Large bathroom: interior design ideas

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10 May 2016

This article will be considered a large bathroom in the first place - the right interior design and efficient use of available space.

proper clearance and a large spacious bathroom allows you to turn it into a real masterpiece.In modern homes bathroom more and more transformed from shower room into a full room, comparable in importance to the living quarters.If, moreover, the bathrooms were large, the range of opportunities for its execution is greatly extended. large bathroom Regardless of the type of room it starts with the design of the technical side, if the bathroom is holding pipes and wiring.It should be taken into account in addition to the appearance as well specifications, and also remember that the use of electrical appliances in a room with high humidity can be a serious danger.

Therefore, it is desirable to lay cables on the outside of the bathroom and into the output only their branches, bringing them directly to the consuming devices.

choice of colors and finishes

bathrooms were large

large bath in the large bathroom

Before you perform the decoration large bathroom, you should consider various elements of the plan, including the deployment of the bath, bidet, toilet, sink, etc.

settling large bathroom is much simpler than the close and further facilitate the process allows its division into zones. For example, bath can be isolated by raising to a kind of podium, under which laid pipe, and the toilet can be fenced off screen.

After selecting a plan should be to figure out what colors to use in the interior of the bathroom.There is a stereotype that in the bathroom to use such colors as gray, blue and white.

large bathroom

example of a large bathtub

In fact, the range of colors used much more widely, the main thing - to visualize the most comfortable environment for yourself and make relevant data Feels choice considering the effect of different colors:

  • Sky blue tintIt helps to relax;
  • Red-ons;
  • Create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation to help dull the pure natural colors, including various combinations of yellow, green, gray and brown;
  • lovers prefer more exotic atmosphere bright spectral colors (blue, red, emerald, etc.).

Large bathrooms also provides an opportunity to experiment with different contrasts. red being the color of the fire element, it seems inappropriate in the bathroom, because water - the enemy fire, but their struggle generates energy.

Therefore fiery red walls will be well contrasted with the white tile on the floor and cold chrome shine.Do not be afraid of colors, bathroom design can be compared to painting a picture.

Useful: luxury eggplant shades will also be appropriate to look at a large bath and surprise guests unexpected design solution.

There are a lot of different color options the bathroom, the most successful combinations can serve as a base for bathroom design in any particular style.

depending on the style chosen and finishing decorative materials from a wide range:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • glass mosaic;
  • wood paneling;
  • Natural stone;
  • waterproof vinyl wallpaper;
  • Acrylic paint.

and many other materials with its pluses and minuses.

Styles large bathroom

large bathroom

large room bathroom

Currently, a variety of styles ranging from minimalist baroque and ending just great.

When choosing a particular style should first listen to your liking:

  • For lovers of comfort, quietness and comfort suited the style of "country» , which is dominated by natural natural colors (olive, green, beige and so on.d.).
    This style requires space, so it's perfect for large bathrooms.The walls in these bathrooms are finished with natural stone and is usually wood, laid on the floor tiles, which are stacked on top of rugs with patterns.
    Furniture can be wooden or wicker, in addition, perfectly combined with the style of these handmade accessories like wicker laundry baskets, embroidered towels, napkins, etc .;

    style "Country"

    Style "Country»

  • suitable for lovers of luxury style "baroque» , allowing full use of the imagination, especially in the large bathroom.This style is characterized by pomp of furniture, bright colors and an abundance of decoration.
    Bath should be massive, bizarre.Walls are lined with marble and mirrors hung on them in large quantities.
    Plaster decoration and painting allow to give a noble flavor bathroom, and a variety of paintings, vases and figurines further underline the luxurious interior bathroom;

    style "Baroque"

    Style "Baroque»

  • fairly common style for the bathroom is also a Marine , symbolizing the open and free of sea elements.The main features of this style are the large amount of space and a minimum of furniture, with a maximum of accessories.
    for bathroom design in the style used materials such as tiles, mosaics, wood, paint, wallpaper, etc.The main color is blue, when combined with blue and white.In the interior, various shells, stones, starfish, etc.
    looks good in a marine style mosaic, from which you can lay out, for example, a dolphin or a cup of tea, as well as a mirror shaped window.Complement the interior accessories such as shelves in the form of boats blue or transparent plastic soap dish in the shape of fish, you can even use models of ships.
    This allows visiting the bathroom, to feel the breath of the sea breeze and be moving in the imagination of a yacht on the sea and seagulls flying over it.

    sea ​​style

    Marine style

Bathroom today is for a person not less important room than a bedroom or living room.That man comes here to recuperate and raise the spirits, so even the smallest elements used in the interior of the room could have a significant impact on the mood further.

use of various accessories in the design of the bathroom allows you to create an unforgettable holiday feeling.Proper selection of accessories and respect for single style and single color when you make the room bathroom allows it to look really elegant and give an incredible feeling when enjoying any water.