Laying the tiles in the bathroom: a video and a series of steps

By Admin | Repair
22 May 2016

Tile has long been a leader in finishes in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and other wet areas.It is long and pleasing to the eye when the technology of laying tile.

How is laying tiles in the bathroom - video material will help you understand the intricacies of the process. tiling in the bathroom video

Getting Started

Any repair begins with measuring the area and calculate the necessary amount of material. Consider the simple example of the correct calculation of the required number of tiles and adhesives for floors in a small bathroom.

A video -ukladka tiles in the bathroom will help more clearly understand the process.

  1. first measure the perimeter and calculate the floor area.For example, we have a room 2h2,4 meters.
  2. Let's say you took a fancy tiles 30x30 cm. Therefore, the wall will fall to 2 m 7 pieces, with 10 centimeters have to be cut off.
    By the second wall length of 2.4 meters lies exactly 8 pieces.Total we have: 7x8 = 56 pieces -necessity number in this case.It is advisable to have a couple of tiles in
    reserve as ceramic - a material durable, but quite fragile.Hence, it is necessary to buy 58 pieces.
  3. Now glue for installation.Normally, it takes the rate of 5 kg per square meter, provided a good surface preparation (flatness floor screed).
Video tiling in the bathroom

floor Facing

Similarly, the act and with the walls.To avoid mistakes, calculate the amount needed for each wall separately and then added together.

doorway and a window, if any, is deducted from the total area, in order not to buy too much, but do not forget about the stock of several pieces.


If selected tiles for walls of two or more different colors, the calculation of conduct for each color separately.

Prior to repair a small bathroom with their hands often raises questions: how to lay tile in a bathroom - video tutorials about this process provide a complete picture.


Repair your hands helps to save a lot of money, but its implementation requires a set of tools.

for laying tile, you must have:

  • pencil markings and markers;
  • tape measure, ruler and square metal;
  • deep container of glue;
  • Bulgarian with a diamond disc for dry cutting of tiles;

    tiling in the bathroom video

    Bulgarka for cutting tiles

  • drill with paddle for mixing the adhesive solution;
  • spatula - and conventional gear, as well as a rubber grout;
  • level, rules and nylon cord;
  • cutter;
how to lay tile in the bathroom video

tile cutter

  • tiling in the bathroom video

    Tile crosses of different sizes


  • Clippers tiles;
  • crosses set the correct size for fixing joints.

With the right tools and information, as there is tiling in the bathroom - video tutorials help to repair at the highest level.

How to cut tile

This topic is very important for the novice tiler.As you know, almost no one in the bathroom repairs can not be done without cutting the tile.

cutting technology such:

  • ruler measure the distance from the wall to the tile where you want to put a piece;
  • subtract the thickness of the seam;
  • obtained on the tile size postpone;
  • cut off one way: cutter, grinder with a diamond nozzle, Tile.

details about how the cutting of tiles and tiling the bathroom - videos help to understand.

  1. Cutter is easy to cut, and the wall is not very thick floor tiles.The cutter can be purchased inexpensively at any hardware store.
  2. grinder equipped with a diamond blade, it is easy to cut very thick tiles, but often chipped off the edge.
    To prevent this from happening, it is desirable to have a grinder with adjustable speeds.
    choose the optimal speed of rotation of the disc, this problem can be almost completely avoided.


seal with tape place the cut on the tile, are often able to avoid chipped edges.

  1. best tools for cutting tile is a tile cutter.There's even an inexperienced worker to cope perfectly.
tiling the bathroom video


We've seen some examples of crucial moments in the bathroom renovation.More like being tiling in the bathroom - videos attached to this article will show clearly the whole process.

Having the knowledge, patience and accuracy in its arsenal, any novice master cope with the laying of tiles in the bathroom with their hands.Inspiration and good luck to you!