How much can be harmful ceilings for human health

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09 April 2016

Stretch ceiling - it is fashionable, practical and aesthetically pleasing.And its price is now affordable for most people.That's just say, that this piece of furniture often has neubivaemy chemical smell, and even toxic substances releases.Well, we now look for the answer to the question of whether this is true, and if the ceilings are harmful to health.It is better to know about all the dangers in advance.

Harm suspended ceilings, how to choose a quality coating


  1. What is considered harmful or international safety standards
  2. harm suspended ceilings PVC
  3. A harmful if fabric ceilings?
  4. Video: Hurt suspended ceilings - The Story of a fitter

What is considered harmful or international safety standards

First of all, do not forget that nature has made us all different, with organisms that are very different from each other.Therefore, it can be unpredictable reactions to various substances.Someone in the room with faux finish comfortable and convenient, and someone can start an allergy atta

ck.So in an age when the immune system in humans is significantly weakened, it is unlikely we can confidently assert that any material dangerous to the whole world.

However, there are general rules that must be followed.This is the international environmental standard of ISO.And if in this respect, all right, then landlords health is not in danger.Therefore, before installing ceilings Tension-type first of all demand a show you security certificates.And not only on the material itself, but also the execution of works.And let Qualified Installer service will cost more than some "leftist" artists, but rather on his health does not try to experiment.

harm suspended ceilings PVC

most often in apartments tensioned ceilings thin PVC film.After all, they are much cheaper fabric, very easy to maintain and can easily withstand a flood of upper careless neighbors.However, they have a catch - a fake from a quality product on the eye to distinguish the impossible.We do not come up until the special labeling for manufacturers of PVC film, and these are dishonest installers.They take the film is cheaper and worse, arguing that it is the French.Do not believe in such assurances.

PVC film for stretch ceiling

About manufacturers and labeling

should not deceive ourselves - today almost all films for ceilings, being brought to us, made in China.There are dozens of plants producing similar products.Some of them are quite good, who are responsible for the quality.Of course, it can not be compared with the fact that there was no time for European films marks Pongs and Renolit - and those without any smell was, and had a perfect smoothness.Especially good were their shining glossy ceilings.Incidentally, these film producers look for and it makes no sense - their quality has dropped significantly, and the smell of chemicals, on the contrary, appeared.

Another very common are Belgian ceilings.But in fact, the Belgian film ceiling can not be, because in this country it has never been released.Just one time the company was engaged in the supply of Belgium in the Russian film from China.So we have since talk about some of the Belgian film.As for other European manufacturers, their film in Russia is practically not for sale.And if a cunning salesman happily shows German or French certificate, it is probably a fraud.After all, the Chinese film can be to stick anything - marking do not.A certificate by the way, and on a color printer, you can print.As the experience of some conscience permits.

Judge for yourself if the ceilings were really come from France or Germany, as they say sellers-deceivers, the value they would be substantially higher than proposed.Not everyone can afford such expensive.So that the high price and small width (up to three meters) replaced the European ceilings of the domestic market.A cheap Chinese film, which is available up to five meters wide, eliminates the need for welding webs, if the room is spacious enough.

Installation of PVC fabric

How to choose a quality and safe PVC ceiling

So, we decided: We stretch ceilings Chinese, but good.And determine whether harmful ceilings mounted in your apartment, it's possible on a smell.

For this conventionally divided these products into three categories:

# 1. After installing the ceiling or no smell or has a weak odor that a couple of days disappears.In any case, ventilate the room well after installation - and can live happily ever after.Your health is not in danger.These films are suitable for any premises.

# 2. After mounting the "chemistry" smells (but not tight) once a week or two.Try this time somewhere off - is unlikely this neighborhood is good for health.Apparently, the mediocre quality of the film.This ceiling mount in the bedroom is not necessary, but in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, he will not hurt.

