Plumbing for the bathroom: the main types

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
13 May 2016

If you consider yourself a civilized man, and this is the case, then the comfort of home for you in last place.Gone have the days when the toilet is outside and lack of basic soul was the norm.

Now plumbing bathroom has a different meaning - the meaning of daily necessities. plumbing for bathroom

plumbing concept combines a whole list of devices and objects, without which modern life is inconceivable:

  1. Bath, Jacuzzi;
  2. Sink;
  3. Sink, sink;
  4. Shower;
  5. toilet, bidet;
  6. faucet water tap.

bathroom suitable for almost everything except wash - this privilege cuisine.Bidet the toilet, of course, only relevant at the combined bathroom.

And so, a lot of plumbing, where to start?

begin with bath.That is to say, the most important and integral part of the premises.


  1. Acrylic.Easy to install their own hands, well hold heat, they require careful care.It is due to the properties of acrylic baths configuration varies from straight to a triangular, with a variety of ergonomic niches.Also acrylic baths can be fitted with a j
  2. iron.Very good at keeping you warm, they have a hard layer of enamel.They are more wear-resistant than acrylic, but are much more expensive.The shape of the bath is often the standard -ovalnaya.
  3. Steel.Cheaper than iron, but is more durable than acrylic.Heat hold bad, so sometimes they are treated on the outside with foam and other insulation.
  4. marble or granite.Normally used in their manufacture natural or artificial stone.After heating, the desired temperature is held for a long time.This plumbing for a small bathroom will not work, because it has a very high weight and dimensions.
  5. Wood.Let's face it - a bath for everybody.Because of the weak coverage is better to use them only for taking relaxing water treatments.In this case, they will show themselves great.
  6. Glass.Also a great tribute to the peculiarities of taste and design.
bathroom plumbing

acrylic bathtub can fit in any size room


When installing plumbing in the bath room should be chosen for her concept, thus the overall equipment in the bath will be integral, rather than a collection of disparate items.


  1. Steel.Typically, in their manufacture is stainless steel.Sometimes it is applied to extra cover.They have different shapes and sizes.When loading of the water quite noisy.
  2. Ceramic.The most common type of bathroom sinks.A variety of configurations and sizes allows you to choose the product from such material for any bathroom interior.But unlike steel shells are more fragile, they can be damaged by impact with hard objects.
  3. Marble.Same as bath - makes sense when recreating exclusive bathroom design.
  4. Glass.Also, are the design refinements.
  5. Acrylic.Among these shells is necessary to pay attention to the recessed into the working surface of the furniture, as acrylic, unlike ceramics, allows more refined forms.
plumbing in bathroom

Two sinks - it is convenient in a big family


Plumbing can be both colored and white.The last option is the most common and is used mostly on products made of acrylic, cast iron and steel.


  1. prefabricated.With its installation are separate components: pallet, curtains, walls and roof (if necessary);
  2. Monoblock.Represent already fitted to each other elements, enclosed in a single product.Easy to install.There are different sizes.


Like all listed plumbing in the bathroom, shower trays made of different materials.

However, it can replace the specially prepared installation site shower floor.

Toilets and bidets

The most common material of manufacture of these products - ceramics.This is due to its properties meet the required health standards.

By way of installing toilets and bidets are divided into:

  1. Floor;
  2. Suspended.
bath plumbing

Plumbing judged on its host


If a room has to combine the functions of a bathroom and toilet, you must take care of the quality of ventilation.

water faucets and taps

installation of plumbing in the bathroom necessarily imply a device for supplying water.If it takes only cold or hot water, it's the tap, and if cold and hot mixing them to the desired temperature - the mixer.

When you do the repair plumbing in the bathroom, be sure to replace the separate faucets for one mixer.

Faucets made of:

  1. brass.These products are durable.
  2. stainless metal alloys.Suitable as temporary inexpensive devices.

Mixers are:

  1. separate water supply valves;
  2. Single-lever with the cartridge;
  3. With electronic filing and management of water.
plumbing for a small bathroom

basin mixer with two valves


When selected plumbing in the bathroom, you should consider methods of attachment of the mixer: the sink - is available through the technological hole in it, or over the sink (bathroom) to the wall.

now the market plumbing enough players.In order not to miscalculate your purchase and enjoy taking water treatments is better to look in the direction of European companies able to produce luxury products: Hafa (Sweden), Grohe and Hansgrohe (Germany), Jacob Delafon (France), RAVAK (Czech Republic) and others.

output when installed high-quality expensive plumbing - bathroom not require repair for many years and will look always true.At the same time this will add positive impressions guests visiting you.