Disposition of bathrooms: design ideas

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25 April 2016

This article will be considered by planning bathrooms, its basic principles and nuances, as well as the stages of the implementation plan.

Projects toilets operate in such a way that at maximum functionality to maximize comfort, as people recruited here in the morning cheerfulness, and before bed - relaxing and having fun.

layout of bathrooms

Planning example

rooms bathroom and toilet are the smallest in size, but limited in size does not diminish their importance.To accommodation was really comfortable, the project should provide enough bathrooms with an area, and in some cases not even satisfied with one bathroom, and more.

It should be borne in mind that too much of the area is also a waste of space as a living space, and finance.Therefore

design standards bathrooms provide their careful planning even at that stage, when the project is created at home.

This approach allows you to determine in advance what the room will be more comfortable in case of increase of its area, and in any case, you can save a few s

quare meters without affecting the overall functionality.

quite important is the question, what is better - combined or adjacent bathroom.In general, sanitary unit called the place where a person takes hygiene procedures.In the case of combined bathroom and toilet are in one room, and in the case of a split - different.

At home under the bathroom more often understand the premises, which houses a wash basin and toilet, a shower sometimes.To avoid confusion between the concepts further room with sink and toilet will be called the restroom, and if in addition there is a shower - bath.

Useful: large room, which houses a bath, commonly called a bathroom.Such premises are usually not designed for guests only for the owners of the house.They are situated in a private part of the home, most often near the bedrooms.Next it is usually performed and the layout of a small bathroom.

requirements planning bathrooms

combined bathroom layout

Proper positioning bathrooms

When planning the bathrooms are advised to observe the following requirements:

  1. optimal situation provides for a window in the bathroom, which provides natural ventilation and lighting of the premises.If it is impossible to equip the window in the bathroom should equip forced ventilation that removes condensate resulting from intense evaporation;

Useful: best to window in the bathroom facing east, you can also display a window on the north-east or north.

Projects of bathrooms

example bathrooms with a window

  1. washroom different layouts, the following requirements for minimum area:
  • To combined bathroom, equipped with sink, bathroom, toilet and space for a washing machine - 38 m2 ;
  • to the bathroom with sink, tub and place under the washing machine - 3,3 m2 ;
  • For toilet, wash basin and toilet - 1,5 m2 ;
  • For toilet equipped with toilet without basin - 1,2 m2 .

    plan bathrooms

    Square toilets various layouts

  1. Furthermore, it should comply with the minimum distance between the walls of the room and toilet facilities:
  • before a shower or bath should be left at least 70 cm of free space optimally - 105cm;

    design bathrooms

    distance to shower and bath

  • distance between the heated towel rails or towel racks and a bath or shower should be 50-70 cm
  • front of the toilet should be kept at least 60 cm of space, and on both sidesfrom its longitudinal axis - at least 40 cm;

    design standards of toilets

    distance front of the toilet

  • discharge tube, washed pissuarny tray directed downwards at an angle of 45 ° to the wall of the hole;
  • washbasin placed at a height of at least 80 cm from the floor;
  • minimum distance between the sink and the side wall - 20 cm between washbasin and toilet - 25 cm;

    layout of bathrooms

    distances between the sink, toilet and the wall

  • minimum distance to sink - 70 cm or 95 cm if it is installed in a niche;

    Project bathrooms

    distance to sink

  • distance between the axes of the two mixer taps - no less than 90 cm, and between themselves sinks - at least 25 cm.

number of lavatories and their location

layout of bathrooms


The main factors that should be considered by performing design of bathrooms:

  • Bathrooms selected depending on what area of ​​the house and how many people live there.In the case of one-floor house a small area in which no more than two bedrooms, often settling one bathroom and one toilet or latrine far from the living room.
    can also be considered layout combined bathroom for guests, and the door to the bathroom or lavatory, it is desirable to do in the lobby, not in the common room for recreation;

Important: The plan bathrooms, the toilet should not be located near the dining room or kitchen.