# 3. a third option, the most unpleasant.This is where more than two weeks, and the smell disappears.It is quite strong, malleable, somewhat sweet.So smells toxic phenol.Here and there is no need to ask, is not harmful if the ceilings with the smell.Very bad!Do not delay - make masters immediately dismantle the ceiling, or else lose health.And all the dangerous consequences - read on.

course determine prior to installation, and how much longer the smell of a particular PVC sheet is not possible.We recommend that you rely on the experience of friends, acquaintances and relatives who have already mounted this kind of ceiling in their home and can tell you about existing shortcomings.I think this is the best option.And many are already using this opportunity.I often had to deal with one owner of a large company engaged in the installation of suspended ceilings and according to their statistics, more than 30 - 35% of orders - it orders that were made on the recommendation of clients who have already used their services before.

What happens if PVC film turned out to be of poor quality

anything good we should not wait - home smelly ceiling will not only be experiencing because of this discomfort.They need to breathe at the same time serving the most dangerous toxins that are extremely harmful to the human body.In particular, PVC film containing the following components:

  • Phenol.No wonder it is banned in many countries.He breaks the heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system.Burning the nasopharynx, it can lead to pulmonary edema.Cancer, infertility, heart disease - that is able to do the treacherous phenol.Poor yet that he is very resistant (almost forever), and for a long time does not decompose.One plus - the body is displayed quickly.But trouble has already occurred, and health will not return.
  • cadmium, a hazardous substance of the second class, on the other hand, comes out of the body for a long time - from ten to thirty years.This heavy metal, settling mainly in the liver and kidneys, causing stones at them, does not operate normally contributes to the appearance of cancer cells.This partially settles a carcinogen, and other internal organs and bones.
  • Toluene (otherwise methylbenzene) belongs to hydrocarbons produced from petroleum.This is a strong solvent for paints and varnishes.In the water, it does not dissolve, but perfectly mixed with air entering the lungs and then into the blood, poisoning the hapless owners of the ceiling.They do not sleep, complain of fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite.The poison affects the kidneys, eyes, hearing, memory worsens.Toluene is particularly dangerous for pregnant women - they can be born babies with abnormalities.
  • Chlorine - is, like cadmium, a hazardous substance of the second class.Even a small amount of it is able to hit the mucous membranes.At the same time a person starts a fever, it is hysterically and dry coughs, breathes.Strong heart beats, chest pain.And if you are constantly breathing the fumes of chlorine (being in a room with strong-smelling "chemistry" the ceiling), you can walk to severe depression, lung disease, and even to cancer.After the substance is carcinogenic.

Thus, damage to suspended ceilings, mounted from a film of questionable quality, is quite obvious.We should not forget that it may indicate, in particular, the suspiciously low price.So do not believe the fragile companies, and try to buy and order setting ceilings for those who can fully trust.

reverse side waterproofing PVC fabric

What ceilings of PVC film does not pass water, just fine.No drips from above - thick film still hold.However, this leak suggests that such a ceiling and the air does not pass, too.But this is worse, and opponents of tension structures happy to cling to this deficiency, referring to the "greenhouse effect."Well, we will not deny the obvious - "breathe" a film really can not.But many synthetic building materials also did not leak air.

Take, for example, plastic window - how many of them scolded and abused, but that they do not become less popular.Or vinyl wallpaper - they were very comfortable and practical.So let's not dwell on this point - because the problem is completely solved.Supply and exhaust ventilation of the type has not been canceled, and each apartment available.This is enough to remove from the premises of harmful substances.

Water-resistant stretch ceiling

A harmful if fabric ceilings?

The cloth of the ceiling is a polyester fabric that is impregnated with polyurethane for durability.The result is a beautiful, strong and "breathe" the product.Its cost is, of course, much higher than the ceiling of the film, but as no doubt can not be.After all, unlike the PVC film, fabric ceiling certainly are marked at the edges - it is cut during installation.The most well-known manufacturers of these products are only two - Clipso Descor from France and Germany.The French, by the way, is easily recognized by interwoven into the fabric of a red thread.

No phenol and toluene and cadmium in the composition of tissue products are not available, so they are completely harmless.This is evidenced by a certificate confirming that the product meets the requirements of ISO 14000. As for the smell, it is not usually present.Only occasionally can feel a light fragrance, like smell coming from the washed clothes.But he soars very long, very fast disappearing.So you can safely pull the fabric ceilings in any room - underneath is completely safe sleeping for adults and kids.

Video: Hurt suspended ceilings - The Story of a fitter

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