How to paint the walls of latex paint with a roller

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09 April 2016

This article is about how to paint the walls in the apartment.You may need to refresh your view of the home, or want to radically change the interior, to better suit your taste ... Take a roller, brush and forth.This procedure is quite simple, but we did tell you in our step by step instructions on how to do it correctly.If you follow our advice, the result of your work will not be worse than the professional.

How to paint the walls


  1. Recommendations for painting walls
  2. Room preparation for painting the walls
  3. Getting painting walls

Recommendations for painting walls

1. you should carefully measure the area of ​​the surface you want to paint, to know exactly the right amount of paint you.Determine the color, go to the local store building materials.Carefully read the label on the paint can, to know exactly what area of ​​coverage and drying time.

2. Prepare the surface before painting.It is necessary to remove previous layers of pain

t with a scraper and sandpaper, degrease the surface and, if necessary, repaired chipped and chipped areas with putty.Apply several layers of acrylic primer to improve the adhesion of paint to the wall material.Do not skip this step, otherwise the paint will not even go to bed, and communicate with the base.

3. Once you have painted the walls, you need to replace the sockets and switches that you removed before starting work.Then clean the floor and remove the covers that protect furniture from dust.Move the furniture into place, being careful not to scratch the floor.


  • paint;
  • primer,
  • 120 grit sandpaper;
  • masking tape;
  • polyethylene film.


  • protective gloves and goggles;
  • brush;
  • roller 5 cm wide (for the corners);
  • high roller;
  • tray of paint;
  • vacuum cleaner, bucket.


  • wear old clothes that you no longer wear and will no longer wear, as you probably peremazhetes paint;
  • before painting dispose of all the irregularities of the walls;
  • apply a coat of primer, especially, if you are painting walls in new buildings;
  • apply a second coat of paint after complete drying of the first.

Room preparation for painting the walls

the figure below you can see the tools that you need to paint the walls.Need rollers of different sizes and relief (to create different textures), sand bar for hand sanding and paper masking tape designed to protect the various elements of the paint contamination.In addition, you can not do without a paint tray.

Remove curtains.Move the furniture in the middle of the room and cover it with plastic wrap or a special cover.

Tools needed to paint
painting tools.

next step protection against possible drips and drops of paint baseboards and other interior elements.To do this you will need masking tape - a cheap but very useful material.

Tip: Cover the windows, doors and floors with plastic wrap, you can fix that in the same masking tape.Otherwise you will have to remove the drops of paint on all the surfaces, which sometimes is not so easy to do.

Protection by means of adhesive tape
Protection baseboards masking tape.

Preparing walls for painting - a wonderful opportunity to level the surface and eliminate various defects.In addition, you have to fill in potholes and cracked plaster or putty using a small flat spatula.When the material is dry, smooth the surface with sandpaper 120 grit.Remove dust and dirt from the walls with a sponge or clean cloth using a suitable detergent.In the final vacuum the floor.

sanding walls
Sanding walls before painting

Next you must turn off the power and remove the cover of sockets and switches, to paint the walls near the quality and not to smear paint electrical equipment.

Tip: Cover the inside of the sockets and switches molar tape to protect them from dirt and dripping paint.Work patiently as the preparatory phase is coming to an end.

Removing the Cover
Removing covers sockets.

necessary to temporarily remove the radiators, to be able to paint the surface of the wall behind them.To do this, you must first close the valves.Then place the pallet in place supply pipe to prevent ingress of water to the floor.Unscrew the union nuts that connect the radiator with pipes and drain the water.When water stops flowing, remove the heatsink retaining its staples and pour remaining liquid in it.

Removing rabiatora
Removing radiator.

Getting painting walls

If you want to paint only part of the wall, make a border using masking tape.Adherents of traditional design to be glued paper tape along the ceiling.

Tip: Make sure the adhesive tape pasted on the same level.For this you need a laser or spirit level.

Label scotch
label masking tape before painting

You can choose the height at which you want to place masking tape.It does not even have to be a horizontal line - to select the location and shape depend on your tastes and needs.

Tip: For high-quality labels scotch gently pressed his hands.You must be sure that no more neprokleennyh areas and, therefore, not under the Scotch zatechet paint, otherwise the dividing line does not turn out perfectly flat.

Using masking tape
use masking tape to create different areas for painting.

start painting the walls must be with areas around the door jambs.For this you need a little cushion, specially designed for narrow surfaces.

Tip: In order not to smear paint a tree in the vicinity of the jambs, use a small brush (2-5 cm wide).Try not to hurt the schools or pre-obkleyte of masking tape.

Paint around the door jambs
painting roller walls around the door jamb.

Now it all corners of the room, the area around the windows along the ceiling and baseboards, around outlets and switches.For painting walls in these places more convenient to use a small brush, as it allows you to better control the situation.Seek straight lines.
Do not apply too much paint at a time and rolled all the drops and stains, before moving on to the next site.Try to apply the paint as much as possible a uniform layer.

Painting corners
Painting corners of the room.

Once you have finished painting the corners, along the ceiling and skirting boards, you can proceed to the application layer of paint on other surfaces.Using a large roller, apply paint on the wall of vertical movements.Strive to ensure that the coating is uniform.There is no need to approach the ceiling and baseboards, as you have painted these areas.

As a rule, a single layer of paint is not enough, so you have to apply at least two coats to get good quality coverage.Before applying a new layer should wait for the complete drying of the previous one.

Tip: If smears are heterogeneous, it is time to update the roller.Pay close attention to the room from getting dust and other small particles - they can damage the finish.

Paint the walls with a roller.

To expedite the work, we recommend that you use a large roller and paint tray.Do not overfill the tray paint (it should be filled with about a third volume), otherwise it will be difficult to dip into her roller.Roll the roller several times back and forth over the paint, and then on top of the tray to paint evenly distributed over the roller.
painted on the wall of vertical movements roller.The paint dries quickly enough, so try not to delay the process too, otherwise the neighboring areas will have time to dry out, and the resulting layer will be applied uniformly enough.

Tip: When you first apply the paint to the area, move the roller in one direction (up or down) to get an even layer over the entire surface without visible traces.

How to paint the walls with a roller.

Once you have finished painting the walls in a room, it should again ensure that no areas of non-uniform application of a layer of paint, drips, streaks and other flaws.If necessary, correct the marriage with a roller.

If you think that the wall is perfectly dyed, you can proceed to the final step - the removal of paper tape.It must be done before the paint dries.Try to remove the adhesive tape carefully to avoid damaging the edges of the freshly applied coating.

Removing the adhesive tape
Removing the masking tape.

Typically, for a full drying takes about a day (depending on the room temperature and the type of paint used).During this period, it is desirable to thoroughly ventilate the room, trying to avoid contact with the street dust in the room.Any small particles (dust, dirt, etc.) can damage the finish, so pay attention to this aspect.

Now you know how to paint the walls with latex paint.This type of paint is most often used today for interior decoration, and that is what we used in our project.However, if you ever want to paint the walls of oil or some even paint obtained knowledge will be useful here, as the basic principles of working with paint little depend on its composition.

Painted Room
room painted by hand.

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