Sealant for the bathroom: the subtleties of choice

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23 May 2016

Bathing room is naturally moist environment is very conducive to the settlement and growth of harmful microorganisms.This problem is very serious and there is not so important that they would be destroyed building materials.

This situation can threaten the loss of your health. Sealant Bathroom


sealing seams and joints will help you "seal" and thereby isolate all critical areas of the room.

addition, any sealant bath contains antibacterial substances that inhibit reproduction of mold and mildew on surfaces.

types of sealants

Sealant - is the composition of the polymer, filler, hardener, and so on. According to the type of polymer, such materials are divided into silicone, acrylic, polyurethane, thiokol and bitumen.

sealant for bath

There are many types of sealants

There are special types of trains - silicate, rubber and so on.

  1. silicone compositions have the longest service life - about 40 years.Has good adhesion to almost all building materials: metal, glass, wood, PVC, polycarbonate, ceramic, concrete, etc.
    also suitable, such sealant for acrylic baths and metal counterparts.Silicone has excellent water-repellent qualities, is not afraid of changes in temperature and withstands from -50 to +200 degrees.Not afraid of him and ultraviolet.
    Silicone sealants are of two types: neutral and acidic.The latter are often referred to acetic acid, asbetween them there is an obvious smell of curing this acid.
    Such sealants are cheaper than neutral, however, vulcanizing, they oxidize metals.Consequently, they can be applied to metals which are not affected by this reaction, for example, aluminum, stainless steel.
    any neutral silicone sealant bath spared from this drawback, because no restrictions on the use and has a high cost.

Note!The composition should be applied to, be sure to - clean and dry surface.If the package is a tuba - simply squeezing, if the cartridge - using a special gun.Mode can operate at temperatures of + 5 / + 40 degrees.

  1. Acrylic sealants are cheap and easy to use.They have good adhesion to mineral materials - brick, concrete, plaster, and other than that wood.However, it turns out
    seam flexible enough, so you can apply a similar composition for the treatment of joints in the bathroom, which later will be subject to deformations.
    should be noted that acrylic sealants are available in two versions: nevlagostoykie and moisture.Naturally, the bathroom should choose a second variety.Technique of the composition is the same as in the case of the silicone analogue.
    Since no part of the organic solvents, can work with it without protection.Finally sealant cures in a day after coating.The resulting seam is resistant to UV, does not change color, humidity resistant and retains quality mode temperature -25 / +80 degrees.
    very important feature of acrylics - they can paint the grout and any coatings.
  1. Silicone-acrylic sealants combine the advantages of these two polymers.They are water-resistant and flexible as silicone, long-lasting and durable as acrylic.
    Ideal for sealing joints.In addition, such a sealant can be used to connect the various surfaces.
  2. polyurethane formulations provide flexible and durable seam, which has long retains its quality.They have good adhesion to all building materials: ceramic, concrete, stone, metal, wood, plastic.Is resistant to mechanical and chemical influences.
    polyurethane sealant can be used to repair old joints silicone counterparts.

Note!Such a composition is applied to a dry and clean surface with a gun or directly from the tube.Working with him, be sure to use protective equipment: gloves, masks and so on. N.

Full hardening weld, 1 mm of the thickness occurs after 8 hours.The sealant can then be painted any paint.

Which sealants are best suited for the bathroom

Silicone sealant for bath

Silicone sealant is best suited for the bathroom

Bath recommended special sanitary sealants.They can seal the joints of instruments with walls, sinks bathtubs, bidets and toilets, areas fixture fittings, wiring the inputs and outputs sewer pipes in the bathroom.

Such compositions are fungicidal additives which suppress the formation of mold, resistant to moisture, high temperatures and household cleaners.

From professional products can be recommended silicone sealant acidic brand «Tytan Professional» - «Cleaning" or "sealant for kitchens and baths."

suitable for amateur artists «Tytan Euro Line» - «Cleaning» or «Soudal» - «Sanitary Silicone".If the joint sinks, baths with a wall color needs to be done, use the Tytan Professional «Rainbow Silicone".

now about how to select sealant for acrylic baths or PVC.Such materials adhesion certain compositions is insufficient, in addition, they may damage or stain the surface of the polymer.Among sealants, which are suitable for this purpose can be distinguished «Tytan Professional» - «For PVC and acrylic baths" and «Soudal» - «neutral silicone."

And the last thing I want to say at the end of the article: Treat very carefully to the sealing of all surfaces of your bathroom in a panel or a private home.Only then you can relax in it completely, without thinking subconsciously all hypothetical dangers, such as mold in the bathroom and others.