Design combined bathroom: ideas for beautiful interiors

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29 April 2016

Shared bathroom - a frequent phenomenon in our time, as in the apartments, built about 30 years ago in the bathroom can not be deployed.So many people come to the conclusion that all the functional and comfortable, and will connect the bathroom toilet.

Create design combined bathroom is small in size can be in any style, the modern market is full of all kinds of sanitary ware for every taste and budget. design combined bathroom

Advantages and disadvantages of design combined bathroom

design combined bathroom has certain advantages:

  • there is space, for example, to accommodate a washing machine and a bidet;
  • savings on walls, due to its demolition by combining rooms;
  • doors instead of two will be one, it is also saving money;
  • an opportunity to place a sanitary items more convenient for you, because you can completely differently positioned pipe.

Still, there are some disadvantages in the joint room:

  • if you have a big family, there are difficulties in visiting the bathroom at the same time;
  • on the demolition of the walls is necessary to take permission in certain instances, but it will take some time and bring additional expenses.

Important: Do not demolish the wall, if it is a carrier.This can lead to the destruction of the entire building.

small WC design

Little WC: design in bright colors

So if you do decide to make the union bath and toilet, remember that the smaller the room, the more you need to consider thoroughly decorated rooms.

Design small bathroom combined must include in itself is only really necessary pieces of furniture and accessories.This does not mean that they should not be at all, in fact the full and complete interior is complemented by decorative elements combined bathroom.

Advice for combined bathroom

consider some ways to visually expand the space combined bathroom:

  1. Walls small bathrooms should not be spread too large tiles.Optimal its dimensions shall be 20x30 cm, and it is desirable to install ceramic tile vertically, it will visually increase the height of the walls.

Note: Some advise bottom wall (to the middle) put dark tiles, and by the end of the ceiling - light.

This is a common misconception, on the contrary only reduce a reception room.

  1. Excellent will look on the walls alternating bright tiles and light, the combination will expand the room.

Tip: It is better to opt for a glossy tile, it will reflect light, thus expanding the space.

Design bathroom combined

Vertical stripes lengthen the wall bathrooms

  1. design will look great sharing bathrooms if lay floor tiles on the diagonal, moreover, it is visually increase the room.
  2. Do not forget, which is especially important in small bathroom installation bathroom mirror, reflecting the light, they will help the room to be visually more spacious.
    to mirror did not take space, you can mount them directly to the wall.
design combined small bathrooms

large mirror fits perfectly into the design of the combined small bathrooms

  1. very significant role in the design of bathrooms playing light perception.Create more space may be placing on the perimeter of the ceiling fixtures.
WC small design

Design: WC small

  1. wide range of plumbing fixtures will allow to remain satisfied with the most demanding buyers.To reduce the space under the plumbing is recommended to stay on the acquisition of a suspended washbasin, toilet, bidet, etc.
    This will hide all the lines, and the design of a small combined bathroom will have a more aesthetic appearance.
Design a small bathroom combined

Compact suspended washbasin

  1. Do not place items too large, it is better that they were compact and preferably in the same color, it is not visually determine the exact number.
  2. main attraction and the most massive bathroom is a bathtub.
    It can choose absolutely any size and color:
  • corner;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • round;
  • curved shape, etc.
Design of a small combined bathroom

Asymmetric corner bath

  1. If the space is extremely lacking, the bath can be replaced by a shower.This is a very significant save space.For those who like to soak in the bath, ideal would be to install a bath with shower.This is an excellent compromise
    Mezhuyev size and functionality.
with shower

CABIN with bathroom, two in one

main element of the bathroom can be a small trinket, most importantly, that she had to have a special meaning.

Tip: Design bathrooms with toilets will be especially successful if and household items will be in the same style and the same color, towels, shower curtain, rug, etc.

small design combined bathroom is not so easy because of the space limitations, but if properly and correctly place all the necessary items, you will find the process fun and does not take much time.All these points will help you achieve the desired result.Whichever you choose the style of your bathroom, bathroom with toilet + design + colors + your imagination and you can enjoy being in the bathroom more than one hour.