Mixer aboard baths, new trends

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
09 May 2016

Recently, the market has changed quite plumbing, and one of such innovations become embedded into the bath taps.

In this article we will talk about that, of itself, in principle, are such mixers as they are, we point out the advantages and disadvantages, and will tell how to install the faucet on the side of the bath. bath mixer board

About mortise Bathroom Faucets


Mortise mixer Grohe Allure

Installation mixers aboard baths became possible only recently, and immediately became a serious alternative to installing wall-mounted faucets, both used for showering, bathing andoften sink.

need to improve the ergonomics and the overall technological leap led to the division of plumbing tools on a functional basis.And now people tend to acquire in a separate mixer for shower, sink and faucets Mortice board bath for a more efficient and convenient operation.

This bite type mixers have their operational tasks.Their mission is to create strong and smooth water flow for accurate and fast filling baths, and this requi

res high durability and reliability of the design.

high level of sanitary means is conditioned by such criteria as adapted design, material quality, technological excellence, as well as durability.All of this can be attributed to the characteristics of embedded Faucet.

Naturally, all this will be true with proper professional installation and proper use, so installation bath mixer on board must be carried out as far as possible by competent persons who are able to provide proper warranty.

Such mixers appeared first as extremely innovative in terms of design models.Original mounting solution, an elegant performance and successful experiment with the flow of water caused a rapid increase in the popularity of such trends.

installed on board bath mixer creates a cascading effect in the room, like a real waterfall.This show looks very graceful and can add flavor to the image of the interior bathroom.

Advantages and Disadvantages mortise mixers

some positive qualities mortise mixers we have already been announced, but there is something else.With such a constructive solution able to finally solve the problem masking unsightly hose connecting the mixer with showerhead.

cast iron bathtub tap hole

Bath iron tap hole

Like the classic model, the mixer installed on the edge of the bath may be a shower hose.So sidebar allows you to leave on the surface side of the bath itself only directly funnel and hose will then be tucked into the space under the bath.

At the time of use of a shower, pulling the shower heads, hose can be freely used, after which he again will plunge back into the hole and would not be visible.

As for the disadvantages of this type of mixers, then they are connected with the use of just the very shower hose, masquerading as a bathroom.The fact is that when the hose is pulled from the hole provided for it, is subject to much greater bending than in its classical dislocation.Permanent and significant excesses hose, unfortunately, lead to its early failure.

Mortice bath faucets on board

Built-in bath mixer without spout

For example, if a conventional hose faucet wall, depending on the intensity of its use is able to last for 1 to 5 years, the hose plunge mixer is likely to last for several months to a couple of years.

And as the design of such devices does not imply the presence of a separate spout for filling the bath (shower watering can, which is connected to the hose at the same time performs the function of the nose), then change the hose will have quite often.

Installation instructions plunge mixer on board acrylic baths

for self-installation of the mixer of this type require the following set of tools:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • electric drill fitted with cutter;
  • screwdriver.

Box mixer acrylic bathtub is made in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. preparing a bath for the repair of acrylic bathtubs to drill holes performed marking the place in which you plan to install the mixer.
    Please note that this site should be easily accessible for connection to the water faucets, as well as for its repair or replacement.
  2. Armed with an electric with a nozzle in the form of crown cutters desired diameter, drilled edge of the tub in the pre-marked area.
  3. Perform installation of the mixer to advance the underlying pad provided in the kit.
  4. Fix mixer spinning under the bathroom one or more nuts.
  5. When using single-lever mixer, bolted to it from the bottom pin, which then wear steel polushaybu.
    Then tighten the screws, pulling the mixer to the surface of the bath through polushaybu.

    tie-in acrylic bathtub faucet

    How is cut into the acrylic bathtub faucet, you can see the example of the following scheme

  6. supplies to the mixer cold and hot water.For this purpose, specifically designed for this purpose, flexible hoses.
    Such hoses, certainly, can be purchased at the same place and made the purchase of the mixer.We should not forget about installing rubber pads under the union washer hoses, which are provided in the kit to them.


To facilitate the task can be purchased bath with mixer hole.

How to embed into the wall faucet

Installing plunge mixer into the wall only with the bezel, or mount it on the wall with the free access to the constructive system, located under the bathroom finishes, it will not turn.

procedure is as follows:

  1. Arrange bezel and produce finishes in the place of installation of the mixer so that the mixer was attached to a stationary plane finish, but it was finished for space liner water pipes.
    bezel under the seat mounting a mixer.
  2. Produce liner water supply pipelines to the place where you plan to embed the mixer.
  3. Between pipe fittings provide the required distance and fix them without changing a given distance.To this end, the rigid podvodke use special brackets for pipes.When
    flexible connection is recommended to use a special choke the bar is fixed to the wall dowels.
  4. eccentric screw-in choke tubes, pre podmotav them FUM tape or natural hemp.They help regulate the size of the installation of the mixer.

    installation bath mixer board

    Built-in wall mixer

  5. tighten the screws inside the mixer to finish eccentric connections using reeling.

after the installation of any of the mixers in the restoration and repair of baths open shut-off valve and check the operation of the mixer.If the bath taps on board with the leak and at the joints - they further tighten key.