Sink Bathroom: interesting and functional variants

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
09 May 2016

Sinks are designed to receive wastewater.Normal or corner sink for the bathroom is used as a wash basin.

assortment of sinks for bathrooms huge.

Bathroom sink

Dimensions sinks

Basically, wash-sinks for bathrooms are available in 5 sizes: minimum - width 300 mm, length 400 mm, depth 135 mm, and the maximum - width 600 mm, length 700 mmdepth of 150 mm.

Select size dictates the value of washing facilities.

most of the chassis shells - 500x500

most running out of shells - 500x500

form sinks

variety of configurations for the bathroom sink is huge: angular, water lilies, rectangular, trapezoidal, semi-circular, oval.

And each has its own advantages, not only aesthetically, but also to save space and mounting features.

most demanded angular washing bath, ideal for both large and small for the room.

They are available in different forms.

  • Corner sink bathroom with an open knee it can be decorated of the bottom corner cabinet.
  • Cleaning tulip the quaint foot gracefully and looks like a flower.But it is impossible to change the heig
    ht of the pedestal (80-90 cm).
  • Rationalists prefer corner sink on a pedestal , in which you can store the necessary things in the bathroom.
Corner sink for the bathroom

Corner furniture wash - a functional piece of furniture a small room

Rectangular, square and trapezoid sink emphasize strong straightness classics, symmetry and masculine minimalism.

  • Built-in countertop bathroom, they represent to her a whole and does not clutter the space.For the bathroom sink corner also requires such a setup.
  • Sink, standing on a pedestal , good for a large room.
ideal - edge slightly above the sink counter top: it is aesthetically pleasing and easy cleaning

Ideal - the edge of a sink slightly protrude above the table top: it is aesthetically pleasing and easy cleaning

  • round, semi-circular and oval shells look softer and more feminine.They prefer to lovers of the Empire style, Baroque, Rococo.
"Floating" mount emphasizes lightness and finesse model

«floating" mount emphasizes lightness and finesse model

Characteristics of materials for sinks

shells made of various high quality materials, proven for centuries.Metals, granite, ceramic - the most popular in modern production.

Ceramics - the most common material for the shell, resistant to aggressive environments.

She is represented by porcelain and earthenware.

  • Faience - a mixture of special white clay, kaolin and ground quartz.Firing is performed at a very high temperature.This forms a solid and smooth surface.
  • Porcelain is a similar, but better mix, enhancing the dignity of 10% or higher, and thus the cost.Latest technologies help repel dirt firing.
porcelain sink, covered with white icing - high-quality, durable and original model

porcelain sink, covered with white icing - high-quality, durable and original model

marble sink serve the people for thousands of years.

  • Natural marble beautiful, but expensive.In addition, it requires careful maintenance of micropores - to concentrations of dirt.
  • artificial marble hygienic and economical at the same rich in beauty as natural.
marble sink - an attribute of luxury and well-being

Marble sink - an attribute of luxury and well-being

Sinks of granite not irritate the noise of falling water, they are durable and look very respectable:

  • sink granite crumb, quartz sand and acrylic has a high wear resistance and spectacularview, but must be evidence of an epidemiological expertise.
  • Sink made of artificial stone is absolutely smooth and prevent the emergence of pathogens, asno micropores.
exquisite granite sink - highlight the bathroom

exquisite granite sink - the highlight of the bathroom

Modern bathroom sink Corian - a composite mixture of acrylic resin, mineral filler and pigment for color adjustment perfectly satisfy the most demanding customer needs.

Shock , perfectly smooth surface , a variety of shapes and colors made ​​from Corian sink bestsellers

Shock, perfectly smooth surface, a variety of shapes and colors made from Corian sink bestsellers

Glass cleaning - the most beautiful and at the same time the most expensive.

increased demand them to provide resistance to chemicals, very strong glass and subtle forms.

  • elegant and exclusive bowl on a stand.
  • «Air" hangs washbasin creates the impression of a unique lightness.
Built in a glass with a steel subframe countertop, sink admire such beauty

Built in a glass with a steel subframe countertop, sink admire such beauty


Cleaning should be combined in style and color to the main unit in the room - the bathroom.

traditional stainless steel sinks are durable and hygienic.Less - they scratched when cleaning.

Bathroom sinks

Sinks Bathroom stainless steel suitable for the fans of Art Nouveau

Such a rich selection of sinks ensure successful acquisition of satisfying the most demanding high-end designer or lovers of comfort and beauty.