The lining the bathroom: the most interesting options

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12 May 2016

bathroom in many apartments is the only island vacation, which can be for some time to retire and relax after a busy day.To promote the availability of the appropriate atmosphere in the room and must be lining the bathroom.

way to finish this room a lot, good availability of a wide variety of materials on the market today that helps in every way.Our article tells about the bathroom finishes, the advantages and disadvantages of a finishing material in relation to the bathroom. lining the bathroom

Decorating the bathroom paint

Painting bathroom is the classic finish bathroom.It is perhaps the most simple to implement, provides a wide choice of colors and shades.Here, depending on the skills of the master can be created as usual monochromatic background, and a stylish, bright picture with a lot of details to create an unattainable using alternative means of decoration.Naturally, in this case should be applied only to water-resistant paint, such as water based paints.

painted surfaces in a room for painting should

be prepared:

  • surfaces are cleaned from the previous finish;
  • irregularities should be removed;
  • surface before painting to be primed.

However, the application of paint - the process quite laborious: you need to paint carefully, avoiding stains and spatter on non-painted surfaces.The paint should be applied in several layers, otherwise it will be a high probability of cracking followed by peeling veneer.

In any case, the paint is not durable coating.

Decorating the bathroom tiles

than wrought bathroom

finishing bathroom tile photo

Of the many options, finish bathroom tiles is a classic, which is not surprising, given the benefits of this finishing material:

  1. tilesIt stands excellent appearance;
  2. easy care for her;
  3. high strength in all senses;
  4. water resistance;
  5. variety of colors.

However, some difficulties for an unprepared audience may cause the installation of tiles.Tiles must cling to surfaces, which implies the presence of high-quality and well-prepared foundation.The elements must be arranged evenly at equal distance from each other in the vertical and horizontal planes.

For complex tile designs, the need even greater zeal, as Figure need to first lay out like a puzzle on the floor in the bathroom, and then transferred to the wall.Of course, the visual effect is thus achieved simply incomparable.

In comparison with other finishing materials, tiled with the same success can be found on the walls and on the floor (floor using special type of tile - floor).

Finish bath panels PVC

what can be wrought bathroom

PVC panels in the bathroom decoration

not so old in terms stay in use, but it is perhaps the least attractive option steel finishing plastic panel. main factor of attraction is the combination of practicality panels to their value.

Perhaps cladding panel is not as strong as ceramic tile, but it unlike the latter is much easier to put, and the durability and moisture resistance of the materials are not inferior to each other.

PVC panels Installation is simple because a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalled elements.Each element is equipped with PVC panels slots through which their precise fit for each other is simple and unobtrusive.

This attachment to the surfaces of the panels in two ways:

  1. using crates of aluminum profiles or wooden bars;
  2. immediate gluing to the walls by means of liquid nails.

Plus plastic panels is the fact that their installation is possible even without dismantling the old finish, both on walls and on the ceiling (ceiling in the bathroom).

Have finishing bathroom tile and some subtleties:

  • before you mount the panel on the lath profile (wooden beams) should be treated anti-corrosion agent, and, along with the entire inner surface, an antifungal solution to the cavity under the panelsI do not grow mold and mildew;
  • if the installation is carried out directly on the wall, the first of them to be almost perfectly align because otherwise the bumps will be very visible, and the panels themselves under the influence of the bending forces which arise due to irregularities, may lag behind the walls.

Finish bath water-resistant wallpaper

finishing bathrooms water-resistant wallpaper

Decorating bathrooms water-resistant wallpaper

choosing what can be wrought bathroom, you should pay attention to one more alternative methods already voiced finishing bathrooms are way washable wallpaper which, subject to quality and literacy trim little inferior to the same tile.

However, this option is much more economical, diverse in its performance and provides the opportunity for the need to quickly and easily change the design of the bathroom.

The following types of wallpaper, which are widely applied in the bathrooms:

  1. cleaning with a special coating;
  2. adhesive;
  3. fiberglass;
  4. vinyl with dense structure;
  5. liquid wallpaper.

Each of these types has different properties, which gives the buyer more possibilities for selecting suitable materials according to the preference and available funds.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to stipulate that none of the types of water-resistant wallpaper does not tolerate prolonged targeting splashing water.Therefore, where possible periodic contact with water walls, namely directly around the bath and / or shower cubicles, coat the walls requires more resistant materials - the same tile or plastic panels.The rest of the plane walls can easily stones wallpaper.

washable wallpaper for the bathroom is not so reliable in terms of mechanical stress in comparison with some counterparts, especially when it comes to cheap, poor-quality materials.Choosing

than wrought bathroom, remember that the rate should be doing in the first place, for reasons of practicality, the second - of personal preference, and a third - the cost of materials and complexity of finishing.