Corner sink for the bathroom: stylish interior

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
13 May 2016

Making tiny bathroom should be such that each solution, implement it, it was aimed at the expansion of visual space.One such solution is the angular sinks for the bathroom.It is very practical and original aesthetic performance object plumbing, which has worked well in terms of demand among buyers.

It features an angular washbasins and will be discussed in this article. Corner sink for the bathroom

Corner sink interior bathroom

Regardless of the style of bathroom design, corner sink will be able to fit perfectly into it, it is a good complement as a modern room in the style of hi-tech, and the bathroom, made in ancientstyle.

fact help "fit into the picture" bath even classical model capable of such white trim elements and furniture, like a mosaic, various shelves, superstructure made in a certain style unusual faucets for the bathroom.

sink bathroom Corner

Integrating corner sink in a contrasting color to the interior with the help of tables similar color

doubt, make it easier for the harmonious placement of corner sinks in the bathroom

will allow a considerable range of models available today to the buyer.A lot of materials, textures and colors of the imagination extends the open spaces in the design of the bathroom.Dark shades, white classic, glass products, natural stone and its imitation will choose the sink, which will have to court.

Types corner Washbasins

Depending on the pedestal are the following kinds of corner sinks:

  • Corner sink bathroom with an open bottom. models of this kind do not necessarily imply undisguised lower part of a drainage system.
    tubes often turn a blind imitation of a special cover with brass or other metal.With this acceptance can successfully enter the wash basin in the Mediterranean style, characterized by an abundance of metal elements and the use of high-power mixers.

    corner sink in the bathroom

    Corner sink with open bottom, decorated with a metal cover

  • deserved popularity earned triangular shell of the "tulip". The leg that is hosting the sink, you can hide the sewer and water pipes, the element plumbing acquire outline of a flower from which the model gets its name.
    Washbasin kept attractive and can fit into most bathroom styles.The only drawback of these basins is the impracticality of legs.They conceal in the corner which could be used more efficiently.

    Corner sink for the bathroom

    Corner sink tulip

  • fans rational use of space, for sure, will appeal to a corner sink, built-in cabinet. This method will fully realize the potential of the space in the corner of the bathroom, which is located directly under the bowl.
    The cabinet for the bathroom with rakovinoyobychno place cleaning and other care products for bathroom and housing in general.

    practical corner sink, built-in cabinet

    practical corner sink, built-in cabinet

regard to the materials for the manufacture of corner sinks, there is also a pretty good choice:

  • faience and porcelain sinks angular type differ quite high strength, surface smoothness and hygiene.
    models of these materials are very durable and can last twenty years or more.This stylistic decoration of washstands not allow them to lose its relevance over the years.
  • alternative pottery and porcelain are used for bathroom sinks corner, made from high-quality plastics.The undoubted advantage of these shells is a strength, practicality of use and thermal stability.
    produced from polymers models are not prone to scratches, corrosion, and are not afraid of the impact of chemical compounds.
  • shells made of glass, natural and artificial stone, appreciated by those who used to surround themselves with original and beautiful things.Externally, the apparent sophistication and even the fragility of such products is deceptive, because the strength and other similar characteristics, they are not inferior counterparts.

    Glass corner sink

    Glass corner sink

Among other things, there is also a classification of corner sinks, depending on their shape.Most often found on the market in the form of shell segment and triangular shells.

Features angular shells

Why corner sink in the bathroom?Because this is probably the ideal solution for a small bathroom.Thanks to her, you will be able to save precious centimeters square, take an empty corner of the room, freeing space for easy access and comfortable stay in the bathroom.

This model of this type are perfectly combined with the majority of the styles in the design of bathrooms.

The bathroom in the corner that will stand the sink, make space for the installation of something else, such as a washing machine, cupboard for storage of linen and towels.Perhaps carrying the shell in the corner will install a large triangular bath or shower instead use ordinary full bath.

And, of course, have an extraordinary shell angled appearance.Often you ever seen such shells at a party with friends?

circuit assembly and fastening of the corner sink

scheme of assembly and fastening corner sink

Regarding the mode of attachment, it may be noted that virtually all types of corner sinks have a cantilever bracket, in other words - they are hung to the walls in the bathroom.Fixing the corner sink in this way is a more reliable as compared to the conventional method, as in this case activated two walls instead of one.This method gives the necessary rigidity mounting outboard designs.

Do you realize most of corner sinks involve in small bathrooms.However, this is not a verdict, since they can be used in bathrooms absolutely any size and layout.In any environment such products will look fresh and original.