How to choose a gas column considering all options

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09 April 2016

Despite widespread upgrading of utilities networks, service quality is poor.This applies especially to hot water.To solve this problem once and for all need to buy a gas water heater.About how to choose a gas column meets all the requirements, will be discussed in this article.

How to choose a gas water heater


  1. Species geysers and device
  2. Performance geyser
  3. water pressure for whom the column
  4. Types of ignition - what are, and what better
  5. Modulation of power - for what it is and why is important
  6. types of heat exchangers
  7. Discharge of combustion products
  8. safety devices - which is and the importance of their presence
  9. Manufacturers are worth paying attention
  10. Selection Criteria - summarize

Species geysers and device

Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of devices with different technical and operational characteristics.All gas water heaters can be divided into two types:

  • flow;
  • savings.

Flow geyser (concept).

The device flow gas water heater

1. The detector of the presence of thrust;
2. Detection of overheating;
3. The gas burner;
4. Regulator gas revenues;
5. Outlet of hot water;

6. Exit to the chimney;
7. The collector for the products of combustion;
8. The heat exchanger;
9. The gas pipe;
10. Control of water flow;
11. The outlet for cold water.

Flow gas water heater has a compact size thanks to a small gas burner and a lack of capacity for hot water.It can be installed in a small room with good natural ventilation.However, such devices have a small capacity, for connection to the WAN of several points of the fence hot water need to purchase high-power device.Such columns are best for urban apartments.

Accumulative gas water heaters (concept)

Accumulative gas water heater

1. The gas valve capacity;
2. knob of gas supply;
3. Adjust the water temperature;
4. The gas burner;
5. Ignition gas wick;
6. Thermocouple;
7. The nozzle main gas burner;
8. The internal protective coating;
9. Insulation of the water tank;
10. The outer protective casing;
11. The flap;

12. The anode to prevent scale formation and corrosion;
13. The drain valve;
14. The cable from detector traction;
15. The base of the chimney;
16. The splitter;
17. Intake of cold water;
18. swirling streams of water to intensify the mix;
19. Nest disaster relief valve;
20. outlet connection for hot water;
21. The stabilizer rod.

Cumulative devices have a considerable size.Tank capacity ranges from 50-500 liters.To use hot water it is not necessary every time turning on the device.Efficient thermal insulation capacity allows you to store heat longer period.Heat units are more efficient.Of the major shortcomings should be noted a significant size, which are forced to install the device in a special boiler, basement or attic.Also significant weight water tanks require a large amount of additional strengthening of overlap and preparation of the concrete base.Such gas water heaters is advisable to apply in cottages and private homes, where many points of use.

Performance geyser

Such as performance parameter at the gas columns can be specified both in kW and in l. / Min.Check this indicator can be looking at a special plate that is placed on the body of the column, or look into the passport of the device.Most often, the performance is indicated in l. / Min.Determine the power you need on the number of speakers can be water intake points, t. E. The number of mixers.

believed that one mixer is able to pass 6 - 7 l. / Min.Assume that the column is selected for the apartment, in which there are two mixers, bathroom and kitchen.To make room, the simultaneous use of hot water in both areas, it is necessary column capacity of 13 l. / Min.Use the table below you will be able to choose you need the power flow of the gas column.

number of intake points Power column
10 liters. 13 l. 15 liters.
Kitchen and washbasin ¤
kitchen and shower ¤
Kitchen, bath and shower ¤
kitchen, 2 baths and showers ¤

water pressure for whom the column

As for the water pressure, there is a need to pay attention to 2 the index is the minimum pressurewherein the column is turned on and the maximum pressure that can withstand the heat exchanger.Minimum pressure is very important for gas water heater flow-type t. To. It depends on whether it can join a geyser.This is especially important for homes of old buildings, where the infrastructure is severely worn out and in the water pressure is too low.It is best if the rate will not exceed 0.15 bar.

maximum pressure that can withstand a column is important for the reason that for the plumbing systems characterized by hammering.Thus there is a transient increase in water pressure that may lead to rupture of the coolant gas heater.It is important that the maximum pressure is in the range from 11 to 12 bar.

Types of ignition - what are the best and what

1. Budget and technically less sophisticated devices have a manual type of firing.It is produced by pressing and by PRESENT match to Palniki very uncomfortable and unsafe, especially if gas water heater is located in an inaccessible place.All the more so after the start remains on the wick, which is not very economical.

2. pezorozzhigom - electro-match option is integrated into the system, no significant benefits compared to manual ignition brings.Mechanical control with a minimum of electronic components.Activation is done by pressing a button.

3. Newer models are equipped with an electric ignition.So if you are thinking about how to choose the gas heating system, you need to determine the ignition system.It can be divided into volatile - connection via the adapter to the household power and non-volatile.In the case of volatile system, power outages column simply stop working.

volatile system can be divided into:

hydrogenerator (HydroPower) - electronic control.The column integrated device generates electricity from the flow of water.Activated by hot water tap is open;

The concept of hydraulic generator geyser.

electric ignition on battery - volatile system with electronic control.Installed and as a backup and as a primary ignition system.Special LCD monitor shows the battery level.

heater with ignition on batteries.

From all the above is the most effective non-volatile hydro, however, such systems are expensive and difficult to repair, require the installation of additional filters of mud on the water supply pipe.At the moment, the most common option is to connect the speakers to the mains.

