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09 April 2016

Making his apartment or a house, I want to do everything nicely, using practical and beautiful modern materials.When it comes to sex, often turning to laminate flooring, a variety of which never ceases to amaze.In this review, we examine what are the types of laminate design, surface, castles and class durability.

What types of laminate


  1. Types laminate design
  2. difference laminate on the surface
  3. Form laminate
  4. differences laminate the castles compound
  5. Types laminate by grade wear resistance and load

Types laminate design

Artists show much imagination, creating new types of processing of the material.It is covered with original patterns and drawings, change the texture of the surface, making it the rough, then brushed, the shiny gloss.

classic wood

Simulate a lively and warm wooden surface began long ago.Basically, because the laminate and created as a budget variation of expensive wood flooring.It turned out well, and lami

nated boards, very similar to oak, birch or maple, look no worse than the flooring.Even the characteristic pattern of different types of wood is transferred very accurately.Examples of the photo below.

pod-derevo1-m pod-derevo2-m pod-derevo3-m pod-derevo4-m

Leather luxury

many lovers of exquisite and unusual interior room or enjoy the living room floor of laminate, decorated crocodile skin.And if we decorate the walls of this material, we get something quite extraordinary.Collections in a similar style release Classen German companies and Proteco.However, this is a premium product and the cost is not low cost.

However, "leather" laminate can be bought at more affordable price.Russian manufacturer Ritter offers practical, durable and inexpensive coating, imitating crocodile skin, not only, but also a variety of reptiles.They look elegant and stylish, look at the photos below.

pod-kozhu-m pod-kozhu1-m pod-kozhu3-m pod-kozhu2-m

Metallic luster

This design direction as a high-tech, involves numerous glass and metal parts.In this case, it would be very appropriate to cover a laminated metal.For example, from the collection of Design Cargo Metal from the German brand Kronotex.Excellent will look similar to the floor in the room or in the kitchen of a teenager with lots of items made of stainless steel, modern furnished living room, a nightclub and a shopping center.

Laminate flooring Metal

Stone calm

Stone floors give a sense of security and strength.That's just cool, they do not very comfortable for bare feet.Besides buying and laying stoneware tiles cost very expensive.Manufacturers laminate thought and decided to correct this deficiency.They released a warm and pleasant to the touch material, perfectly replicating the look of stone.

Almost all well-known brands are "stone" collection.Examples of call Parador, Alloc, Kronotex, Egger, Quickstep, Witex.Such flooring can lay in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom.Well they are combined with the situation where there is a stone finish and a fireplace room.Below are the various types of pictures such a laminate surface.

pod-kamen1-m pod-kamen2-m pod-kamen3-m pod-kamen4-m

pod-kamen5-m pod-kamen6-m pod-kamen7-m pod-kamen8-m

Designer laminate

collections called designer, feature a whirlwind of colors and unpredictable lines.Their exclusive patterns and textures, no type of laminate flooring is not like the other.So, Kronotex offers a trip across town or across the globe, acquiring products that bear the cards.For the style of pop art so very good.I would like to home comfort - buy an unusual laminate from the same brand, like a burlap or canvas fabric.

firm Parador (Parador) from Germany with her collections TrendTime Edition and amazing customers.Why are there only - the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, the skins of beasts, ancient rock paintings, abstract paintings acid colors.A more modest, but very original collection of Pergo Total Dezign surprise handprints and bar codes.

Do not forget about the kids and manufacturers.Kronoteks prepared for them a product with a fun and amusing drawings (such as "Pink Bambino").The company Classen - collection Joy Kids, from which you can select items with Kitty so loved little girls.Austrian brand has released a collection Kaindl Soft Touch.Excellent floor looks in the games room or in the home of a teenager, decorated with original stamps and drawings, burnt wood.

dizainerskii1-m dizainerskii2-m dizainerskii3-m dizainerskii4-m dizainerskii5-m dizainerskii6-m dizainerskii7-m dizainerskii8-m

difference on the surface of the laminate

considering the types and properties of the laminate, do not forget to talk about the texture of its upper layer.After all of it depends largely on the exterior flooring.

classic wooden surface

This laminate is smooth to the touch.But to cover the board look more natural and naturally on the top layer made faint dash and pits.They depict the pores of the wood, and it is possible to see them without a magnifying glass.

