Small bathroom: solutions for the expansion of space

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24 April 2016

Modern design solutions, supported by innovations in the field of sanitary wares and home appliances, to minimize serious problem that exists in our shelter from the Soviet era.For most of the apartments are very small bathroom - the rule rather than the exception.

What can be done to enhance the functionality bathrooms, while not creating new problems - continued.

small bathroom

small bathroom - top view

designers and builders economy-class housing, and to this day is not particularly puzzling dimensions bathrooms.And if dressing room for obvious reasons it is not so critical, when a small bathroom - it can create quite serious problems.If during the construction of a building crammed to anything like a decent size tub and sink basin - that's good.

But when the question arises before the masters of an extra home appliances - such as washing machine, electric towel warmer or boiler - it can cause quite serious engineering difficulties.

Directions for thought

For efficient use of space in small bathrooms

can offer the following design and construction solutions:

  1. Installation instead of a bath shower or shower enclosure. smaller size 800x800 mm space it takes much less, consequently, more will have the opportunity to position the rest of the equipment.
    As for dimensions, this is still less than the smallest take a bath, and provide more amenities.
small bathroom

Option combined bathroom with shower

After all, here you can place hydroboxing that in the case of high-grade bathroom does not work, even if you put the shower curtain

  1. Replacing a full-size bath "wall to wall" mini-analoguethe so-called "hip bath". In this case, for fans soak in hot water bath in small sizes to maintain sufficient level of comfort, thus expanding the area of ​​the free bathrooms
  2. Effective use of angular spaces. Now there are many varieties of plumbing corner - the same sink or tub for a small bathroom, which allow to use the area, which is using a conventional plumbing is in a "dead zone»
  3. use vertical planes - walls. After all, many apartments are just empty.While this is - as an important reserve space.Here the rule should be simple: "all that can be placed on the walls - not to stand on the floor," the good, small bath permit.This applies
    shelves or lockers, laundry baskets, of course - boilers, and even washing machines.There are special models for their attachment location, as well as for example, and suspended toilets.
small bath

Curtain washing machine

to the same reserve space include the use of layers - the location of two or more devices, or interior of each other.The size of the machinery allows, for example, are located above the washing machine (minimum height of about 530 mm) flat shell.

also a number of techniques can be built into the walls of adjacent buildings - the same washing machine could leave the back of the facade or in the kitchen.

small bath

Sink with reduced depth

  1. installation of compact equipment - including small baths, sinks minimum size and a narrow washing machines with top loading


As part of layering can be used and installation of the bath on a pedestal, or brackets with a length above the standard.

This will create additional niche where you can store seldom-used items is quite large.

To maintain a decent appearance of the resulting gap between the edge of the tub and the floor can be closed by a removable decorative screen.

radical solution

Owners combined bathroom irrelevant question, because sometimes, on the contrary, want to separate them.If the toilet and bathroom small size - sometimes to be a good solution to combine them, especially for a small family.

However, it is not always possible - both physically and technically and legally.There are a number of regulatory restrictions that do not allow for such redevelopment in such cases.First of all, they concern a clear separation of technical and living area of ​​the apartment.

small bath

small WC - all on the ground

legislation expressly prohibits the conversion of part of the living space in the technical - that is, to expand the bathroom at the expense of some of the room will be an illegitimate action.It is also illegal to convert bathrooms, if a location is residential area neighbors.

Yet in most cases, latrines and bathrooms combine small rooms is permitted, subject to certain conditions:

  • Harmonization of redevelopment with sansluzhboy
  • Dilution of a legally
  • no claims, the operating organization
  • written consent of neighbors below
  • Have
  • draft prepared by a certified architectural firm, or other similar organization
  • Register redevelopment agencies in the technical inventory of property


Unauthorized alterations entail serious enough penalty mandatory restore the original layout of bathrooms.By

of rum to eliminate violations of the apartment is almost impossible to take any legal action: sale, gift, inheritance

If you still difficulties with registration papers are not afraid, but very very small bathroom seriously interferes with life - that redevelopment will greatlynoticeable results.Typically, the union bath and toilet was a complete demolition of the walls between them.

