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27 April 2016

This article will examine what the bathroom, how to perform repairs, construction and the creation of the interior.

WC If you plan to repair or installation of toilets in the panel house or brick, the first step should be to determine the series of important questions:

  1. Which changes must occur in the toilet and bathroom;
  2. What amount can be allocated for the resettlement of bathrooms;
  3. plans in the bathroom only cosmetic repairs, or it will be equipped from scratch (for example - if need screed in the bathroom, etc.).

bathroom - this room, which is one of the most sought after in the apartment.In the morning we are preparing for a wash and working day, take a shower in the evening, and even occasionally my hand.

Therefore, this area should provide maximum convenience and comfort.At the same time, carrying out repairs, it should also take into account such features of the premises with high humidity, evaporation and temperature extremes.

First question arises, where better to start to equip the

bathroom with their hands.The answer depends on what it planned to do.If you plan to upgrade only paint and whitewash, then start with the cleaning of the ceiling and walls of the old material.In the case of larger changes, you must first determine the full scope of work and draw up a detailed estimate of future repairs.

Important: in the case of a small area of ​​the bathroom and the toilet is the best option of the union, in which the number of toilets is reduced, but increases the amount of usable space.

The effectiveness of such a merger is also dependent on the number of people living in the apartment, as in the case of a large family bathroom union can cause a number of inconveniences.

Interior bathrooms

Ergonomics bathrooms

Ergonomics bathrooms

Installing bathrooms - especially the creation of the interior, requires a solution quite important and difficult task of placing competent plumbing.Furnishings is better to begin to compose, from large items such as bath and shower.

Then you can install the sink and toilet, and are quite comfortable hanging toilets, which are mounted on a metal hidden in the wall installation.By reliability suspended toilets are not inferior floor, taking up much less space and facilitating cleaning of the room.

In addition, products from sanitaryware recommended to install as close to the riser, thus avoiding the cost of buying additional engineering equipment.

most common material for finishing the bathrooms is ceramic tile. In the case of low ceilings is not recommended to visually separate the walls with dark bottom and light top, it is better to lay on the floor to ceiling tile size of about one-color 200h400 mm, alternating with decorative vertical stripes visually pulls the room.

wallpapers for bathrooms

wallpaper in the bathroom

In the case of a spacious room on the walls pokleit can washable wallpaper for bathrooms with floral decor.This figure, combined with a clear and plain geometric pattern tile allows you to decorate the room bathrooms, giving it osobuyuizyskannost.In addition to the Wallpaper can also be used tiles with ornaments or agglomerate or marble flooring.

compositional unity of the various elements that make up the interior of the bathroom, the ceiling can be tinted the color of the decorative borders or tiles, or covered with a stencil original drawing, which should repeat applied to the tile pattern.

Useful: See also quite attractive, especially when you make a bathroom in the open rather than pastel colors, the use of grout color - blue, red, orange, green, etc.In addition, it looks pretty good on the tile grout bright white.

lighting for bathrooms

example lighting

should also think about the good light bathrooms.It is strongly recommended to use moisture resistant halogen spotlights on the ceiling for the bathrooms in the bathroom and above the mirror - sconces.In addition, it is advisable to think about light duty night lighting, which will help to use the room, not including the bright overhead light.

useful: You can also use dimmers - breakers equipped with dimmers.

Picked furniture for bathrooms should have a resistance to high humidity, as well as - to a significant temperature changes.

Furthermore, it should foresee various accessories for bathrooms, which include:

  • Mirror;
  • Convenient metal handrails on the wall or bath;
  • Soft mat;
  • Ottoman, etc.

Pipe installation

distributing pipes in the bathroom

Pipe installation

repair in the bathroom and the bathroom should start with replacing water pipes and sewage systems.The layout of pipes in the bathroom should be performed competently as possible, therefore, in the absence of specific skills, it is recommended to resort to professional assistance, which will provide in the future as your peace of mind and tranquility of the neighbors.

best to be laid in the bathroom PVC water and sewer pipes.