IMPORTANT!If your place of residence frequently observed off the light, you can buy CHD - uninterruptible power supply.Do not neglect and stabilizing devices especially with frequent surges.

power modulation - for what it is and why is important

This device controls the intensity of the flame burning in the heat exchanger, depending on the pressure of cold water entering the column.A very handy device allows you to safely enjoy the water set temperature regardless of the neighbors include water, due to which the pressure drops or not.

This not only reduces gas consumption and increases the comfort of use of hot water without regard to the other points of water intake in the apartment, but also can protect against thermal burns received.

types of heat exchangers heat exchangers Classification

the easiest way to hold the material from which made Ionia:

Steel - is low cost and corrosion resistance.Products with steel heat exchangers have a significant weight, but also more reliable.

high-purity copper - mechanical characteristics similar to steel, but the heat is much higher, thanks to the efficiency of the device is significantly improved.

Simple copper - due to the presence of impurities is uneven heating of the heat exchanger and the container bursts.To this did not happen too quickly, many low cost producers treated the surface of the heat exchanger pipes and a specially heat-resistant paint, but the tangible benefits of a "liner" No detail goes bust a few years of operation.

Discharge of combustion products

There are two types of gas columns, depending on the method of removing carbon monoxide.

first type - classic with a chimney.The majority of apartments that will convert under gazonagrevatelnyh use of instruments, it is not acceptable, since there is simply no technical capabilities of the device and the chimney on the roof of his removal.

Column diverting gases through the chimney

second type - besdymohodny (parapet).Hole for removal of combustion products is done in the wall of the building.This kind of equipment is more expensive and is volatile, since excretion takes place by force with the help of the fan mounted in the housing column.The room in which besdymohodnaya installed gas water heater, should have a good natural or mechanical ventilation.Derivation is performed compulsorily by the turbine or the fan built into the removal tube.

Column without a chimney

Particular attention should be paid to the premises with the established plastic windows.The lack of air can affect the operation of the device.Provided that there are appropriate detectors, speaker simply will not turn on.If they are not, the result can get the most pitiable.Solve the problem will vent valve which can be embedded in the plastic part of the window with his hands.valve designs are fairly complex multi-stage filters and the most simple and cheap.

The vent valve

safety devices - which is and the importance of their presence

If a gas water heater is installed in the apartment, not in a special room (boiler, boiler), the presence of all these devices is required to:

  • ionization detector.Disable the device in the case of flame extinction.You can use special flame sensor.There are models, where there are two systems;
  • safety valve pressure relief.Bleed excess if the pressure in the pipes is exceeded.Especially important for the storage of columns;
  • flow detector.Automatically includes the column at the opening of the tap anywhere in the intake system of hot water.
  • presence detector rods.Blocks of the heater, if the draft in the flue insufficient.It prevents filling the room with carbon monoxide.
  • low pressure detector inputs.Water heater will not start if the water pressure in the system is insufficient.It prevents burn-out of the heat exchanger.
  • overheating sensor water.It disables the device when the temperature threshold.

Manufacturers are worth paying attention to last

what you need to decide before you choose a gas water heater, instantaneous or storage type - is a producer.It is necessary to pay attention to the products of recognized brands.These devices are not only reliable and durable, but also have an extensive list of additional features.



Beretta - Italian manufacturer of proven exceptionally good side.FEATURE products - a wide variation of the parameters of functionality in a single model number, which gives a significant difference in the value range.As gas water heaters of this company differ exquisite appearance, which avoids the use of false invoices in interior decoration panels.



Ariston - another Italian manufacturer.Product quality is combined with a fairly democratic value.Functional devices necessarily includes electronic or mechanical function of maintaining the desired temperature of water.Components and assemblies undergoing basic operational load are made of composite materials that are resistant to corrosion and ensure a long service life.



Vaillant - German manufacturer as the equipment is no doubt.It features high performance and ruggedness as the level of water pressure, and the quality of gas, the latter is particularly important for local gas systems.

Bosch GmbH Thermotechnik


Bosch GmbH Thermotechnik - group includes several brands Buderus, Junkers and Thermotechnology.Water heater Bosch - an extremely high-quality and reliable product.The gas valve products have the ability to control the necessary power, the water outlet has a predetermined temperature and pressure, regardless of the dynamics of changes in these parameters in the water system.



Electrolux - Swedish manufacturer.His articles, in spite of the highest quality, are positioned in the medium price range.Electrolux Gas boiler is characterized by high quality materials.Copper heat exchangers are subject to special treatment on the surface of the material creates an additional protective layer eliminates a manifestation of corrosion processes.

Selection Criteria - summarize

Before choosing a gas column to an apartment or house, you should make a list of the basic parameters and technical indicators, which the machine must meet:

  • diameter of the gas pipe and the gas pressure in the eyeliner;
  • intensity of use of hot water, the amount and location of water intake points;
  • External dimensions and the type of installation (floor-wall);
  • Minimum operating pressure hot water at the inlet of the device;
  • power in kW gas burner and heat exchanger capacity in l / min;
  • price of the device;
  • appearance.

in a studio apartment with families up to three gas water heater capacity of 15-17 kW and a capacity of 10-11 l / min should be sufficient.The two and three bedroom apartments with the number of residents over 3 minimum required power 23-24 kW performance guarantee 13-14 l / min.If in the heating system are provided several intake points and the use of hot water has a significant intensity, it is necessary to install the gas water heater capacity not less than 25-30 kW and a capacity of 15-17 liters / min.It was not clear moments?