Replacing the pipes in the bathroom: councils masters

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
10 May 2016

are going to make repairs in the apartment, you are bound to run into a problem - the need for replacement of pipes in the bathroom.After all, even the most reliable communication, sooner or later may fail.

how to carry out the replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands, there are some kinds of pipes, which are made of and what is their purpose - our article. replacement of pipes in the bathroom

Sewer and water pipes - their types

To date, among the sewage and water pipes are distinguished:

  • Metal pipes .They are made of steel and copper.Metal pipes can be seamless, welded, to have at the end of the thread and to be without it, be protected against corrosion and does not have.
    sometimes together with pipes supplied are also connecting elements - fittings.
  • Cast iron pipes .This kind of pipe is characterized by the strength and durability, used mainly for outdoor sanitation.The drawback - exposure to rust.
  • Plastic pipes .With low weight, these pipes are easy to handle and install.
    Their smooth surface has a high
    bandwidth pipe material does not corrode.The only drawback - poor resistance to low or high temperatures.
  • Asbestos cement pipes .Advantages - light weight, resistance to chemical substances in the water are fairly simple to process.
    Scope - sewage and exhaust systems.As for the disadvantages, then there should be noted the fragility of asbestos-cement pipes, the possibility of their separation, the appearance of chips at the ends of rough handling during transportation or storage.
  • Ceramic pipes .This type of pipe is a good alternative to replace cast iron pipes, as external sewage systems.
    ceramic pipes are waterproof and resistant to various influences - Damage due to a special layer of glaze inside and outside of the pipe.
  • Metal pipes .Perhaps this kind of pipe is one of the latest inventions and the most successful.
    plastic base pipe has a coating - layer of metal that is resistant to corrosion and other influences.With its light weight, installation of pipes in the bathroom is done easily.The pipe material is able to withstand large temperature extremes, characterized by good durability.
    Therefore plastic pipes are often used not only for posting of sewerage systems, and heating.

Select pipe

how to change the pipes in the bathroom

pipes, elements of their fixtures and fittings

So, you have to install pipes in the bathroom?It is necessary to determine in advance what should be purchased for pipe routing the pipes in the bathroom.

Regarding the diameter, then you must take the main pipes pipe diameter of 110 cm.

pipes with a diameter of 40 mm are suitable for indoor risers, 15 and 20 mm - for posting the hot and cold water, and 60 mm - sewage sludge.

Tip: under the hot water you need to take the metal pipes, a cold - plastic or copper.

also have very good properties of steel pipe with a special coating of zinc - the most durable, rugged and well protected against rust.

If you decide to make the bathroom replacement of old pipes with polymer - installation of pipes in the bathroom will be greatly facilitated by the fact that welding is not required, as the pipe is easy to bend in any direction.

and the system will last for a long time, if you do the correct installation and conduct a reliable seal.

As for pipes of metal, such pipes hassle and trouble as you do not deliver, have a long service life, and can withstand high and low temperatures.

smooth inner surface of the tube has a high capacity and helps to prevent unwanted blockage of pipes, so you hardly zadaete matter how clean the blockage in the metal-plastic pipes in the bathroom.

Important: Before you buy be sure to calculate the necessary yardage tubes, repair or replacement that you will spend.

advise in advance to calculate the planned curves, estimate how much you will need fitting to hold the correct installation of the hands.

It is advisable, and expert advice on how to change the pipes in the bathroom - to make correct wiring and adhere to the optimal sequence of work.

In addition, an experienced plumber can help with advice for the future, how to carry out prevention of clogging of pipes or tubes to clean the bathroom in case of clogging.

Example: replacement of old pipes in the bathroom for new - polypropylene.

Consider the example of the replacement of pipes in the bathroom with WC.Next to the bathroom is the kitchen - because the pipes are supplied with bath and the kitchen, the first thing to do - to make room from the kitchen sink.

installation of pipes in the bathroom

Remove the sink in the kitchen to access to the exit pipe


  • With grinders need to cut and remove all the old metal pipes in the bathroom.

    how to clean the pipes in the bathroom

    cut all the old pipes in the bathroom

  • installation site is prepared polypropylene pipes

    installation of pipes in the bathroom

    Preparing the installation of new pipes

  • Withdraw pipe

    how to replace the pipe in the bathroom

    output tubes, preparation forthe next step

  • With taps and connections according to the wiring diagram is performed installation of pipe connections.

    replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands

    pipe connection scheme

  • Next outputted pipes to the location of the mixer bath.

    Pipe the output to a mixer

    output tubes to the mixer

  • Set the valve to shut off the water to the tank of the toilet, in case if you need to block the water supply hose to replace the tank.

    Installation of the valve

    valve installation

  • further through the wall of the pipe must be taken out to the kitchen.

    we derive the pipe to the kitchen

    Print the pipe to the kitchen

  • It has new pipes in the bathroom faucet set.

    the installation of the mixer in the bathroom

    Set the mixer in the bathroom

Summing up the above recommendations, how to replace the pipe in the bathroom, you could say - replacement of pipes could be made with their own hands.

After all, today a lot of materials are quite comfortable in terms of the process of their training, joining, machining and assembly, so that greatly simplified the question of how to make repairs in the bathroom pipes.In addition, a new generation pipe characterized durability and practicality.