Skirting for baths: choose and install

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22 May 2016

plinth relates to the final installation of the bath tub through which aesthetic appearance and completeness.Such plinths bath may be made of various materials such as ceramic moldings popular bath.

It perfectly conceals the joint between the tub and the wall and serves as a reliable protection to prevent water leakage. plinth bath

For people who are used to do everything thoroughly and for a long time in the bathroom baseboard is necessary and even indispensable element.But the diversity of themselves baseboards and methods of their installation requires a careful analysis of the original, which will help determine the choice.

on the materials making up the skirting boards for baths, identify several types:

  • ceramic moldings;
  • plastic moldings;
  • self-adhesive baseboard.

Skirting ceramic

itself ceramic material has long gained popularity due to their properties.Ceramic possess high hardness and mechanical strength, high resistance to various deformations and breaking, practically do not react with ot

her substances, as well as with the environment.

Ceramic baseboard bath

Ceramic baseboard bathroom

Ceramic baseboard bathroom is no exception - it also has all of these properties.Also, in addition to that a plinth is able to maintain a long time its color.The disadvantage of the ceramic skirting is only one - it is able to be destroyed by hitting a heavy object on it.But with good care for these skirting it will last for many years.

Skirting plastic

Plastic skirting is much smaller than its counterpart ceramic plinth, but this does not mean that it does not have its advantages.Skirting of plastic, for example, lw vip, perfectly protects joints against ingress of moisture and consequently prevents molds.

also, in addition, the plastic moldings is very easy to use, has a soft rubber covering the joints between the bathtub and the wall, and a high degree of hygiene.Also advantage of this type of skirting and is its flexibility, allowing its installation and rounded areas.Plastic moldings - a strap made of PVC-profile often, the usual length of 1.8 m.


plastic moldings for the tank


Choosing a plinth for acrylic baths or any other, it is better to prefer the other to white.For example, beige or yellow, as a plinth made of plastic may eventually turn yellow.

Installing ceramic skirting

  1. skirting for acrylic baths

    Installing skirting

    First we need to remove the measurements, and then the grinder with a diamond disc coated with fine cut skirting.
    Another title of the disc is a tile because small diamond deposition are not able to break the glaze and cut turns out very smooth and clean.

  2. To dock a plinth in the inner or outer corner, you can use the usual method of measurement.For this it is necessary to attach a skirting board at the installation site, the bottom edge of the note.This procedure needs to be done around the perimeter at each corner.Next
    baseboard must be put in its original place and mark on it two points: And the top - a joint wall, and the lower - the point of intersection with the line of the plinth on the floor.Following this, connect these two points and make a cut strictly perpendicular to the bathroom floor.
    This procedure needs to be done, and the other wall.And if the cut was very neat, when splicing two plinths virtually no visible gap between the two.If the outer corner, then the top point is marked on the baseboard cropped on the outer corner and the bottom - at the intersection of the line and skirting.That is, everything is done as well as with the internal angle.
  3. ceramic plinth between the wall and the bathroom can be installed both on the tile adhesive and a special glue for ceramics.But you can use to install baseboards and silicone sealant.
  4. After setting the lower and upper part of the skirting boards are processed for grouting tiles to the joints were sealed, and the whole look - beautiful.

installation of plastic plinth

plastic moldings can be set in two ways:

  1. under the tile.This installation method is much harder the second.It requires careful thinking through everything, even the smallest detail, even before they are faced with a wall.
    This installation method is reliable in terms of waterproofing, but if the need arises to replace the baseboards, then it will have to change with the tiles, under which it is hidden.To install the plinth in a way better to invite a professional to get the job done efficiently.

    plinth bathroom

    installation of plastic plinth

  2. on the tiles.Install the plinth in such a way you can with your hands.First we need to wipe with a dry cloth, all the edges of tiles and bath at the place where it will be installed baseboards.The surface have to be dry.
    gap between the bathtub and the wall would be best to close up aquarium sealant, and then give it to dry well.
  3. followed by the process of installing baseboards.To excess glue does not damage the enamel, you need masking tape to paste over the edge of the bath.Thereafter
    plinth cut into parts, each of which corresponds to the length of each side of the bath.
  4. then applied a thin layer of liquid nails to the base product that is immediately pressed against one side of the wall, and the other - to the bath.
    Also, when installing the curb convenient to use angles and plugs that facilitate the docking of the plinth and ennoble its overall appearance.If you install a plinth formed small cracks, they must be filled with sealant.

Skirting self-adhesive

worth a bit more expensive than the plastic moldings, but does not require additional costs for materials.Important before installation thoroughly prepare the surface, which will be glued baseboard: it should be dry smooth.

plinth between the wall and the bathroom

Skirting bath self-adhesive

If you do not properly prepare the surface, there is a risk of water getting under the curb.The only disadvantage of this self-adhesive border that he was not able to last a long time.

with their own hands

principle gluing skirting

Thus, despite the fact that the plinth for a bath is a fairly simple product, during installation you must follow some specific rules.Only in this case it conveniently fit into the design of the bathroom and serve you as long as possible.