The partition in the bathroom: an easy way to re-planning of premises

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01 May 2016

only catch in terms of use of combined bathroom, which does not require a partition in the bathroom area, it is that the ordinary design of the room, it can use at the same time only one person.Regarding the hygiene and convenience, combined bathroom give their owners a lot of advantages, but also, it is possible to more efficiently in terms of the functionality of the room used the space available.

For example, in a bathroom, you can install plumbing fixtures, which simply could not contain in a typical bathroom. partition in the bathroom

About partitions bathroom

walls in the bathroom

partition of glass bricks

This problem can and must be solved.To ensure comfort and convenience for the whole family bathroom can be placing plumbing fixtures such a way that the toilet and sink are separated from the baths.

The most successful method of this zoning area bathroom with toilet is mounting in her walls, bathrooms designed to split the area into two functional areas, while at the same time the integrity of the building.

This would be better

if the partition will be just an additional part of the interior bathroom, but will not serve the delimiting wall, like the interroom.For this reason, when choosing the type of construction and finishing materials one of the deciding factors will aesthetic component.

Most partitions in the bathroom of this type have the character of some unfinished - made of opaque materials such as glass blocks, glass, some plastics, etc., or it may not reach up to the ceiling in the bathroom.

Types of partitions for bathrooms

consider what options there are the one who seriously set out to build in a combination bathroom partition separating functional areas:

  • Light partition between the bathroom and the toilet of water-resistant drywall boards nowTime is perhaps the most popular option.
    In addition, these structures can be decorative niche that can replace the shelf or cabinet, as well as additional lighting inside.

    the bathroom partition

    The bathroom sliding type of frosted glass


When properly selected type plan and a bathroom can simultaneously deal with two functions - to provide someone the opportunity to visit the area and the location of the sink to wash their hands, while someone taking a shower in the bathroom area.

Construction of plasterboard can acquire different forms and makes the interior of the original and spicy.

  • If preference is given to the soul or bath tub built, the area can be separated by means of sliding partitions, contributing not only to the proper distribution of space toilets, but also taking over the function of protection against the spread of the spray and evaporating moisture around the room the room.
    Applying for the production of corrugated walls, frosted or stained glass, allow manufacturers to provide the proper level of translucence and opacity of walls, which is very important for the preservation of unity in the space of a bathroom.
    Sliding bath does not need additional free space to open them, so that the application of such structures is possible even in a relatively tiny rooms.

    Sliding bath

    poorly transparent glass curtain for the bathroom can serve as partitions combined bathroom

  • modern technology and methods of processing and decorating material such as glass, make it possible to successfully separate the area by glass partitions for bathrooms.Tempered glass on which is applied a special coating, pattern or stained glass can decorate the interior of any bathroom.
    If you have the room, which has a non-standard geometry, the use of glass partitions would be similar to the zoning of the space most appropriate.Very impressive in the interior of the bathroom door may look slightly rounded, if it holds corner bath model or rounded wall.


The partition can be raised above the main floor level by mounting the podium, and add the built-in end walls lamps, and a bathroom sparkle with new colors.

the partition between the bathroom and toilet

Making a frame plasterboard wall

If you do not want to build between the bathroom and toilet blank partition, which, however, narrows the space of a few, it disturbs the harmony and integrity of the bathroom, choose a more appropriate zoning variation by using decorative lightpartitions.

They will provide all the necessary facilities for the comfort and the possibility to use the space more functional bathrooms.