Tying for the bath: what it is and why you need

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
12 May 2016

During repair the bathroom, as a rule, there is a need to replace the sanitary siphon, also known as the system of "waste / overflow" and strapping.Now manufacturers produce many of their species.What to choose?

What tying for automatic or semi-automatic bath?All this we will talk in this article. tying bath

What is the system drain / overflow

As we know, in any bath has two holes.Bottom of them - drain, top - overflow.

drain hole is used to remove the bulk of water used, as well as for a set of fresh water into the tub.Overflow is to prevent overflow and flood the bath room.With siphon openings are connected, that is - strapped together and sewage system at home, hence the name "tying."

should be noted that relying entirely on the overflow is not necessary.Siphon tube has a small diameter, so often can not cope with high-pressure water coming.

Species studs


choosing a harness, above all, be aware of what kind of material made herself a bath.

Some of the products are manufactured only for plu

mbing fixtures that have thin walls - plastic and steel (3.2 mm).

to similar strapping include, for example, MRB5.

All other traps - and universal design takes into account the characteristics of the materials of which can be made bath.

tying a bath

Semi-tying bathroom

systems drain / overflow into the following types.

  • Universal siphons , which can be installed on the bath, with the distance from the middle of the overflow drain to the center of no more than 57.5 cm.
    This period is the accepted standard.
  • Special tying , taking into account the distinctive features of some models of baths.
  • Conventional drain / overflow bath.Set or removing water from the bath is done by manually closing the drain stopper.
  • siphons Semi have to overflow swivel head made of plastic or metal.
    It provides an opportunity to open the drain hole without "diving" into the water with the hand.
  • Automatic tying a bath , such as "Button" is a special unit in the sink, clicking on which you can lower or draw water.
  • siphon with automatic dialing of water .Such a system has
    semi drain opening, and the swivel head is built in a special device for typesetting water bath.
  • Special mention should be on the colors and materials of the external accessories studs.They can be white, chrome (matte and glossy chromium), nickel, gold, copper and bronze.


Swivel head of the siphon can be made of brass or plastic.It is widely believed that the metal will last you much longer.This is not quite true.

Provided proper operation, install high-quality fittings and exceptions abrasive detergent in the care of strapping, plastic will last as much, and metal.

features, pros and cons of automatic and semi-automatic studs

Bath tying machine

Automatic tying

The semi-automatic drain / overflow tube is lifted by a cable connecting mechanism overflow and drain blocks.You just have to turn the overflow cap in order to open or close the drain hole.

Among the shortcomings of the system: in the cheaper models or forgery, wire over time begins to stick.In this regard, from the quality of products we can recommend strapping viega, German production.

Advantages such siphon for bath: the aesthetic appearance and the lack of need to bend to close the drain hole.

The automatic strapping drain plug is lifted by a mechanism located in itself.Drain hole opens or closes at the touch of a stopper.

The disadvantage of such a system is possible to note the need to bend each time to click on the device.

very interesting next type automatic systems drain / overflow, which has the option of filling.If you are unable to fill the bath to use the faucet for the bathroom, then you and help this kind of original binding.It provides the water pipe, filling the bath occurs by a mechanism located on the overflow hole.From high-quality devices of this type may be advisable Spanish strapping jimten.

For production systems, drain / overflow currently used materials such as polyethylene, propylene, brass, bronze, copper, chrome or nickel-plated steel.Their performance does not give harness quickly rot and rust, and the product can safely withstand the water with a strong admixture of various salts.

last tip.If you have not been able to choose to harness his bath, then before buying consult a specialist.Professional advice can help you avoid premature replacement of the drain / overflow.