How to install the toilet with his hands

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09 April 2016

From this article you will learn how to install a toilet with his hands.This is a fairly simple operation, provided that you are able to shut off the cold water supply and a sewage pipe does not need major repairs.In this case, we will install a toilet tank with bottom location.This option is easier, since most of the weight of the tank in this case falls on the toilet.When installing the toilet tank top with robust fasteners required to support the weight of the latter (for brick walls is not a problem, but in the case of walls made of hollow materials have to resort to special tricks).

How to install the toilet with his hands


  1. Tips for installing the toilet
  2. assembly and installation of tank toilet
  3. Installation toilet with mounted tank
  4. water connection and the end of the installation

Tips for installing a toilet

1. If during the attempted repair in the bathroom floor height has changed, it is necessary to compensate for the difference by using cuffs eccentric

- so-called corrugation toilet (Sewer), and a flexible hose (for cold water).In the case of major changes the height required skills of a professional plumber.

2. If the floor in the bathroom is not enough flat, the toilet is better to install on the silicone sealant.You can also use a small wooden / plastic wedges, but there is no sealant is required because it allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the toilet.

3. If the pipes go down through the floor, and not through walls, you need a rectangular knee or flexible corrugated sleeve.This is not the only difference, but the main.

assembly and installation of toilet cistern


1. begin work we recommend to build a tank (drainage system).Put all the details to make sure you have everything.


2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly of tank internals.The sequence of actions depends on the type of drainage system used in the selected model.


3. Make sure that all parts are secure, but do not use excessive force when tightening the bolts and screws.


4. In most cases, complete with tank sold bolts for attaching it to the toilet.Do not forget to wear rubber cone washers and gaskets, before inserting bolts into the holes designed for them.

5. How to install a tank on the toilet, you will understand without difficulty.The main thing - do it carefully and make sure you do not forget the pre-post between the two large ring-shaped gasket.

installation with installed toilet cistern


6. Insert the corrugated sleeve (corrugated extension cable) into the sewer pipe, make sure it is a snug fit.In our example, you want a simple direct coupling sleeve.(When connecting the bowl to the cast-iron pipe, you will need to transition sleeve 110 mm in diameter. Cm. Photo. It must be abundantly lubricated with silicone sealant and insert in a pre-cleaned of dirt iron pipe cm. Photo. Only after that can be inserted into it a corrugated plastic sleeve Note. SRBU.RU)


7. Slide the toilet to the sewer pipe.Make sure that its output is flush with the set nozzle.Rather, the way it is.But if there is no displacement of the relatively large, then you need to use eccentric pleated cuff.


8. Gently place the toilet on the destination place, wearing the cuff to the outlet.


9. Make a flat arrangement of a tank with a spirit level, placing the latter along the back wall.Through the back wall of a tank mark the location on the wall where the hole needs to be done to fix it.


10. Do the same with the toilet itself: check it horizontally through the spirit level and mark on the floor of the mounting holes, while trying to be as accurate as possible.


11. Select a pencil on the floor edge of the base pan.Knowledge of the exact position of the "legs" come in handy when you have finished the preparatory work and proceed to the final fixing toilet.


12. Move the toilet from the wall.Drill holes for mounting the tank, focusing on the mark on the wall.Pick up (including the wall material) and insert the dowels.


13. Drill holes in the floor in your selected locations.When drilling tiles you need to punch and drill on concrete.At the beginning of the pressure on the hammer drilling has to be large, after passing through the layer of tiles pressure can be increased.Insert dowels into the holes.If the floor is wooden, as in our case, they are not needed.


14. Before you install the toilet in place, apply silicone sealant to the floor along the marked pencil line corresponding to the boundary of the base of the "legs".


15. Place the bowl in his place.Attach the tank to the wall by inserting between the screw head and the wall of the tank washer.Do not overdo it by tightening the screws.

16. Screw the base of the toilet to the floor.In this case, the same rules apply: First, do not forget the plastic washers, and secondly, do not tighten the screws too tight.

water connection and the end of the installation


17. Connect the tank to the pipe with cold water.With a high probability that you will need for a flexible connection hose.Fitting connection depends on the position of the inlet tube to the new tank.


18. Turn on the water by opening the shut-off valve and check for leaks at all joints.Also check tightness joint toilet with sewage and promazhte all connections with silicone sealant.


19. Install toilet seat, as stipulated by its construction.If necessary, adjust the seat so that it corresponded exactly to the shape of the bowl.


20. Apply silicone sealant around the base of the toilet.Flatten all irregularities with a damp sponge, achieving a neat appearance.

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