Siphon for bath: the subtleties of the selection and installation

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
13 May 2016

This article will be considered a device such as siphons for bathtubs and selection criteria are described separately, a siphon for bath - automatic or semi-automatic set and the brief instructions for installing the siphon.

Before filling the tub drain hole cover is closed, and then in a bath filled with water.To avoid overflow sidewall bath equipped with a special hole through which merge into a trap excess water bath.Siphon includes two pipes - drain pipe and overflow pipe, which are integrated to the gate, after which the water goes by a single pipe to the drain. siphon for bath Any available apartment plumbing fixtures such as sinks for the bathroom, sink, bathtub and so on, must be equipped with a siphon, to prevent penetration of odors from the sewer into the interior through the use of a water trap.

In addition, currently produced a variety of configuration baths:

  • Classic;
  • Oval;
  • Triangular;
  • high or low sides, etc.
how to set the trap for bath

installed siphon

Regardless of the configuration of baths, they all necessarily

equipped with siphons located in different places depending on the form of the bath and are made from a variety of materials, including steel, brass, polypropylene, PVC and others.

In this regard, for proper installation siphon provided to the seats their shape should not be rigid and monolithic.The siphons used plastic hoses, quite easily adjustable in length and intended for connection to the sewer siphon.

How to choose a siphon

siphon for bath semiautomatic

Semi siphon

bath used traps, equipped with semi-automatic and automatic drain:

  1. equipped with semi-automatic drain rope that connects the mechanism overflow and drain the unit from the bottom drain plug.
    to open or close the drain simply by moving the overflow cover.By benefits semi siphons include attractive appearance and easy to use, since there is no need to bend low to close or open the drain.The main drawback
    be called jamming rope after a certain period of operation of forgery and relatively inexpensive models siphons.
  2. automatic bath siphon

    siphon machine

    automatic drain works as follows:

  • The overflow outlet pin set connected to the drain plug on the outside bath;
  • clothes pin on the cover;
  • By turning the cap to one side cap is lowered into the drain, without letting the water;
  • When turning in the other direction the plug is lifted, draining water.

Useful: traps from manufacturers such as Geberit, Viega, etc., equipped with automatic drain have complete cover and drain plug.

This funnel caps and lids often purchased separately when buying a bathroom faucet, in compliance with the general style of design.

Installation siphon bath

siphon for bath

design siphon bath

Finally, consider how to set the trap for bath:

  1. Bath is equipped with two waste holes, the first of which are located in its bottom, and the second- at a height of 35-40 centimeters in front of its wall.
    Accordingly, structurally siphons for bath include a corrugated plastic pipe to drain, located in the wall of the bath, a plastic cup to drain located at the bottom of the bath, a knee sleeve for connection to the sewer system;
  2. brass

    Check siphon

    first step is to fully assemble the siphon and check directly under the bathtub of his location and the absence of any interference during installation.We should think in advance placement of pipes, paying attention to their length and thickness;

  3. viega

    connection to the drain hole

    in the top hole bath set metal ring, which is attached to the pipe;

  4. Cup drain with a screw attached to the drain located at the bottom of the bath;
  5. Connection siphon with drain holes as follows:
  • unwinds located in a circular plate on the bath metal bolt;
  • with bolts siphon tube connecting the tub and the bottle is screwed to the hole.
  1. With pipe located on the drum bottle is screwed to the pipe connecting bath and a bottle;

    siphon for acrylic baths

    water drainage

  1. After complete assembly of the end of the bellows is connected to wastewater sewer pipe;

Important: collecting siphon, it is important to ensure that you do not lose sealing gum and other such small items.

  1. is followed carefully check all joints for leaks, then you can use the bathroom.

Scheme shutter

scheme shutter

Tips for installing a siphon:

  • Usually siphon attached full instructions describing the assembly and its installation on the tub.It is recommended to first study these instructions and only then proceed to the assembly of the siphon and its attachment to the bath;
  • installing a siphon for acrylic baths or metal, should pay special attention to the overflow hole and drain, and if there are irregularities in the sanding them with sandpaper, which will provide a better fit gaskets;
  • Before tightening the trap, make sure that there is no bias against gaskets to the drain or overflow.
    Sometimes you have before tightening connections siphon and bath promazyvat laying sanitary silicone sealant;
  • should also make sure that the drain hole in the sewer is located at an altitude of no more than 15 cm from the floor in the bathroom, or the lowest point of the bottom of the bath;
  • is also important to ensure the slope draining into the sewer pipe is about 1 cm to 1 m pipe length, which allows for a good fast draining;
  • diameter sewer drain pipe must be at least 50 mm.

After assembly and installation of the siphon can only attach the legs to the bathtub and set it so that the siphon outlet installed tightly enough was a sewage pipe, then you can use the bathroom.Siphon for bath - semi-automatic or automatic - set pretty simple, the main thing with this - do everything in accordance with the instructions.