3d tiles for the bathroom: design solution

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10 May 2016

In recent years more and more popular in interior design takes the format of 3d.Volumetric and dynamic pictures are suitable for people who like new technologies.

images in the format 3d ceiling pleasing sight imitation cloudy sky, on the ground - natural textures, and on the wall of an ordinary room can accommodate an entire city stretches to the horizon Field or sunny forest.3d tiles for the bathroom can transform a small room in the depths of the ocean. 3d tiles for bathroom

Images 3d interior

In the interior bathroom designers are increasingly used in image format 3d.Volume images can create a truly unique interior, which is capable of impressing anyone.

Imagine a guest opens the door to the bathroom, and before him yawning depths of the sea with its many inhabitants - and suddenly, you see, very impressive!This interior will not leave anyone indifferent man.

There are those who say that such a scenario bathroom design - a waste of time and money, because you can change the look of the bathroom and with the hel

p of the usual ceramic tile.

This type of cladding on the building materials market has proved to be very practical:

  • first, with the ceramic surface is quite easy to wash off dirt;
  • secondly, ceramic tile is resistant to moisture;
  • thirdly, modern ceramic tile has a very high aesthetic properties
Bathroom tile 3d

use of ceramic tiles in the interior of the bathroom

However, for people who want to be original in the interior of the bathroom, not enough to use the already traditional materials.By the properties of 3d tile ceramic is not inferior, but in terms of aesthetics, it is superior in many ways.

3d tiles

tiles with effect 3d graphics produced using micro-lens technology.3d tiles for the bathroom - a unique combination of tiles and carboxylic film, which allows to reproduce the stereoscopic effect.

most common tile pattern 3d is a raster or geometric character, creating the illusion of a parallel reality in the room.

3d tiles

3d tiles

most harmonious decoration materials with 3d graphics designers use when placing the hallways or bathrooms that the volume of surfaces (walls, floor, ceiling) is not "overload" the room.

A in a residential area to the design of 3d materials should be treated with caution , as in the living rooms and without a lot of interior items.


When making premises 3d materials should be used only on part of the wall.

similar method dispel the monotony of a vertical surface and give the room ultra-modern and urban.

the pros and cons 3d tiles

Options plot which can be revived with the help of 3d tiles, hundreds of thousands.However, aesthetics - not only the dignity of the tile graphics 3d.

textured tile with 3d effect

textured tile with 3d effect

Advantages 3d tiles:

  • durability (according to experts, the service life of the tiles can be up to thirty years);
  • hygiene (3d tiles eliminates the possibility of fungi and other microorganisms);
  • resistance to mechanical stress (3d floor tiles can withstand up to two hundred kilograms per square centimeter);
  • domestic resistance to aggressive chemical agents;
  • hypoallergenic (tiles are absolutely harmless for allergy sufferers)
  • slip resistant surface;
  • waterproofing;
  • 3d tiles also has fire properties
3d floor tiles

3d floor tiles

drawbacks 3d tiles have much less:

  • limitation in the application, as this kind of tile can be used only as an interior decoration, that is,outdoor installation it is strictly forbidden;
  • 3d tile does not tolerate mechanical change, that is, it is not recommended to cut.

Choice 3d tiles

3d tiles, in fact, is one of the types of materials, so the tiles for bathroom 3d should perform the same function as the usual ceramic and mirror tiles:

  1. itshould decorate the interior;
  2. hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the interior.

If the bathroom is small, carefully choose the color palette.Needless to bright colors and numerous color "spots" can significantly reduce the already small space.

3d tiles with a stereo effect

3d tiles with a stereo effect

Precautions should be taken to accessories, since a large number of hangers, shelves and small parts as "eat" space.

A happy owners of spacious bathrooms can safely experiment with color, shapes and accessories.

Installation 3d tiles

Despite the unusual nature of the material, installation is very simple 3d tiles.

In order to produce high quality lining, you will need:

  1. rich imagination that of the thousands of options to choose only one story bathroom design;
  2. smooth and dry top coat nesypuchee wall or floor;
  3. 3d tiles;
  4. glue, which includes a silicone or double sided tape;
  5. person who will carry out installation work.

Please note, depending on the imagination of the owner of bathroom may need guides.Installation is carried out using a guide if you are installing lights.

If interior lighting is provided first need to perform all the work related to electricity.Then, the guide must be installed.

guides need to cut out of polycarbonate, Plexiglas or PET.3d tile is attached to the rails.Between tiles should leave a small gap (approximately three to four millimeters), as the drawing due to changes in the size of tiles can "move down".

use of the backlight

Using backlight

If the light is not provided, 3d tile is attached to the main surface.Also, be aware of the gap between the tiles.

3d gap between the tiles in both cases, the installation can overwrite colorless sealant, as part of which has a silicone.

interior made with 3d, is able to realize the most daring fantasies, giving the bathroom a special glamor and chic.