However, by itself it can not give anything - just the bathroom is very small passage will be connected with an equally small toilet.Holding such radical methods should make a thorough plan for the new premises, to get the maximum benefit from the restructuring.

you can identify the following action steps:

  • certain technical connectivity santehpriborov and various household appliances to utilities - water, sewerage, electricity
  • According to the result - a plan for the placement of equipment, furniture and furnishings
  • Choice plumbing and other equipment
  • Practical steps for installation


possible, regardless of whether the project involves the combination of a small bathroom with dressing room or not, you should hide the liner of water and sanitation in the walls.

This, despite the seemingly minor dimensions of communication, would gain a lot of space.

However, it should provide for pipelines removable aprons, at least - in the joints, audits, etc.

«deaf" to install them, for example, in concrete, can later in an accident require great efforts to eliminate it.

Many homeowners are delighted that, at last, their bathrooms are small steel rather big fall into euphoria and not pay attention to the dimensions of the devices that will be installed.The result is a new close quarters, only to have large sizes in which to move and to take any steps still uncomfortable.

For new spacious bathroom will not only due to the demolition of partitions and permutations plumbing.Here, of course, is not necessarily required bath is very small, but still worth it to give preference series of sanitary ware and household appliances series of "mini" - they are in the range of almost any major manufacturer.

Bathrooms are small

hanging toilet

Perhaps we should still consider the merits of the shower.By this embodiment, and a variety of solutions are the types of corner sinks and toilets, and the same bowls with narrow sideburns, or even without them, and washing machines with a minimum width or depth.

Although, in theory, they are calculated on small bathrooms, but also to increase their installation will give greater freedom of maneuver.Again, in the future you might want to complement the situation in some new device, for example - bidet, and space will be fitting.

Designer tricks

If, however, for some reason, make remodeling a bathroom is not possible, or do not want to do that - that is no reason for despair.After all, beautiful bathrooms are small there is not rare.Moreover, because the small area of ​​bathrooms in our area - the norm, then the solutions offer a lot of professional designers.

This, besides the size and shape of the process equipment, and the combination of colors and types of finishing materials for surfaces and decorative elements.

small bathrooms

Making a small bathroom in blue colors

course, aesthetically sink, furniture and bath for a small bathroom are at the heart of design solutions.But by themselves they alone will not do the weather.

Among the secrets of visual expansion of the room have the following options:

  • soft, pastel coatings , it is desirable to cool colors (by the way, whether it is planned to install the bath small or large, and can choose colors other thanfrom white, in the tone of the overall design).Any saturated colors will shrink to the size of the room boxes.If the ceiling is done in compliance with the general scheme, but the tone is lighter - it will add the volume of the space
  • Horizontal stripes on the walls of the room lengthen .It is not recommended to do vertical stripes - they will create an impression of the case.A good impression is formed as a diagonal line
  • If you plan to decorate the walls with tiles - it is better to use it seamless varieties , which are installed butt unified field and do not involve jointing
  • sure must be placed in the bathroom mirror as large as possible , desirable - orensure their own light sources, or at least in front of stationary light sources
  • Decor is located in a small bathroom, and should not be bulky - any object larger size will concentrate on the attention and visually reduce the remaining details of the situation
  • perfectly complement the interior green plants , unpretentious to the sun - the list can be found on any forum flora lovers room
  • good solution will door with frosted glass - it would provide an additional light output as plants and visitorsbathroom
  • clear that complete the ensemble would look like if all the elements interior is decorated in the same style

Naturally, for a family of 10 people a small bathroom in any case will not solve the problems as it neither kept.However, for a small family with a modest residential area of ​​beautiful small bathrooms - in practice, is not a problem.

Waltz here, of course, not stantsuesh, but use the location for its intended purpose, not only without feeling inconvenience, but to give pleasure - is quite real.So - to select a suitable solution, on the advice of experts and show his own imagination - and then even the small bathroom, and will provide practical effect and aesthetic satisfaction.