Draft bathroom: the nuances of design

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23 April 2016

This article will examine the development of the project the bathroom, especially the design and are the basic nuances which should be considered in the design process.

Developed in the regeneration of the bathroom projects are aimed primarily at ensuring the comfort and originality that makes it possible to be proud of the bathroom is not less than the living quarters.Qualitatively perform such a project is difficult, and in the case of independent development projects bathrooms are usually obtained by model.

Project bathroom

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Let us consider how to design a bathroom that is different from the others only in a good way.

Design features bathrooms

Projects bathrooms

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Special Projects repair bathrooms allow to obtain subsequently unforgettable moments of rest and relaxation, since it is in this room, a person is in an atmosphere of peace and balance.

This is not necessarily the design of the bathroom only rely on the weaker sex, it is realistic to create and bathroom, suitable for real men, not t

aking away with the attributes of a typical bathrooms.

Many men like to spend in the bathroom for a long time, resting not only the body but the soul, so the renovation project bathroom should suit the owner in all aspects, and it is desirable to participate in the project itself.

bathroom design with their own hands can be performed in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Exotic East;
  • Classic;
  • high-tech;
  • Minimalism, etc.

bathroom interior allows to reflect any direction in any cell that is ideal for those who prefer to any one particular style, and for those interested in diversity.

For example, the project bathroom 4 sq m may include the elements of high-tech and classic, etc.

bathroom projects

Case Study

If the style is not already selected - not terrible, it makes the design of the bathroom more interesting.In order to decide - what style will be done the design and decor of the bathroom, you need to immerse themselves in the process.

For this it is desirable to view the various directories where various projects bathrooms komnat.V directories you can find items of interest, and at least get a basic idea of ​​what can be of a projected tub.

bathroom design

Visualization Project

In order to imagine the end result (for example - a project bathroom 3 square meters), it is best to render by using your favorite photos of the finished bathroom project.This will allow the eyes to see what happens in the end, taking into account the selected tile, mirrors, plumbing and other functional and decorative elements.

basic nuances of designing a bathroom

Design bathroom

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properly execute the projects repair the bathroom often difficult even for professionals, so consider the more basic aspects of the design of the bathroom:

  1. Along with skylight nearmirror, and in the presence of the shower - and about her, should be equipped with local lighting. pretty comfortable at the same time is a mirror with built-in upper and lower lighting.
  2. Towel is usually placed near the wall, located near the shower, but keep in mind that when you open the door towels are not provided at the bathroom door.
  3. should choose the right height sinks .Typically, the height is designed for people whose growth is from 165 to 180 cm. In case of a higher growth family members should be installed above the sink, and vice versa.

important: it should be borne in mind that different shells can be mounted at different heights, so before deducing pipes should determine the model of the shell.

how to design a bathroom

tile in the bathroom

  1. When calculating the number of tiles to be considered a small margin, because the extreme elements of the series should rasp.
    When laying tiles in horizontal rows, the stock must be at least 10% and at an angle of 45 ° - 15%.After the repair, do not throw away leftovers, as they may require the replacement of broken or split, for example when replacing the towel warmer.
  2. Do not put too much trust the manufacturer.When ordering tiles, manually measure the sample as stated dimensions may differ from the actual.Deviation even 2 mm may be important in the case of a number of rings 10-20.
bathroom renovation project

Wooden bathroom furniture

  1. If there is a bathroom furniture from solid natural wood, warm floors should be designed so that the heating element is 10-20 cm below these elements.Permanent heating and drying can lead to cracking of furniture, to a lesser extent, this also applies to furniture made of particleboard.
  2. Acrylic Bathtubs often have fragile sides, so it is recommended to equip the frame for them - especially in the case of obese people.
  3. In large baths (13-15 m2) with high-quality ventilation can be used in any lighting. But if a smaller area to use fixtures designed for wet rooms, equipped with a non-oxidizing closed cartridge.
  4. Porcelain and similar glossy coating is not suitable for flooring in the bathroom as on the wet floor with such coatings can be slippery.The optimum coating is considered lappatirovannaya tiles.
bathroom renovation projects

Wall cabinets in the bathroom

  1. When designing the bathroom should also be aware of the storage areas such necessities , like toothbrushes, towels, etc.In the case of limited available floor space can be purchased for this wall cabinets.
  2. black, gray or brown bathroom walls cast dark skin reflexes, resulting in the mirror takes an unhealthy kind that can hurt self-esteem.In order to please the eye could reflection, it is recommended to choose light colors, for example - white or beige.
  3. use in the bathroom ceiling of plasterboard can be only with adequate ventilation. avoid problems with the ceiling at the top of flooding is recommended to choose the ceilings, which are not leaking after stains and water is discharged via a small puncture.
  4. In the case of hardware boxes of tile bath, any failure would require dismantling.To avoid this, it is desirable to provide in the tile door - "Technical hatch."
Bathroom renovation projects

project with an unusual arrangement bath

  1. Contrary to popular belief, a bath does not need to be in the corner - this is true only for a small amount of space.In the case of fairly large bathroom for a bath, you can choose the location and other options.
  2. For many people, the main criterion in the regeneration bath is the simplicity of its cleaning.It is not necessary, for example, use plastic curtains over the bath - enough quality to perform a waterproofing and splashes falling on the floor will not cause any harm.

useful: if you still decided to close the bath, this can be used original textile curtains or shower with safety glass.

That's all that I wanted to tell you that this project is a bath and how to properly perform.We hope that this article will help you to make your bathroom really comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time unlike any other.