinics and workshops food businesses.

# 5. ceiling design specifications do not shine, and their shapes and colors.It is needed where you want an exclusive and unique.This could be, for example, store room, hotel lobby, office or restaurant.You can make an unusual public space, but you can treat the ceiling design their own apartment.

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