  • In the case of two-storey house, which has three or more bedrooms, which are home to two adults and two children, bathrooms plan is as follows: on the ground floor - guest toilet, on the second - 2 bathrooms, one of which isnear the master bedroom, the second leaving the hall - used by children;
  • If there is a guest bedroom on the ground floor the best option is equipping bathrooms, not the latrine.This bathroom should be located close enough to both the guest room and a recreation room;
  • When permanent residence in the house of the elderly near their bedrooms (usually on the first floor) provides a separate full bathroom and guest bathroom joint planning is done about the public area;
  • as comfortable as possible provides such planning bathrooms, where every bedroom has a private bathroom, and on the first floor - a common guest bathroom.The rationality of this solution is determined only by the area of ​​the house owners and financial capabilities;
  • the presence in the house several floors toilets should be placed above each other in order to save on the lining of various communications;

Important: Do not put the bathrooms on the premises.

  • pondering expansion bathrooms should also think in advance where it will be placed a washing machine.The ideal situation is a separate laundry room equipment for washing, drying, ironing and other household needs;
  • The bathrooms do not need intense natural light, so they can be located near the north wall, which is not recommended to be equipped with windows.

Important: in the case of bathrooms with large windows and exit to the balcony or terrace, the placing on the cold north side is not recommended.

Planning restroom

planning small bathrooms

Planning example

closet considered sufficiently comfortable when it is possible to place a wash basin and toilet, requiring a total area of ​​six square meters.Urinal and bidet installed in private homes rarely, only in the presence of free space, which often take the washing machine and dryer, storage cabinets laundry, etc.

closet large size can also be converted into a bathroom by placing her in the shower, and the bathrooms may need to be increased at the expense of the corridor.Hardware window in the bathroom can increase its attractiveness, but the rational use of space requires the sill height of 130 cm or more, which allows him to set a toilet or arrange for the storage area.

Implementation plan bathrooms

Consider the basic nuances of good planning bathrooms:

  • minimum floor area of ​​2.75 m2 bathrooms.To save space, you can use a corner shower cubicle, the entrance to which is located at the corner or side, and the sliding door to the bathroom is preferable to swing;

    joint planning bathrooms

    Corner shower

  • In the case of complex configuration bathrooms, not allowing the use of a traditional shower tray because of its size, you can use the shower panel, which is fixed to the wall.
    panel fence off the area around the desired size for maximum convenience;

    adjacent bathroom

    shower panel

Useful: Placing the same tiled floor toilet and shower part to visually enlarge the room.

expansion of bathrooms

Planning large bathroom

  • When planning a bathroom tub, sink and toilet can be placed on the area of ​​3.3 m2.If necessary, a washing machine a minimum resolution space of 3.5 m2.
    The large bathrooms, which are usually located near the master bedroom can be further placed second wash basin, shower cubicle, bidet, urinal, lockers cosmetics, linens, household chemicals, etc .;

Important: free placement of all listed equipment required for a comfortable use of the bathroom area of ​​at least 8 square meters.

increase in bathrooms due to corridor

Placement bath in the middle

  • In the case of even larger premises bath can be installed in the center, with access to it can be achieved on all sides.
  • Nearby you can put a chair from waterproof or quick-drying material.Various cabinets thus set apart from the baths because, despite their special coating compositions, constant exposure to moisture reduces their lifetime;
Example bathrooms for the elderly

example bathrooms for elderly

  • When planning a bathroom for the elderly it is recommended by placing less equipment to increase the width of the various passageways.Instead, it is recommended to install a shower bath, equipped with a seat, aisle width to it should be at least 1 meter.
    In addition, in such a bathroom should not be slippery rugs and tiles on the floor, and the distance between the bath and heated towel rack or towel holder should be about 50-70 cm.

That's all that I wanted to tell you about the layout design of bathrooms.Implementation of the recommendations and requirements of the article will further the construction phase to plan the bathroom, providing the convenience, reliability and convenience of operation.