There are specific rules and requirements that must be equipped with toilets - SNIP, which should be considered according to the different nuances:

  • Sewer pipes connected by rubber gaskets;
  • Water - using a special soldering iron;
  • Upon completion of installation, be sure to check the water supply using the quality of the connections;
  • while replacing pipes should also immediately install a water meter and valves to quickly cut off the water in case of emergency;
  • Furthermore, it should plan ahead as to be placed sanitary, household appliances, as well - will be summed up as the water and waste water.


modern bathroom

Example bathroom design

After installation of the pipes is completed, begin to replace the wiring.

Consider the basic nuances of how to do electrical wiring in the bathroom, details:

  • to perform the work required three-core wire section of which is at least 4 mm, corrugated plastic to isolate wires, lamps or spotlights and fan;
  • wiring perform, given the location of the sockets and fixtures.Within the walls, which will host the cable chisel punch Stroebe, then passed through a wire Stroebe and hide in the walls;

Useful: bathroom lighting can be performed both by spotlights mounted on the wall and through the established fixtures on the walls.Moreover, both types can be combined.

  • Since the temperature in the bathroom often changes, which leads to increased formation of moisture, it is recommended to improve the ventilation of the room by the fan, the size and capacity of which is selected depending on the size of the room.

Important: The hood is recommended to be installed on the ventilation shaft.In order to avoid unnecessary mount sockets fan can be connected to the switch lamp.

walls and ceiling

equipping bathrooms

color contrast

bathroom walls and ceiling are exposed to steam and moisture, so they should be used coating resistant to moisture and temperature changes the material:

  • Firstwash off the old whitewash and paint, knock old tiles.The walls and ceiling in the bathroom are aligned using putty or plaster;
  • With sufficient space, you can make a bathroom plasterboard, which can be fixed with a special glue or with screws, screwed into specially made crate.Then, the surface is treated with drywall primer, providing prevention and consolidation of the plaster mold and wait for it dry.After the primer has dried, you can begin to work on the decoration, using material of paint, ceramic tiles or waterproof wallpaper;
  • When repairing combined bathroom is not recommended to use only one color gamut, better to use different materials and colors, which allows you to divide space into sectors, the main thing - to ensure the harmony and comfort in the bathroom;
  • bathroom with their hands

    tile in the bathroom

    In the case of wall and floor tiles require very tiles, cement or glue for fixing it, spatula, with which the solution is applied and the level;

  • Laying tiles is as follows: on the floor spread pattern, according to which the cause marks on the wall, exposing the advanced level.
    back of the tile is covered with glue and then pressed firmly against the wall, and then similarly placed second tile, and thus the entire wall poryadno stacked starting from the floor and gradually rising up;

Note: when laying tiles on the wall should be aware of heated towel rails, which also recommended to replace.

  • With self-repairing bathrooms all materials and design are chosen on their own premises, providing a space for designer fantasies.For example, you can mount the ceilings in the bathroom with plastic or moisture-resistant gypsum board panels, are easy to operate and resistant to moisture.
    mount such ceiling is carried out on a metal frame, it should be pre-cut holes for the lights.The color of the ceiling should not always match the color of the walls, you can use contrasting shades.

Important: the repair of toilets small space visually increase the space can be achieved by the use of mirrors and decorative materials in light colors.


the floor in the bathroom

scheme underfloor heating

desirable that the floor in the bathroom was equipped with heating provided by a special coating with electrical heating or central heating pipes tabulation.

Floors can be made of a variety of water-resistant materials, such as:

  • Tile;
  • linoleum;
  • Cork
  • Wood (teak or larch), etc.

main qualities that should be possessed floor bathrooms are moisture resistance, no sliding and resistance to temperature.

That's all that I wanted to tell you in this article.The above tips should help to repair correctly so that the result is a modern bathroom with a maximum comfort and reliability that will serve faithfully for many years.