Types of suspended ceilings and the materials used for their implementation

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10 April 2016

today ceilings surprising diversity.Some are able to make the room bright and airy, while others effectively emphasize its best sides, others are masterpieces of design.Particularly original and functional design of the suspended type.Next, we will explain what kinds of false ceilings exist and are used in modern homes.

Types of suspended ceilings


  1. Drywall - fantasize with the shape of the ceiling
  2. Tile Ceilings - often severely
  3. Ceiling cassette type - stylish interior, high reliability
  4. Suspended ceilings -avant-garde and stylish
  5. Stretch ceilings stretch ceiling is framed by a frame made of plasterboard

Drywall - fantasize with the shape of the ceiling

With drywall, you can realize any idea, even the most daring.Straight and wavy lines, smooth curves surfaces, curly decor items - all under the force of craftsmen working with plasterboard.Each item is made individually, taking into account the specific features o

f the room.On request, the ceiling can be multi-level, as well as with recesses or projections inside.Decorative elements and great lights adorn it.

Two sheets of cardboard and plaster "filling" inside - a simple structure of this material.To obtain a strong structure, plasterboard mounted on profiles made of metal.Master tinker with the ceiling will have to work, but then the result is impressive.To enhance the effect, Downlights.It may be conventional incandescent lamps as well as LED, energy-saving or halogen lights.

to furnish a bedroom or living room should be fine standard plasterboard - FCL.If we want to make a similar ceiling in the bathroom, laundry or in the pool, you have to take a water-resistant drywall.This brand GKVL (normal waterproof sheet) and GVLV (waterproof superlist).At furnish fire risk areas taking brand GKLO and sheets GKLVO use when you need to protect yourself and the fire, and water.

Work on installation will bring a lot of noise and dirt.If it is performed by a master, the master is better at this point to leave the apartment.Himself alone is not a ceiling mount - list of 15 kg can only pick two.Yes, and the joints of sheets do not always get close up neatly - and it is fraught with the appearance of cracks.It is better to contact the professionals.

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Gypsum ceiling

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Tile Ceilings - often severely

This type of ceiling is not as cozy as the previous one.It is more concise and straightforward, so it is often used for decoration of offices, warehouses and other premises such as non-residential.The cheapest version of the ceiling tile - popular Armstrong suspension system having an open profile.In this case, the frame is a design element, therefore, does not require masking.On the fixed frame plate standard.

mineral fiber plate 2 cm thick - is a square with a side of 60 cm, a rectangle with a width of 60 cm and 120 cm. Their surface may be smooth, or have a mesh perforation.Frame fixed to the ceiling with steel needles and samozazhimayuscheysya plate composed of profiles and guides.Latest available in lengths of 60, 120 and 370 cm. T-profiles have a width of 1.5 or 2.4 cm.

Low price, functionality, highest speed and low cost of installation - all this attractsbuyer.In the finished ceiling is very easy access to communications.There are a variety of plates, including waterproof.If you wish, you can order a standard ceiling is not white, and other colors.However, minus at present tile system - fragility.Mineralovoloknistye stove easy to beat if dropped or bumped.In such a ceiling can not push hard.However, cheap and interchangeable plates reduce this drawback to a minimum.

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Tiled ceiling

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cassette-type ceilings - a stylish interior, high reliability

Considering the types of false ceilings, do not overlook the cassette harness.It is very durable, very long serves and looks great.In this case, the ceiling, like constructor assembled from separate tapes (so-called modular elements).They are made of aluminum or steel with a zinc coating.Finish the surface can be varied (mirror, matt, coated, metallized).Designers - just expanse.

cassette modules - it squares with a side of 60 cm (sometimes they do half or more).They are attached to the frame in two ways, defines the type of structure:

  • hidden type design involves the complete closure imposed frame cassettes.Collect it quickly and easily, and then, if need be, as easily and partially dismantled, reaching internal communications.
  • open type design provides visibility of structural framing.It is used much less frequently.

As you can see, this type of ceiling a bunch of advantages.And they are reliable and durable and last a long time, and assembled "on time."And take care of them is not particularly necessary.If a cartridge module corrupted, then you can change it on their own, without work.And the ceilings are resistant to water and fire, as well as perfectly combined with other types of structures.That's just the price of such pleasure can not be called democratic or budget.

