What is the best private house or flat depending on the needs, preferences and capabilities

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10 April 2016

the past, 20 years ago, to live outside the city in his home was not considered prestigious.Now everything has changed - a country house with all modern communications has become a symbol of prosperity.Instead of a modest "amenities" in the area offers a sauna, swimming pool, elegant gazebos.However, supporters of city life is still a lot.To argue that it is better - a house or apartment, it makes no sense.To each his own.But if there is any doubt, then why not consider the pros and cons of these types of housing and make the final choice.

What to choose a private house or flat


  1. Key aspects of the selection
  2. What are the benefits and features of a private house
  3. And what about security?
  4. maintenance costs of housing and
  5. How much attention should be given land
  6. far or near?
  7. Who in his home to live well?
  8. How to combine both?
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Key aspects of the selection

reasons for which we h

ave to choose between the apartment and a private home, is different.Newlyweds want to leave the village to the city where they work or study.Or a family with children dreams, on the contrary, to leave the small apartment into a spacious country house.Elderly couple moved closer to the ground, leaving the apartment, along with the bustle of children.

main criterion to guide the choice of housing are:

  • Places should be enough for all - each family member their own space.
  • clean air, greenery, water - undeniable advantages.
  • Well, if there are a number of shops, school, kindergarten, entertainment and health facilities.
  • should be possible to easily get to and from work.
  • absence of the crime situation in the region and providing adequate security - the most important condition.

What are the benefits and features of a private house

There is an urgent question: what is better - private house or apartment?Let us consider the features of living in a country house.

1. The house is spacious and freer than in a city dwelling.Not only can you allocate to each room, and a library with a dining room and a winter garden equip.

2. Young children will live at ease only in the house.To put it in it, and stay with a family consisting of several generations.In the city of such conditions can be achieved if the rooms 4 or 5, and lives in an apartment not more than four persons.But keep an apartment is cheaper than home.

3. plot before the house allows more often in the air.In the summer you can take guests there, and the kids a place to play.I do not have to spend a lot of time and decided to go on nature - and so it is next.But the charm of country life will manifest only if the place chosen for the house clean.Not very pleasant to live near a dusty highway or railway.

4. plot can also be useful when the owners of the house have a hobby.For example, grow flowers or vegetables.In addition, the area and the machine can be put, and a swimming pool equipped, and a sauna.However, spending vast area will require considerable.And the time will take considerably.

5. in your own home, in contrast to the apartments, you will not hear the neighbors violently criticized for wall or someone includes drill early in the morning.And the city is constantly noisy cars, trams and other sound sources in the country so you can enjoy the peace full.However, only if a neighbor over the fence not rowdy - check it out in advance, by the way.

6. welcomes guests in a country cottage can be in any amount - the area allows.For them, there are separate rooms and even a guest house.There is one "but" - the guests prefer to come when it's warm.And in winter, when the day is short, the house can seem lonely.Therefore, those who like society better to live in the center of the village.

7. House can be expanded at the expense of building out the veranda or another floor.And on a site you can not only build a garage or workshop, but also to build another house.However, it can do a lot of money, and unskilled builders can spoil everything.

And what about security?

that security - a house or apartment?Of course, in a country cottage you are much more at risk of being subjected to robbery.Especially if it stands apart from the other buildings.In the cottage with the protection to live safer, but also more expensive.It is possible and to take precautions.To have a guard dog, for example.

good way - Installation of CCTV systems.You can mount a special automatic, which in your absence and the light will light periodically, and will raise the curtains.And better to invite someone to visit in your absence - if the thieves just do not turn up.Because the apartment is more difficult to get it all the same will to win in terms of security.

maintenance costs of housing and

The apartment with the service easier.No need to worry that the roof flows or fails heating system.These experts are engaged.And the only time you have to pay the "communal".However, prices are constantly going up.A set yourself anything, starting and ending with the boiler water meters, will be long and expensive.More and a lot of documents have to agree.

Living in a house, to have to worry about every detail, insulated, rigging equipment and repairing their homes.Yes, it is not necessary to pay for the services that were not provided, but in the event of an accident or natural disaster have to rely only on themselves.For example, to repair the torn hurricane roof, burnt wiring during a lightning storm or frost bursting boiler.Complex engineering systems, which should be regulated, and malfunction may increasingly demanding call specialist.We can not allow overflow and sewage, Cesspool time inviting service.

Conclusion: The tenants of the apartment in an accident needs only to reach the phone and call the housing office.The cottage is increasingly difficult - the right experts can not come soon, if not to come.Therefore it is necessary to live in the house technically savvy people.Comparing that it is cheaper - a house or apartment, you realize that a country cottage will cost more.

How much attention should be given land

Even clean spacious vacation home for a long time, especially in comparison with the apartment.But even more time-consuming work on the site.In the summer should be watered and weed winter - pure snow.Do not leave the derelict land, otherwise it quickly overgrown with weeds.But you can greatly simplify care section if:

  • Some automated processes at the site (eg, irrigation).Do not have to mess around with a heavy hose.A mower allows fast once a week to cut grass, waving his scythe.
  • Plants growing in the area, unpretentious.They do not require as much attention as people from exotic countries, and look just as good.
  • tool for a perfect quality.

But if you dug a pond at the site, built a summer kitchen and equipped with swimming pool, then work on it will increase.Do not forget about repairing the tracks, benches and canopies required from time to time.

Conclusion: The site does not tolerate neglect - it needs care.You can make it easier by purchasing mechanisms and undemanding plant.Therefore, if you do not like to work on the land and do not know what to choose - a house or apartment, choose the latter.

far or near?

In the city all around, from stores with pharmacies and ending cinemas and clinics.And here at the cottage with this can be a problem.Therefore, buying a house outside the city, you should consider the following things:

  • How much time will be spent on the way to work?If you need to travel 20 kilometers, and then stuck in traffic jams, it is not the best option.
  • walks a nearby public transportation to the city?Even if you have your own car, it may be necessary.
  • Do good near kindergarten, school, sports clubs?Children will be hard to get up early every day to drive into the city.What
  • shops, hospitals and clinics in the village?It is better if can be reached on foot.
  • What communications are brought to the house?Especially important to the presence of gas, as well as the centralized sewerage system.

Conclusion: While living in the wilderness, you can get a bunch of problems with travel to work, education of children, and even purchase products.It will be easier if someone from the family has free time, and a good connection to the city.Residents of the apartments do not have such problems.

Who in his home to live well?

evaluate all the charm of this property are capable of a few categories.

Young family with incomes above the average, in which the wife can take care of children, not working.This family approach cottage settlement in which the school is good and there, and enough entertainment.

large family, which includes three generations.Old men will take care of the plot, and children - to earn.It is important to the existence of clinics, schools and shops nearby.

Children with high school students or students do not require as much attention as kids.Parents will be able to work calmly.This family suited house near the city center.

family elderly people who like to mess around on the ground.They need to clinic had a shop next door and the bus had gone to the city.

To approach the house

This approach Apartment

How to combine both?

wrenching down and build a house or buy an apartment, many dream of a house in the city.But it costs a lot of money.However, there are several solutions.

type low-rise houses, built on the edge of the city, will allow close to nature, living comfortably.The area has security, parking, playground.For larger families there are apartments with two levels.The city at hand, with the portion of the track is not necessary, the house too - have utilities.

Townhouses - is home to 2 or 3 floors, interconnected.They have a small, up to two acres, land, common utilities, garage and a separate entrance.

Cottage towns have a common style and a different area of ​​the house, and they are built at different distances from the city.Good roads, well-established infrastructure, public services and security make living in them is very convenient.

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