How to install the shower with his own hands

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09 April 2016

present to your attention an article on how to install your own shower.Most apartment owners can do the work yourself, if they use the correct materials, tools and techniques.

Today the market offers a large variety of showers.There is, for example, the cockpit that come already assembled.They are easy to install, but it is not popular because of their size (they simply do not pass the standard door openings).Cabs that require assembly, became widespread, and we advise you to pay attention to such models as of this article you will learn about the process of installation.

Self installing the shower with his own hands


  1. Set pan shower
  2. Installing walls and shower doors

To install the shower, you need the following:


  • shower set (or separate tray and the walls of the frame);
  • siphon with flexible connection;
  • elbow;
  • silicone sealant.


  • adjustable wrench;
  • gun silicone sealant;
  • drill and drill;
  • spirit level;
  • tape measure, a pencil;
  • protective gloves, goggles.


  • before starting work, read the manufacturer's instructions;
  • make sure that the floor at the installation site shower completely flat;
  • insulate the connections and the drain;
  • seal the junction of the frame and the pallet.

Set shower pan

Installing the shower tray - not a very difficult task, especially if you pay attention to several important aspects.

1. First, before installing the shower tray, ensure floor flatness.Slight variations can be reduced to zero by adjusting the height of the legs.

2. Secondly, you should place a drain in the floor in the right place, because the hole shower should be located him a short distance.If for some reason, compliance was not achieved, the project would still be able to complete with additional adapters and a long flexible hose, but it will require more time and effort.

3. Third, you need to properly connect and seal all of the elements, otherwise water leakage when operating the shower.

should start with the purchase of tools and materials that you need in this project.You will need an adjustable wrench, spirit level, silicone sealant, and a pistol for his application.We recommend using only high quality materials, otherwise you'll have to do some repairs every few weeks.

Gun for applying sealant
gun for applying silicone sealant.

As a rule, try to make sure that the drain hole was located just above the pan leading to the sewer hole in the floor.In our case, the bathroom was already in faience, and open the floor to move already made by draining to the right place, did not want to.But even from difficult situations you can find a way out, so we bought a hose and elbow.Using these elements, we will connect the shower drain to the sewer.It may take a little longer, but in the end no one will feel the difference.

Drain hose and the angle
drain hose-bellows and sewer knee at an angle of 900 with a diameter of 50 mm.

Using a spirit level, ensure the evenness of the floor surface.This is best done before lining the floor tiles.

If it turned out that the floor in a place where it will be located shower, has a bias, we recommend to fill in a layer of liquid coating to equalize.And in the meantime you carefully read the manufacturer's instructions showers and read the installation method.

Sewage sludge
drain hole in the floor.

next step of the project - the connection of the flexible hose with elbow and sealing their place of joint silicone.If the hose is included in the knee tightly enough, the seal will be required.Allow the silicone to dry before connecting the hose to the shower tray.

Sealing joints sealing the joint between the hose and elbow.

Now check the shower tray.We have established a shower tray with a high base, but the installation methods are the same for any type of pallet.As you can see in the pictures, the base has a number of adjustable feet to allow leveling of the installation.

Note the drain hole.As a rule, I try to make it is located above a floor drain.In our case it is not, therefore, for their connection to us and it took quite a long hose.

The base of the shower
and base shower.

Attach housing to siphon the drain pan, then secure the hose to the siphon.

Connect the hose to the siphon body
Connection siphon hose to the drain pan.

Plug the other end of the hose (elbow) in a sewer hole in the floor.Make an effort to nipple drowned deep enough.

How to connect to the sewer shower
How to connect to the shower drain.

connect to the sewer sump must be sure to use a siphon.Some models siphon consist of a single flexible hose, from which to form the bend desired shape and fasten it by means of special devices bundled.

siphon formed of a flexible hose should have a similar bend

very important not to skip this step, otherwise you will constantly feel the unpleasant smell of sewage.

As we have already mentioned, is equipped with a shower tray with adjustable feet.To level it is necessary to change the height of the feet with a wrench.

Tip: Clockwise rotation will lead to a slight decrease in the shower tray, counterclockwise - to rise.

The legs of the pallet
legs of the pallet.