Classic cheap laminate

view of aged wood

Wooden products, which are long in the street inevitably grow old.Their surface takes a form other than a new tree.To make a laminated coating like made old wood, it creates noticeable unevenness smoothed.

sostarennui1-m sostarennui2-m sostarennui3-m

Brilliant Gloss Laminate flooring looks great in the kitchen room, giving it a radiance of purity.This reminds laminate wooden boards, richly lacquered.

glyancevui-m glyancevui1-m glyancevui2-m


wood fibers, stood on the surface, giving the impression that we really natural material.Poor relief emerges (as collection from the company called Emotion Egger) allows you to achieve this effect.

relef1-m relef2-m relef3-m relef4-m


Thin dash-depressions along the entire length of laminated board (usually treated with a facet) are not intended to copy the pattern of the wood structure.They are only slightly mimic the roughness of wood.

Embossed laminate

Natural surface

have wooden products, slightly varnished (in one or two thin layers, not more) are perfectly visible every pore and patterns characteristic of the breed.It looks and laminate with a natural surface.

natur1-m natur2-m natur3-m natur4-m


This laminate matt, since it is not clear the board of its absolutely smooth and even throughout.In appearance it is similar to a tree, which is well proolifit.

maslo1-m maslo2-m

Waxed surface

And if a tree how to rub the wax, then he has a warm inner brilliance, slightly noticeable, but a cozy and lively.Laminate of this type often do look like solid wood.

voshenaya1-m voshenaya2-m

Country Country style is very good in a country cottage.Such a coating similar to the wooden boards, lightly touched by plane.The surface topography is obtained with a large, slightly flattened.

kantri-m kantri1-m

form a laminate

rectangular board

majority of laminate flooring is available in a long (1.2 to 2 meters) boards.This is useful when you want to lay the floor in a large room.It turns quickly, and even castles with comfortable and simple.

Laminate board


to have an opportunity to create more complex patterns, many manufacturers began to make a laminate in the form of square tiles.It is a track than the previous type, but does not require a substrate.And putting it more convenient, but in terms of repair with tiles complicated.

Tile Laminate

differences laminate the castles compound

At the beginning of laminated boards necessarily fastened together with glue.Then we come up with a more comfortable and original way to the castle, and many now prefer to use them.There planks bound by one of two types of locks laminate - which one is better, we'll find out.

Locks type Lock (precast)

Castle laminate type Lock

This type of lock was invented first.At one end of the long board is shaped protrusion, and at the opposite end - the appropriate forms of the recess.

When installing floor covering these elements are connected to each other and to the reliability of the top rap hammer-mallet with a rubber or wooden tip.In addition, the projections have a comb, not giving the lock disperse.

laminate, assembled in such a way, is cheaper.

However, it has many drawbacks:

  • to create high-quality surface of stacking boards should produce skilled master.If it will make people not familiar with laminate, the result may turn out disastrous.
  • Under a heavy load locks will last a long time - because they will always be a force of friction.Details wearing istirayas and eventually broken.Result - ugly cracks on the floor.
  • If the base is not enough flat, the lock-lock quickly fail.

Locks type Click

Castle laminate type Click

more modern type of connection has been recognized not only for professional builders, but also in domestic craftsmen.Because click-snap locks so simple that anyone will cope with them.And the experience is no longer needed.Attached to each other at an angle board about forty-five degrees, just enough to click on the lock.Quiet click - and you're done, without any pristukivany.

noted several advantages of this type of locks.So, being exposed to stress, they not only become loose, and vice versa - are strengthened.After all, the design in this case, the force of contraction.In addition, the compound as a designer, is collapsible.Another plus - when moving to a new apartment and you can grab a floor.The downside is the higher cost.

Types laminate for durability and load classes

flooring to serve a long time, you need to take care not only about what kinds of locks at the laminate, but also the right to choose his durability.To do this, look at the class of the product - it is between 21 and 34. The latter figure indicates how the load is able to take on the material.With its increasing this quality improves.About

wear resistance, we learn for the first digit.If it is two, then we home laminate, which, incidentally, is not produced in our country.Suitable it only for the home environment.

Here are his three classes:


Class 21 - may lie only where no one goes (under the bed in the bedroom or in the pantry).And still more than two years will not stand.


Class 22 - live in the same conditions twice as long.


Class 23 - is able to serve four to six years.Before the laminate, even in living rooms, kitchens and corridors of the stele.Not now.

Troika at the beginning of the marking means that the material of the office (or commercial) type.The apartment he will live two to four times longer.

Class Office laminate:


Class 31 - less resistant to corrosion.In the office, his life is limited to two or three years, but at home he will lie ten years.


Class 32 - able to withstand foot office workers for three to five years.The apartment - up to fifteen years.


Class 33 - more resistant to the shuffling of soles.In the office, he did not izotretsya for five or six years, the house - for fifteen or twenty years.


Class 34 - so-called "sport" coverage.It quietly endures day by thousands of people.Great for sports complexes, shopping malls and office buildings.Well, in the house he may remain forever.

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