Coffered ceiling

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Suspended ceilings - avant-garde and stylish

For the manufacture of such suspension design uses long rails, so the finished ceiling like a sheathed clapboard surface.Such ceilings look good in large rooms - in the subway station, the airport, train station or in the building of a large shopping center.Slats can be made of metal (usually aluminum) or polyvinylchloride.

Aluminium rack design

standard rail or three-meter four-meter length are made at the factory.Longer articles (6 m) can be ordered individually.The width can vary from 5 to 20 cm. Cover and design are varied.Gold, copper, chromium - for every taste there.You can also choose any color from the table RAL.The surface of the rails is a solid, mesh, embossed, perforated.Consider the three main types of ceilings Design:

# 1. Italian style - a mesh-type slats are made of aluminum or galvanized steel.May have perforations of 1.5 mm diameter.The height of the slats is quite large, the shape of the edges - rounded.The design turns solid.It uses a hidden or open type fastening strips.In the latter case, the joints give decorating elements.

# 2. German style - strictly rectangular rails with perforations (1.5 mm diameter) or without it.When a hidden ceiling installation is obtained smooth and flat enough.When mounting in the open joints can be inserted decorations.

# 3. design style - is rampant rampant imagination of the author.These structures are produced individually for a specific room.The panels in the form of letters «V», «S» or "P" help create a ceiling figure relief.And if we play with the textures and colors, if not a miracle happens.

Krepjat slats on special guides - comb (steel or aluminum).Latch-tab on the comb firmly fixes the rail.And to the supporting structure of the ceiling is fixed suspension spring type.More used U-shaped (RPP-18) and angular (PL) profiles.They are mounted on the perimeter.

ceiling of this type does not corrode, it is a long and well breathable.It is great for business style rooms and very durable.And the aluminum panel is very lightweight, so do not require a reinforced frame.

Aluminium rack ceiling

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Ceilings PVC slats

Narrower slats (10 to 12.5 cm) called clapboard and wider (15 to 50 cm) - panels.The standard length of 3 m is considered. Reiki, these can be of any color or pattern applied.For example, it may be an imitation of wood, marble, fabric.The surface can be matte or glossy (patent).Designer expensive options - SLR, wavy or perforated panel.

Plastic is good because it is one of the easiest materials.Therefore, it is easy to install.It is only necessary to fix a ceiling on the basis of the profile, which carries PVC slats.If you need to repair or replacement of communication, these rails can be removed, and then reinstall it.Also a plus is the water resistance of the ceiling.It is inexpensive, and it looks quite nice.This ceiling is good in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen.


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Of all the varieties of suspended ceilings it is this, perhaps the most popular.They can be made of a thin PVC film or tissue web, a cut very accurately the size of the room and tightly stretched on the frame.If the material is opaque, the ceiling resembles the classic painted or whitewashed.Satin has the effect of glare and iridescent surface, and lacquer ceiling allows you to see the reflection of the room, increasing the space.Metallic fabric looks futuristic and suede - mysteriously.

PVC fabric have a standard width of 1.5 m, so large areas of their carefully sealed.Textile fabric does not require a connection, because it has a width of 5 m. When mounting think over the future of lighting.To create the effect of twinkling stars light engine can be integrated with painted fiber-optic cable.

tensile structures deserved love of consumers.After all, they are very beautiful, and we can make them completely your own.Different shades, patterns, textures, photo printing - all this creates a rich choice.Installation of the ceiling is fast and smooth, and the care they require little.And like all legendary waterproof PVC canvases.That's just the price of these products is still a tall, unfortunately.

Stretch ceiling

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frame the suspended ceiling in a frame made of plasterboard

describing the kinds of false ceilings and materials used to carry them out, should dwell on this design.In this case, the perimeter of the ceiling plasterboard mounted box, inside which the insert is made of a stretched film or fabric.Dimensions of the box can be anything - it depends on the specific features of the premises and objectives.If you need to, for example, to visually raise the ceiling, emphasizing the stretched canvas, hand boxes do fine.

can make a hole in the box is not rectangular, and round or oval.In this case the good will the ceiling "starry sky".Optimally box used at room height up to 2.5 m. Another option - in the middle of a stretch ceiling is a "pill" of plasterboard.Here you can set a beautiful chandelier.

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Drywall and suspended ceiling

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