Align shower tray on all its edges, using a spirit level to control.If necessary, adjust the height of the feet with the appropriate key.

Alignment of the pallet
Alignment pallet.

adjust the height of the pallet and fix it to the wall, seal the gaps between the shower base and the wall with silicone sealant.

Installed base
installed shower tray.

Installing walls and shower doors

you have installed the shower tray, it is now time fiberglass walls and doors.Shower enclosures made of this material is gaining popularity because of its flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance.

Setting shower walls - the work is quite complicated, but if you ask a friend to help you, you are bound to deal with it.Before installation, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.Other showers may differ significantly from each other, so the first thing you have to focus on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Tip: Align the frame members at both ends before mount bolts / screws.In addition, carefully check their sheer, otherwise you will not be able to subsequently place the glass panels.

Even if you bought a kit including pallet and frame with panels, check their compatibility.Unpack the components of the wall, taking care not to damage the glass panels as they are quite fragile.Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools - measuring tape, a good drill, a screwdriver and a sealant gun.

Elements of the carcass
elements frame wall shower.

first step of this phase of work - assembly and installation of metal frame.Screwing the screws do not tighten them too tight.

Tip: Before attaching the frame members make sure they are aligned on both ends.

Assembling the metal frame

After the metal frame is assembled, we recommend that you place it on top of the pan and make sure that they are properly aligned.Well, if you have a helper, as the frame does not have sufficient rigidity, it is not attached to the wall.

Installation frame
installation frame.

Using a spirit level, ensure that the rack frame is really vertical.After that mark on the wall the place where to be to drill holes for the subsequent mounting frame.

Tip: Be sure to check the verticality of the two racks.

Partitioning for drilling
marking places for drilling holes.

Now remove the time frame to the side and drill a hole in the wall.Taking into account that you have to drill the tile, you have to work with great caution, otherwise it can easily break.Use a good drill for concrete and minimize the rotational speed of your drill.As the depth of the holes gradually increase the frequency of revolutions.

Tip: Before drilling holes, make sure that this place does not lie in the wall of water pipes or electrical cables.

Drilling holes
Drilling holes in the tile.

Drill holes, insert the plastic plugs suitable size.It is important to match the size of dowels holes, otherwise they will not properly hold the structure.

Tip: Just before mounting the frame put on the face of it, that will be adjacent to the wall, a layer of sealant.

Applying sealant
Sealing frame with silicone.

Place the frame in place and secure with screws.Spinning them, make sure that between the walls and the frame was not gaps.

Tip: Remove excess silicone before it dries, otherwise it will make much more difficult.

Fixing frame shurupaami
frame fixing to the wall.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions, secure the side panel.Use a screwdriver to install the mount supplied.Check if the other elements of the design panel.

Installation of glass panels
Installing translucent walls.

After fixing the side panels your shower should look like in the picture.If you purchased a different model, you should read the instruction manual and follow its recommendations.

Make sure that the glass panels are installed correctly, otherwise the shower will not be waterproof.Be careful and cautious, if you want to get professional results.

Installed wall
walls of the shower.

Set rollers on the shower door according to the manufacturer's instructions and secure them with screws.The same applies to the door seals and other items that come in the kit.

Tip: Ask a friend to help you when you install the door.This part of the work is more convenient to perform together.

Install clips
installation clips.

Install door rollers in channels and check how easily they slip on them.Adjust the rollers, if necessary, but do not apply in this case too much effort.

Tip: We have seen many cases where negligent workers simply broke the door during installation.In fulfilling this part of the job, you have to be extremely careful.

Installation of doors
Installation of doors.

In this photo you see the videos posted within the channel.If the rollers are installed properly shower door will not move easily along the walls.

Car door
shower door.

remains only to attach to the place of the door handle and insulate all joints.Apply silicone sealant to all edges, especially at the junction frame to the pallet.We recommend that you keep a gun in this case an angle of about 45 °.Inflicting silicone, share it wet finger.Wait a little, to have time to dry sealant.

Installing the door handles
Install handles.

If you followed our advice and instructions of the manufacturer, very soon you will be able to use the shower for its intended purpose.Agree, wash, realizing that installation of shower done independently, much nicer.

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