Feng Shui bathroom: to create harmony in the interior

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08 May 2016

purpose of the ancient science of Feng Shui is to find a favorable flow of qi energy, which are used for the benefit of man.Five natural ingredients - water, fire, wood, metal and earth - are endowed with special properties.For example, the fire is related to family well-being, and the water - with cash flows.

with the flow of water in the bathroom is seething energy.The water relaxes and refreshes, removes the remnants of sleep, clears negativity outside world.It brings health and wealth.Therefore, reconstruction or repair should be considered feng shui bathroom.

feng shui bathroom

Location bathroom

At movement of qi energy are significant location, color, geometric shape and material objects that fill the space.

To fill the space bathroom positive energy, consider a few rules:

  • Avoid location of the bathroom and toilet in the southeast. This trend in housing is considered to be a zone of wealth, so the money can just go down the drain with the water currents.
  • Location bathroom and toilet in the middle
    or near the property bedrooms as undesirable.
    believed that a man during sleep is vulnerable to negative influences.This arrangement will take luck to all cases and initiatives.
  • ideal Feng Shui bathroom should be located in the northern part of the property.
  • bathroom and toilet should be separated.

Tip!If the bathroom is combined, the negative impact of qi energy can be eliminated.Separate toilet from the main area by a curtain or a low wall.

  • door to the bathroom should not be visible from the front door and the kitchen.Outside the door should hang a mirror to deflect negative energy.
  • bathroom space to decorate two mirrors .Hang them possible and on the opposite wall (preferably the north and east side).
bathroom feng shui

Mirrors in an interior bathroom

Note mirror does not have to reflect each other.

  • bath should be placed in the corner of the south-west side .In combination bathroom toilet place away from the door on the south side.
  • Consider the location of sanitary equipment in the bathroom. It is important that, washing up, a person in any case did not stand with his back to the door.
    If this is not avoided, the negative energy can be diverted via a mirror.You just need to hang up so that it reflects the door.
Bathroom on Feng Shui

mirror reflecting the front door, neutralizing the negative energy

  • Avoid doing in the bathroom steps and sills.

small space standard bathrooms sometimes hinder liberties with furniture and sanitary ware.In this case, a bathroom of feng shui is to be decorated with mirrors.

Mirrors in an interior bathroom

According to feng shui in interior mirror bathroom connected to the second person "I", restoring physical and mental harmony.Mirrors give a sense of spaciousness, even in a small room.

rules on the location of the bathroom mirror:

  1. mirror should fit snugly to the wall.
  2. mirror surface must be flat.
  3. mirror must be intact.Mirror tiles and small mirrors on the doors of lockers in the design of the display shattered man, and hence his personal chi energy.
  4. Mirror should not have the effect of increasing.
  5. Do not place mirrors opposite each other.In this case, the images are simply useless to rush from one surface to the other mirror.

properly placed mirrors freed from the effects of negative energy.

color bathroom

very important color for the bathroom feng shui.In the interior, the bathroom is desirable to choose pastel colors - blue, light green, white, and shades of light wood.

should categorically exclude black and brown colors.They attract the bathroom negative energy, and the person will lose the sense of joy and cheerfulness.

the color of the bathroom feng shui

Select bathroom soft colors and shades

perfect color for sanitary equipment is white.It helps to cleanse not only the body but also the second "I".

Note green robes, towels and decorative elements in the bathroom counterbalance the power of the water, lure the house wealth.

ideal shapes and materials bathroom

for walls and floor bathroom select materials such as marble, glass, tiles, ceramics.It is essential that the surface finishing materials was smooth and shiny - it neutralizes the negative energy.However, mirror tiles, in spite of the ideal surface slows down and complicates the flow of energy.

wood trim and soft mats slow down the movement of qi energy.in spacious and bright bathrooms they are cozy.However, in small spaces such as home furnishings should be deleted.

If space allows, install oval bath.This bath is ideal for feng shui.Its shape resembles a coin.Oval bathtub filled with water symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Tub of feng shui

Oval bath - a symbol of wealth and prosperity

also help you become a corner bath with as rounded shapes.Avoid sharp corners.They are a "poison arrows", which carry negative energy.

corner bath with as rounded corners harmoniously decorate the interior

Corner suite with the most perfectly rounded corners decorate the interior

Surround bath handrails and handles.The metal, nickel and chrome faucets and taps only increase circulation of positive energy.

not neglect the cleanliness of the bathroom.Time to eliminate leakage, contamination and blockages.Because they contribute to the accumulation of negative energy and provoke the creation of stressful situations.