The height of the sink in the bathroom: tips from professionals

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
10 May 2016

Shell is one of the simplest sanitary products and at the same time one of those items that are needed in the bathroom.Therefore, one of the most important requirements for the use of the sink is convenience.

Installation should reflect on what should be the height of the sink in the bathroom, so that each family member could use it quite comfortably. the height of the sink in the bathroom

optimal size shell

Sink - a sanitary product, which is designed for daily use: washing, hand washing, tooth brushing.

Manufacturers plumbing offer consumers a huge range of models, differing in:

  • size.
  • Form.
  • invoice.
  • color scheme.
  • fastening methods and other parameters.
how to install the sink in the bathroom

sink can become a real decoration of the bathroom

Because of this variety is sometimes very difficult to choose a sink that will fit harmoniously into the interior of the bathroom. However, in pursuit of an unusual design and beauty do not miss an important detail - functionality.

Therefore, when choosing a sink is not necessary to be guided only by the aesthetic c

haracteristics.Think about whether the selected fit into the bathroom sink - Product dimensions (width, depth, height) and the room must be the same.


Before buying sanitary products should be:

  1. make measurements bathroom;
  2. draw a diagram on a piece of paper by a certain scale;
  3. Scheme should display the location and size of items and products that you want to stay at the end of the repair.

visibility will help to determine the size of the shell and the remaining items.

width Washbasins

optimal for installation in the bathroom sink is considered, the width of which is not less than 50-65 centimeters.If you choose a more compact model, there is a possibility that the water will spray on the floor and the walls near the sink.

sink, a width greater than 65 cm, to be installed in the spacious bathrooms.The product of this size installed in small rooms, will simply "eat" a useful space.

should really relate shell size and dimensions of the room to the installation no question how to install the sink in the bathroom.

If bathroom space allows you to install a double sink.Note the distance between the centers of the basins should be at least 90 centimeters.Only in this case the people who use the sink at the same time, will feel comfortable.

installation height of the sink in the bathroom

double sink harmonious look in the spacious bathrooms

depth Washbasins

no less important characteristic is the depth of the sink.The optimum depth equal to 48-61 centimeters.


When selecting shells can see how the model is right for you.Came very close to the product you have chosen, and pull out a hand.

If the shell will terminate at the tips of the fingers or palm in the middle, so it is perfect for you.

If the data sheet shells are not specified dimensions, measure them yourself, or contact a sales assistant.Do not hesitate, because even for a couple of extra centimeters sink may simply not fit in your bathroom and you have to get her back.

height Washbasins

height sinks for the bathroom - it's one of those things that is very difficult to pick up, as family members are usually of different heights.There are regulations that govern the height of installation of sanitary products for adults, adolescents and children.

on standards oriented primarily for installation of sanitary equipment in public institutions, kindergartens and schools.For example, the installation height of the sink in the bathroom for an adult is 80 centimeters (to the rail), for a teenager - 70 centimeters (to the rail), for a child - 60 centimeters.

The bathroom apartment is impossible to establish normal shell for each individual.In this regard, the standard height for installation shell 80-85 centimeters is the distance from the floor to the rail.Danae figure is not fixed.

You are free to determine the height of the shell, if the chosen model allows you to do this.Adjust the height of the installation can be suspended for bathroom sinks, which are attached to the wall with brackets or special mounting hardware.

sink in the bathroom size

Hanging sink interior bathroom

If you get a glass, metal or ceramic sinks for the bathroom of the "tulip" (ie shell, which is mounted on a pedestal stand-) independently adjust the height has not come out.You also can not adjust the height and sinks that are built into cabinets.

often install the sink in the bathroom is right in the countertop.In this case the height of the shell is determined by the height of the section.The height of such sanitary products specified by the manufacturer.In most cases producers are guided by the standard height - 80-85 centimeters.

ceramic sinks for the bathroom

options for bathroom sinks

options sink for the bathroom is very important.Correctly chosen sanitary product saves space bathroom, and bring comfort to use.