Modern types of mixers and their distinctive features

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10 April 2016

first mixer for hot and cold water was invented by Lord Kelvin in the nineteenth century.New materials and technologies have allowed to create more sophisticated devices, aesthetic and comfortable.In this article, we consider all types of mixers that are used nowadays.

Types of mixers of various designs


  1. washbasin
  2. Kitchen Faucets
  3. Mixers for bath with shower
  4. taps thermostats
  5. Faucets with sensor
  6. difference mixers postinstallation
  7. difference mixers by type spout
  8. mixers depending on the material manufacturing
  9. Video: How to choose a faucet


you need to take into account the width and depth of the sink, choosing a mixer so that water is not sprayedbeyond.It depends on the height of the product, as well as the size and shape of the spout.

more important as the device is attached to the sink.It is better if this is the nut which must be screwed onto the lower part of the housing.Fixing by pins (one or two) is less reliable.By way s

witching water products can be either brushless or lever.For each of these types of faucets for the sink - on.


Valve crane pedestal washbasin

At the mixer, rotating knob, located on either side of the crane, you can change the pressure of hot or cold water, achieving the desired temperature.These models are also called pedestal crane, since it head parts are here as locking elements.

Crane axle box

head parts can be :

1. head parts worm type - is a kind of cork.Rod with rubber seal on the end covers the water (either in full or in part).Wrapping the valve with such a mechanism, it is necessary to make a few turns and make an effort in the end.By the way, imported products are more gently on pads than domestic: they stem movement is advancing, but not rotationally.

2. head parts with ceramic plates pivoting , in which holes are cut.When the holes are lined up, the water flows when it is not the same - no longer walk.Fully tighten the tap with ceramic within only half a turn.Therefore, it is the second name - poluoborotny.

note advantages and disadvantages of the tap-axle mixers.

+ Pros:

  • casting housing is durable and reliable, it does not have a large number of moving parts.
  • interchangeability of parts is high and the repair is not difficult.
  • Suffice low price (lower than that of single lever products).

- Cons:

  • head parts too diverse - you can make a mistake and buy the wrong item, what you need.And sometimes do not find it on sale.
  • Spin valves need two hands - it's long.And uncomfortable, if the hands are not very clean.
  • a lot of water is consumed - for zealous owner is important.

Single lever washbasin mixer

Odnozahvatnye (or single-lever) mixers instead of two valves have only one lever handle.It is able to rotate in two planes, providing the necessary heat and water pressure.

The mechanism for the lever mixers

mechanism for switching can be :

1. balls - inside is a hollow ball with holes.

2. cartridge, inside him are rotating disks of ceramics.

Note that tight fitting parts inside the body painfully react to foreign matter in the water.Because of this, the mixer can be damaged - even accidentally hit a grain of sand is able to damage the disc.To avoid this, set the filters.Corpus single-lever mixer can be a turning or cast.

Features rotating body

In this case, after fixing the device to sink its spout can be rotated.It is quite convenient.For example, when the crane is not needed to send in the sink, and to the bath.And wash sink becomes easier.

Rotary Mixer

+ Pros:

  • Ease of use (the lever can be pressed in one motion) and speed adjustment.
  • and dirty surface of the mixer to a minimum.If hands dirty, you can use the back of the hand or elbow.
  • Longer (about half) lifetime than the head parts.He is about ten years.The prices of these items are on the same level, but the repair of the cartridge will need one, and head parts - two.

- Cons:

  • movable body can not shine particularly strong and can easily go wrong.
  • If the wear strip, which separates the inner part of the swivel, the valve must be completely replaced.This detail is extremely difficult to find.
  • sensitive to contaminants in the water.

Features cast body

fewer moving parts, the less break the finished product.It is an axiom, so sturdy unibody probably live longer swivel.The only item that can be changed - is rigidly mounted spout.However, this design allows you to place the handle side switching only.And it's not very convenient.

Cast mixer

+ Pros:

  • long-lived body with easily replaceable elements.
  • All the advantages of single-lever products described above.

- Cons:

Cast mixers higher, so the water are often sprayed.
Side grip is not too convenient.
Like all cartridge products, sensitivity to foreign particles in the water.

Kitchen Faucets

In execution kinds of mixers for the kitchen are similar to those used for the sink in the bathroom.But they have one feature.Products that are installed in a kitchen sink, must be of sufficient height.Otherwise they will not be able to comfortably wash large pots or recruit them water.Yet sometimes the product dispenser equipped with kitchen and separate faucet for drinking water.

long spout and swivel design (allowing you to reach all corners of the sink) - the best option.The greater the turning angle of the spout, the more comfortable using the device.Budget models have a maximum angle of 140 degrees, more expensive - 180 degrees.Sometimes the spout for greater comfort make flexible or retractable.

Kitchen faucet

crane pedestal faucets for the kitchen

Classic version with two flywheels repair is not very difficult - any fitter cope.However, if the hostess hands in the dough or in the oil, the cranes will inevitably be stained - or they do not open.And well water leaks through a blender.In general, advantages and disadvantages are the same as for the devices described in the previous section.

Single-lever faucets for the kitchen

Include the touch of a finger or the back of the hand, they are not afraid of dirty hands and highly relevant during cooking.Therefore, the "one-armed" mixers come in a growing number of kitchens, displacing the valve faucets.The body of solid or may consist of rotary parts.

Swivel housing - comfort and practicality

This design makes it easy to wash soiled washing as supplies water to the maximum area.Or put a mountain of dirty dishes, pushing aside the crane.This, of course, is a plus.

