Technical characteristics of semi-commercial linoleum

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10 April 2016

European countries accepted only the linoleum divide into two types: residential and commercial.Well, in Russia we decided to allocate another kind.This Semi-commercial linoleum, the characteristics of which is only slightly inferior to commercial.That kind of stuff, and what properties it has, will be discussed in this article.

Features semi-commercial linoleum and technical properties


  1. How does the material and where it is used
  2. As classified Semi-commercial linoleum wear resistance
  3. Group abrasion
  4. about the thickness and quality of the protective layer
  5. basis of semi-commercial linoleum
  6. length and width of the semi-commercial linoleum
  7. total thickness of the coating
  8. How heavy linoleum
  9. On Fire
  10. What else is taken into account - advanced settings plukommercheskogo linoleum
  11. Table: Features and specifications of semi-commercial linoleum

How doesthe material used and where

Linoleum semi-commercial type always consists of several layers (ie, it is a heterogeneous).

fabric structure similar to that of residential linoleum:

The structure of the semi-commercial linoleum type

# 1. The top layer - the protective.He does not give the flooring deteriorate prematurely, damaging the image.This layer is thicker than residential linoleum.

# 2. finishing layer gives the product completeness and shapes its appearance.Linoleum can be monochrome (and the palette is very extensive), and have a print wood, stone, metal.

# 3. basis for the figure.

# 4. Fiberglass.This increases the reliability of the web and save it from deformation.

# 5. basis of foamed PVC

# 6. backsheet with markings.

Semi-commercial linoleum is also called the office, because basically it take for the office floors.However, it can be used in clinics, and kindergartens and in stores.Home This durable material is also well suited.

As a guest on the material is not provided, it is somewhat difficult assignment of a material to a class of so-called semi-commercial linoleum.However, this material themselves proizvoliteli support certain standards by which we can determine that this semi-commercial linoleum.

Usually this type of linoleum has the following parameters:

  • Product thickness - from 2.2 to 4.5 mm;
  • thickness of the upper layer (protective) - from 0.35 to 0.6 mm;
  • weight of one square meter - from 2 to 5 kg;
  • abrasion - from 10 to 15 g / m2;
  • standard width - from 1.5 to 5 m (at intervals of 0.5 m).

classified Semi-commercial linoleum As for durability

to choose Semi-commercial linoleum, the most suitable for the specific conditions, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the numerals in its labeling.Complexity is not.In our country we adhere to European standards of classification of floor coverings and rooms, where they are used.

According to these rules, there are 3 kinds of rooms:

  • Residential type premises designated number 2;
  • office type denotes the number 3;
  • production type indicated by the numeral 4.

also classified another option - the load, which is subject to a floor covering:

  • At low load on the labeling indicates the number 1;
  • with an average load - figure 2;
  • under heavy load - the number 3;
  • at very high load - number 4.

To make it more clearly, more manufacturers and icons, icons placed next to the numbers.They depict men and houses.Looking at the picture and standing next number, you can quickly figure out whether this approach linoleum.

Classes durability

Take, for example, the material are marked with the number 32, it is suitable for office space, and 31 class is good for the house, inhabited by a large family.

Group abrasion

Sometimes kinds of semi-commercial linoleum may differ substantially in value.As a rule, a less expensive material abrasion.This indicator is intended to determine how quickly wear out the flooring.Group abrasion should be based on the European standard EN660-1.

defines a group attrition as follows: the sample checked linoleum is applied to the rotating disk coated with a abrasive.When this drive will take 25,000 rpm, make measurements.Compare the original thickness of the linoleum obtained after a test, you can determine how the faded finish.Accordingly, it is assigned one of the groups of abrasion.

This parameter depends on the thickness of the protective layer, and on its composition.Least susceptible to wear clean PVC, free of impurities.It is such a composition is usually coated with a high quality semi-commercial linoleum.If PVC added chalk and silica sand, the strength of the coating is reduced.

the following groups of attrition:

  • Group T - protected material made of pure PVC.When tested erased 0.08 mm or less.
  • Group F - the average amount of wear.Erasing the top layer - from 0.08 to 0.15 mm.
  • Group M - poor resistance to abrasion.When testing is lost from 0.15 to 0.3 mm of the protective layer.
  • Group F - material unacceptably large number of impurities - more than 65 percent.His strength is very low.Erasure - from 0.3 to 0.6 mm.

Semi-commercial linoleum has abrasion - from 10 to 15 g / m2 and a group of P.

about the thickness and quality of the protective layer

This is one of the most important characteristics of the semi-commercial linoleum.Thanks to the protective transparent film pattern does not lose its freshness, and the coating itself slowly wears out.It erased during exercise only the top film.

