How to put a tile on a wooden floor: Application Method

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01 May 2016

This article will consider how to put the tile on the wooden floor, prepare the surface for laying, as well as detailed instructions for installation.

Before you put tile on the wooden floor, the tiles must be purchased, and it is better to try to buy at a time once all the tiles that it has the same color and size.

how to put the tiles on the wooden floor

Tile - on a wooden floor

Important: counting required for hardwood flooring, you should consider a stock is an additional 10%.

Preparation of the wooden floor to the laying of tiles

tile laying on the wooden floor

floor preparation

Before you make a tiled floor in a wooden house, you should prepare yourself to the floor tiling.You can use one of the following three ways.

first method

how to put the tiles on the wooden floor

wooden floor

This method is used when the old coating of wood creaking and sometimes fail:

  1. First remove the substrate and the old flooring .If the state lags and subfloor normal when walking and they grind, they can leave as a basis.
  2. Use the nail puller carefully removed from the blister board lag .Set to the existing substrate logs and put them in a horizontal position with the level without performing their attachment to the overlap of concrete.

Important: before being laid tiles on a wooden floor, it is recommended to perform the processing of draft boards and lags protective impregnation.

  1. Dry logs and covered the spaces between them to the top level of the fine expanded clay .Across
    lag with two wood screws 52-55 mm length fastened rough plank in both places where it is in contact with the logs.

Important: between roughing boards is desirable to leave a gap of about 3-10 mm.

  1. blanketed rough plank parchment paper and attach it to the new substrate, which may be a gypsum fiber board (gypsum sheets thickness 20 mm) or CSA (cement-bonded plate thickness of 10-20 mm).
    Mount vrazbezhku produce sheets and on the perimeter and the plane crimped screws, step is 15 to 20 cm.
  2. Fill the joints between the new floor and wall mounting foam.
  3. Perform priming the floor, then laying a tile can be performed on a wooden floor.

second way

tile laying on the wooden floor

tile on the wooden floor

is used when the wood floor in a rather bad condition, but, nevertheless, in assessing whether it is possible to lay tiles on a wooden floor, a decisionthat the implementation of possible ties:

  1. first step to dismantle the old concrete floor , after which the joints between the ceiling and the wall waterproofing.
    easiest way to do this by filling gaps cement-sand mortar, and the mixture before drying coat with liquid glass.
  2. With level around the perimeter of the premises discourage horizontal line which then beat off the floor level .
    then at a distance from the walls 10 centimeters put beacons in increments of 90-100 cm.

Beacons can be plaster, fastening on gypsum stamps or giprochnymi profiles fixed to overlap with screws.As beacons can also use the bars to be removed after drying of the screed and seal the solution where they were installed.

Important: laying tiles on a wooden floor requires lighthouses exhibited exactly the level and the floor or concrete should always be primed.

  1. screed, which will be carried out laying tiles on a wooden floor can be poured cement-sand mixture (in a ratio of 3 parts sand scattered to 1 part cement M-400), but the best option is considered to be a cast concrete, the average consumptionin which case the layer is about 1 cm to 15 kg / m2.

useful: the solution is stirred using an electric mixer in a bucket of construction, which amounts to at least 15 liters.

  1. In case of pouring big layer between the lighthouses pre-poured concrete block , bed height is about 70% of the lighthouses or screed, poured all the solution and wait for a day.
  2. supernatant was removed from the surface of concrete block, primed it and poured a solution of , aligning with the right rail or beacons, working in the direction of escape.
  3. Waiting for three days, and then primed screed and poured self-leveling solution .This ties the execution is completed and you can start to lay tiles on wooden floors.

The third way

tiles on the wooden floor

floor preparation

used when a tile is placed in a wooden house with good condition and wooden floors laid on a rough floor chipboard:

  1. first thing necessarily waterproofing joints between wallsand particleboard using foam.
  2. treated twice with preheated particleboard or protective varnish impregnation.

important Preheat linseed oil is a flammable material, so you should be very careful.

  1. Treat latex particle board, putting it into a sufficiently thick layer using a broad brush.
  2. Then immediately spread on the surface of the masking foil and leave to dry.After drying
  3. operate fixation mesh to chipboard using screws in an amount sufficient to mesh abuts as tightly as possible.
  4. surface treated with a mixture of 1 part water, 2 parts of sodium silicate and 2 parts coarse sand.
  5. After drying the surface-treated according to the composition, it is possible to lay tile in a wooden house.

Step by Step

how to lay tile on the wooden floor

laying tile

Let us consider how to put the tiles on the tree.Before laying the tiles in the bathroom or in another room, make sure that the floor surface in the bathroom or other room is hard and smooth.

In the case of an uneven surface of the substrate must make special help in leveling the surface.

process of how to put the tiles on the wooden floor, includes the following steps:

  1. The first thing you should consider the location of all the tiles.To do this, measure the center of a long wall and is carried out at a right angle (usually - 90 °) on the floor line.Similarly arrive with a short wall.

Important: before laying the tiles must also remove the door jambs and baseboards.

  1. Focusing on two intersecting lines, laid tile on the floor, trying to choose the best of its location.
    Sometimes it is necessary to move the line a little bit.It is advisable to avoid cutting of tiles near the walls - it spoils the appearance of the premises.

Important: dominant indoor items such as a fireplace or a bath, it is recommended to surround the tile symmetrically.

how to put tile on the wooden floor


  1. Apply glue per 1 m2 of the floor in one corner formed in the center of the room plotted lines.

Important: for gluing a flat bands to use a shovel or trowel.

tile in a wooden house

process of laying

  1. Lightly press down on the tile adhesive base, then firmly pressed against the floor tiles.Next, using as a reference marking lines begin to move along one of these lines as long as there is no closed all adhesive treated space.

Important: please note that between some kinds of tiles required to keep a certain distance.

For this purpose, special seals, such as plastic wand, allowing to leave the same distance between all the tiles.

tiles on wood

level alignment tiles

  1. move further from the center of the room to the wall, following the lines of a given distance.
    After complete tiling half of the room begin to cover similar to the second half, and then wait for the glue dries.

Important: When the cover is important to follow the same level of the tiles, if necessary, adding a tile adhesive base.

  1. Fill the space between the cut tile walls and tiled floor.For cutting tiles it is recommended to apply the special cutter, allowing to cut identical pieces of tile.

Important: When cutting should take into account the distance required for the primer.

when cutting tiles for uploading around an object (eg - door), you should use the profile to accurately applied to tile desired contours and perform special cutting saw.

  1. After the adhesive surface of the tile is coated with a special primer.

Note: some types of tiles are initially primer, it is better to clarify the instructions.

  1. Use the scraper with rubber lining gently put a solution in the tile slots in all directions, checking the solution completely filling all the cracks.
    for applying the solution by a thin line, you can use a spatula acute angle.Excess solution is removed with a damp sponge before drying, and then with a dry cloth polished tiles.

That's all that I wanted to talk about laying tiles on a wooden floor, you only have to decide such a question how to choose tile.If after reading you still have any questions, help answer them can video laying tile, cited in the article.