But do not forget about the shortcomings of the rotating body.They are already listed in the description of products for shells.This reduction in service life and sufficiently rapid wear of parts subject to friction.A kitchen this factor is especially important, since the mixer is experiencing higher loads than in the bathroom.

Rotary Mixer

casting housing - a guarantee of longevity

Perhaps, one-piece body is best suited for intense cooking conditions.A similar model mixer faithfully serve for many years.Is that the spout with cartridges have to be replaced periodically.And that water is sprayed from a high spout, spray it should be directed at the center of the sinks.

The only drawback is the lateral placement of the handle, which was mentioned in the previous section.But here you need to choose what is more important: security or comfort.

Cast not the rotary body

Mixers for bath with shower

These types of faucets for the bathroom presuppose the existence of an additional outlet, which connects the shower hose.Furthermore, they present the mechanism at the right time to switch on the water faucet or shower.

Bath mixer with a shower

crane pedestal Faucet with shower and varieties

As faucets installed over the sink, these devices have two valves and one-piece body.But the mechanisms, the switching-in shower - spout, they can be different, it is by this mechanism and they are different.

Crane pedestal Bathroom Faucets

1. mixers eccentric switching mechanism shower - spout .

This arrangement is most common.The principle of it is this: turning the knob, we operate a rod, on both sides of which are rubber-cork gasket.This rod, moving in a straight line, closes as a result of one of the holes: Shower or spout.

Cam switching mechanism

+ Pros:

  • repair mechanism usually is simple - just to change the pads.

- Cons:

  • rubber pads wear out quickly.
  • Failure of more serious parts have to change the mechanism completely.But this time-consuming work, also have to deal with the entire mixer.
  • sale mechanism is extremely difficult to find alone.

2. mixer with a cartridge switching mechanism shower - spout .

Structurally, the device similar to the cartridge lever mixer, but it is smaller in size.Works like: ceramic plate, rotate, skip or close water.

Cartridge switching mechanism

+ Pros:

  • He is able to last for a long time without breaking.
  • change it much easier than a device with an eccentric.

- Cons:

  • Cartridge repair can not be - changed completely.

3. Mixer ball switching mechanism shower - spout .

There is a small ball type shut-off valve.Inside a brass ball, wherein the machined perpendicular holes.When turning the ball occupies a fixed position and the water flowing through the respective openings.

Ball gear shift shower - spout

+ Pros:

  • This model is the most tenacious and reliable.

- Cons:

  • If, however, the mechanism will break, the change did not happen.We'll have to buy a new faucet.

Single-lever mixer with shower

This design is similar to the above-described lever mixers.The only thing - the body at BATH AND SHOWERS always cast.They differ in the type of mechanism to switch from the spout to shower.

Single-lever faucets for the bathroom

1. Mixer with removable of the switching mechanism shower - spout .

It can be cork or turning.The latter option is more convenient and modern.If the machine stops working, you need to take it off and put a new one.Disassembly is not provided.


+ Pros:

  • These removable items are on sale at all stores.So that the repair of the mixer is not difficult.

- Cons:

  • Dimensions solid mechanism, and requires additional space at the bottom of the mixer.
  • When the spout is rotated back and forth, loosened connections.

2. With integrated cork mechanism shower - spout .

As eccentric device, there is a rod with a rubber stopper (because of what the mechanism gets its name).To the stock began to move, you need to pull the knob to yourself or click on it.

Built cork mechanism

+ Pros:

  • Small footprint with built-in design.
  • Attractive design.

- Cons:

  • Sometimes mechanism is switched independently.
  • repair extremely complex parts do not get it.

3. a cartridge mixer with built-in switching mechanism shower - spout.


+ Pros:

  • This type of switch is considered the most reliable;
  • Simple device replacement.

- Cons:

  • cartridge can not be repaired, if it breaks it will have to be replaced completely.

taps thermostats

Equipped with two handles with fuses, they allow you to quickly vary the temperature (adjustable first valve) and pressure (adjustable second valve).Restrictive button on the handlebars make it possible to set the parameters that are needed.The next time you turn on the tap, get water to the desired temperature and pressure.

Mixer thermostat

+ Pros:

  • saving water as quickly adjust.
  • Ability to set the desired parameters.This is useful, for example, when bathing the child.
  • modern elegant design.

- Cons:

  • high price.

Faucets with sensor

These products are also called non-contact.They are not required to include a manually since they are equipped with an infrared sensor movement type.It is necessary to bring the hands to the faucet as it begins to pour out of the water.Zone of the sensor may be adjusted.The temperature is adjusted the little lever.

Mixer with sensor

+ Pros:

  • Hygiene - no direct contact surface with dirty hands.This is useful for public toilets.
  • Ease of use - no need to make any effort.

- Cons:

  • price level.

difference mixers on-site

Embedded products

They usually come with a bathtub and a road built into the side of her special fasteners.There are also models designed for attachment to the desk height pedestals.

central product

They placed vertically, applying for mounting on a sink or kitchen sink.Their installation and maintenance are simple.


Wall products

It usually BATH AND shower products, other than hard-wired.They are mounted near the plumbing fixture hiding under the veneer.Sometimes they are installed in a specially made niche in the wall.


difference by type mixers

spout short spout

small spout (15 to 18 centimeters) may be appropriate for a compact sink in the bathroom, and for BATH AND shower mixer.

Vaneau - shower mixer with short spout

Long spout

size and sturdiness of 20 centimeters or more.It may come in handy in the kitchen, as it gives more room to wash their hands or utensils.Spout more than 30 centimeters is needed if there is a common basin mixer and bath.

Kitchen faucet with long spout

flexible spout

also relevant for the kitchen environment.Externally, it is no different from their counterparts.It was not clear moments?