Connecting the towel dryer with their hands

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
01 May 2016

to repair the bathroom, you have to decide - to carry out the connection towel warmer with their hands, or involve the professionals.This article provides tips on connecting heated towel rails, and even if you do not do this yourself - the information obtained will help to control the installation process.

This often helps to significantly improve the quality of work!

connection towel warmer

Installation towel warmer

Installation towel warmer: Understanding

Where to connect?

Wiring towel warmer provides two options for tapping pipes:

  • The heating system (whether centralized or autonomous)
  • The hot water system

In most cases, preferred the second option, because, firstlyhot water in the heating system is only in the cold season - iesix months at best.At the same time as hot water in the pipes is practically constant.

Secondly, the process of connecting towel dryer to the heating system can only be implemented outside the heating season: frost one you are not allowed to overlap and lower heating water fro

m the pipe, as the consequences of this house can be truly catastrophic.

Connection method

Before connecting heated towel rail, it is necessary to determine the method of its connection.In most Soviet-built homes heated towel rail is a zigzag tube on the bathroom wall, and if you plan to replace it - it will be necessary to select a model appropriate diameter towel warmer with bottom connection.

how to connect the towel rail

Connected towel rail

But if the repair bathroom "drowned" in the pipe wall, leaving only the outputs - there can be mounted towel with water side connection.Mount them harder, but this design looks not much better.


When installing this type of towel warmer you need very high quality isolate all connections because when flows towel rail, pipes which are hidden in the wall - Troubleshooting is a very time-consuming.

how to connect the water heated towel rail

Connection to the hot water

installation procedure water towel warmer

of work stages

Water heated towel rail it is possible to connect with his hands.

If you want to know how to connect the towel rail - it is best to follow this scheme:

  • Dismantling of old towel warmer
  • cranes Installation Installation of the new towel warmer
  • Quality setting

With the right approach, the whole procedureIt takes no more than a few hours.Each of the above steps will be considered separately.

Dismantling towel warmer

Before connecting the water heated towel rail, it is necessary to remove the old.

is done as follows:

  • shut off the flow of hot water into the tube, which is attached towel rail .You can do this by referring to the housing office, or else on their own (in agreement with the responsible person, for example, the chairman of the cooperative) appropriate blocking valve.
  • Towel with lateral connection, and - any towel warmers that are not an integral part of the hot water supply pipe, dismantle by loosening the screw connections .
  • If the thread "become attached", or just heated towel rail is welded to the pipe - cut it with a grinder.

Note!When removing the towel warmer pruning should be done in such a way that the section of pipe was sufficient for threading.

Dismounted towel rail remove from brackets.

Mounting cranes

Then you can begin the installation of cranes.If we cut down an old towel rail - on the remains of the pipe cut into a new thread die of suitable diameter.If the thread on the pipe remains - it, too, should "chase" to improve the quality of the threaded joint.

After placing the thread in the order set the shut-off valves - cocks.

This is done in order to:

  • regulate the intensity of the towel warmer, opening or closing valves
  • when repairs are required (for example, if the flowing heated towel rail) or replacement towel warmer could block the water and make the necessary action.


If you plan to install the bridge - the so-called "buy pass", provided its installation is necessary at this stage.

wiring diagram towel warmer

Wiring with "buy-PazĀ»

Installation towel warmer

Depending on which type of connection from the towel warmer, choose fittings - straight or angled.

all threaded connections sealed by means of a linen reeling.For a tapered thread used tape FUM.

how to properly install a heated towel rail

towel warmer Connection to the pipe

Attach the towel rail to the fittings, tighten fasteners, taking care not to damage the thread.

towel rail fastened to the wall or by means of clamps or with special telescopic holders.

It is important to choose the right distance from the wall (plaster or facing) to the axis of the pipe towel warmer:

  • If the diameter of the pipe at least 23 mm - the distance should be 35 mm or more
  • If the pipe diameter 40-50 mm - minimum distance50 mm
towel warmer connection with their hands

fittings to connect

Connected towel rail should be checked for leaks, conduct a trial run.If everything is normal and there is no leakage - the device can be used.

Connect Electric Towel

Separately should consider such a question as the connection of the electric towel warmer.Here, the most important step is to properly connect the device to the mains, in order to avoid a short circuit or fire.

how to connect the towel rail

Connect Electric Towel

To do this, it is obligatory to:

  • Ground towel warmer
  • connected device via a residual current device (RCD, popularly referred to as "automaticĀ»)


If you plan to connect the electric towel rail to the wall outlet, located directly in the bathroom, you need to install the socket with waterproof housing.

other words, the outlet should be "sunk" into the wall, and its opening must be covered with special insulating cap.

If you carefully read all information provided in this article, most likely, the question how to properly install a heated towel rail you should not be more.So with self-installation of the device you are exactly right!