If the thickness of the protective layer is from 0.3 to 0.6 mm, it means - we Semi-commercial linoleum, or as it is called domestic heavy-duty linoleum.Naturally, with the increase in the protective layer increases and the price of the product, but its service life is significantly increased.

Some businesses, manufacturers add an additional protective layer useful properties.For example, the firm Tarkett using their own technological development, making a convenient cover for cleaning and particularly strong:

  • For protection EXTREME PROTECTION seven times increases the strength of linoleum Tarkett (when compared to a conventional linoleum household type).
  • layer of titanium - this additional lacquer coating.
  • TUREX - is a special way of embossing, which makes linoleum Tarkett as similar to one of the natural expensive materials: stone, wood or ceramic tile.

Embossed linoleum
Linoleum embossed.

basis of semi-commercial linoleum

basis of semi-commercial coating can be:

Felt (needle felt)


Polyvinyl chloride (foam type)


Applying the basics of PVC is a relatively newtechnology had time to catch on.After all, the joints of the linoleum is very easy to connect with a special compound for cold welding of PVC materials.Moreover, the connection takes place at the molecular level, so it turns tight and very inconspicuous (unlike the standard method engages - nut).The joints will not be afraid of is wet - it will not work inside.But

and needle felt foundations have their advantages.For example, it is perfectly glued to any surface, as well as a very high tensile strength.And on the linoleum with a basis of less visible dents from anything heavy, and the availability of more attractive prices.

length and width semi-commercial linoleum

Here Semi-commercial linoleum boasts a variety.Manufacturers produce its width and a half to five meters (increments of half a meter).It is a good idea - you can always choose the material that will give a minimum amount of waste.And the seams at the joints can also be made smaller.Well, over the length of the rolls is not so different - usually 20 to 30 meters.

total thickness of the coating

This setting affects properties such as insulation and heat insulation.And the thick linoleum go nice and comfortable - it springs back due depreciation.Usually made semi-commercial coating thickness of 2.2 to 4.5 mm.

How heavy linoleum

Weight determines characteristics such semi-commercial linoleum, density and strength.After all, it depends on the density, floor stand whether the severity of the loaded cabinet legs, walking on sharp-heeled shoes or ride a chair on wheels.Weight is determined on a per square meter - usually lies in the range from 2 to 5 kg.

On Fire

According to fire regulations all materials used in the home, in the workplace and in offices have some degree of flammability.Linoleum defined 4 degrees - from T1 to T4.Most of these coatings refers to the degree F3 and F4 (combustible materials).

There are flammability index (B), which is scheduled for the 3 groups, as well as having the ability to smoke 3 groups (A).Abbreviations RP indicates the degree of spread of the flame - it relates the material to one of four groups.There are a number of other indicators.The main thing - remember the rule: the higher the number, the letters going after the more combustible material is.

have semi-commercial linoleum is the case:

  • Flammability degree G3 - G4;
  • flammability group B2 - B3;
  • ability to smoke production - D3;
  • ability to spread the flames - WP1 or WP2.

What else is taken into account - advanced settings plukommercheskogo linoleum

on a roll with the material present a number of icons, pictograms.Not bad will understand them - it helps to avoid mistakes when buying:

  • If you see an icon representing the lightning, then it is good.Therefore, linoleum is antistatic and will not save electricity, suddenly an electric shock.
  • Icon-wheel look, if you're going to move along the floor on wheels furniture - tables, chairs, tables.Such linoleum exactly survive all this.
  • If you are going to arrange heated floors, buy linoleum marked with "warm floor".
  • Finally one more parameter - residual deformation.Semi-commercial coating has it to the next level: ≤ 0,17 - ≤ 1,33 mm.

Table: Features and specifications of semi-commercial linoleum

Options values ​​
class durability 31, 32, 33 classes.
Group and the degree of abrasion 10 to 15 g / m2, the group "P".
thickness of the protective layer from 0.3 to 0.6 mm.
basis of semi-commercial linoleum Felt (needle felt);Polyvinyl
(foamed type).
Length 20 to 30 meters.
width 1,5;2;2.5;3;3.5;4;4.5;5 m.
coating thickness from 2.2 to 4.5 mm.
Weight linoleum From 2 to 5 kg / m2.
Flammability degrees T3 - T4.
Flammability Group B2 - B3
ability to smoke production D3
ability to spread the flames WP1 - WP2
Permanent deformation ≤0.17 - ≤ 1.33 mm.
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