Design bathrooms: Ideas for decoration

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28 April 2016

Housing "Khrushchev era", which was temporary, today turned into a permanent place of residence for several generations, both past and future, and involves small apartment and a small bathroom.

Design bathrooms 4 square meters often have to think, given the fact that in addition to the bathroom should be here together and toilet. Design bathroom

How to increase the space?

main task Bathroom Design 4 square meters is a visual extension of the boundaries.

cope with this task will be able to design a small bathroom with the correct selection of colors, as well as the size and configuration of finishing materials and sanitary equipment.

  1. options use colors

  1. cool colors such as dark blue, dark blue, gray gives the room depth and saturation.
  2. walls are decorated with pastel colors and bright accessories will create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.
  3. bathroom is a small design with white or beige color will always make a room more spacious and comfortable.

Tip: avoid saturated brown or red colors in

a small bathroom, it reduces the visual space of the room.

Design bathroom

traditional design of a bathroom in bright colors

  1. ceramic tiles

  1. Ceramic tiles must select small size, the best option is the size 20x30, it will create the illusion of a spacious room.
  2. horizontal location data size tiles walls visually make the room wider, and vertical - "lift the" ceiling in the bathroom.
Design bathrooms

Ceramic tiles vertically

  1. selection of accessories and sanitary ware

  1. Equipping small bathroom interior design involves the use of mirrors and transparent objects.
  2. plumbing is better to choose a compact, such as shower or a corner bath, so can fit and sink, and a washing machine.
design of small bathrooms

mirror forged finishing increases the space toilet

project interior design bathrooms with shower

design bathrooms with a shower will help solve the problem of small space and make the bathroom a place where you can relax and make up vitality.

  1. Remove the partition between the toilet and the bathtub and make the design of the adjacent bathrooms.
small bathroom designs

demolition of the wall that separated the bathroom and toilet

Tip: Removing partitions will allow the area and add extra plumbing (eg, bidet), or a piece of furniture.

  1. install the ceiling using drywall:
  • install guide profile, ceiling and suspension;
  • produce using the screwdriver and screws drywall;
  • output all electrical cords;
  • putty seams and level the surface;
  • produce color surface.
small bathroom designs

scheme fixing a ceiling of plasterboard

  1. Perform finishing bathroom walls with plastic panels:
  • the entire length of the wall with a distance of 35-40 cm fix wooden slats with a thickness of 1-2 cm;

Tip: all slats must be in the same vertical plane, if necessary, can be put under them small plates of any material that is at hand.

  • on the floor in the bathroom to fix the profile to the bottom panel was part of it;
  • using a building stapler to attach the plastic panels to wooden slats;
  • begin the process of mounting the panels of the most significant angle to get the perfect joint, without adaptations and scrap;

Tip: using a plumb necessary several times to check the installation of the first laid panel, depends on the quality of the work.

  • close to each other to establish the panel;

Tip: you can just put on a wooden river at regular intervals of the vertical line, it will help in a timely manner to check horizontal installation.

  1. Install floor heating system and water heating:
  • power cut out mats on the size of the room;

Tip: Do not damage wires and heating elements.

  • fixed with a special adhesive mats on pre-prepared clean and dry base;
  • thermocouple wires from the resistors and output through the tubes, which are built into the wall and directed to an adjustable box;
  • when the glue is dry (three days) on TERMOPOL lay ceramic tile.

Tip: Facing tiles uses a special heat-resistant glue that is easily applied with a notched trowel.

design separate bathrooms

scheme underfloor heating

  1. Set shower:
  • set on the floor pan, and attach it to the siphon drain;
  • assemble with screws frame for partition walls and doors;
  • bolted to the wall guiding profiles;

Tip: Before screwing profiles need to pass a silicone compound on the wall.

  • on the tray to put the frame and attached to the wall;
  • attach top rollers onto the door and door handles;
  • install doors and partitions;
  • install the faucet and attach the bracket with a groove for the gander and shower soap.
project design bathrooms

Shower small bathroom

  1. Set the sink and toilet:
  • mark the site of attachment;
  • fix the wall brackets;
  • establish and fix a sink with faucet and toilet on the mounting bracket;
  • connect flexible wiring to the installation of water taps and flushing cisterns;
  • siphons connect to the sewer;
  • spend fixing the sink and toilet to the floor with an epoxy adhesive and sealant.
Design of the adjacent bathrooms

Install toilet

Design Features washroom

modern design bathrooms and provides project design bathrooms with separate bath and toilet.In small apartments of the tiny bathroom it is just a toilet.

design separate bathrooms can be made of the following measures:

  1. ideal finishing material for the walls in the bathroom is tiles in white, this color will enable visually expand the tiny room.

Tip: To maintain hygiene can be done laying the tile only half the wall, and the rest of the surface-to-ceiling itself ceiling - paint.

  1. Today modern washable paint to paint the walls allow the toilet to fresh and pleasant tone.
  2. design separate bathrooms implies that alternative wall decoration in the toilet as a washable wallpaper.
Separately bathroom design

washable wallpaper in the bathroom

  1. The toilet can be installed behind the toilet plumbing cabinet on legs, where in addition to the hidden drain pipes can hide different accessories for the care of the data room.
Design a bathroom in the panel house

original design of toilet room

Modern design bathroom in the house or in the panel "Khrushchev" means correct disposal of the available small space, as well as the installation of a plumbing, not to feel any distress or discomfort.