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03 June 2016
Building roof

finished ceiling insulation, phobos24 sheathed his NDE, and began laying the lag.During the insulation of the ceiling he had already left an opening for the withdrawal chimney from water heater "titan".

heater is installed on the floor.Pipe sandwich passed to the top through a special entrance element.Corner, where there will be "titanium" isolate meniritom.

In early June phobos24 finished putting logs and roof overhangs made of OSB.Using a plastic pipe with a diameter of 110 mm, he gathered ventilation to the toilet.Installed roof rafters and immediately obbil roof OSB.In any case, under the rafters, he established the vertical beam.

toilet for ventilation and roof elements established checkpoints in the roof.And that did not fly insects secured them serpyanku.I make a pass in the roof for the water heater pipe.

OSB roof put on the carpet backing TekhnoNIKOL and laid on top of a soft tile.Use a soft roof Ruflex dark brown

then sheathed siding soffit and began inst
alling the drain.After finishing the installation of sewers, he checked the quality of their work, shedding the roof with a hose.

Finishes exterior walls Dusík

finished roof, phobos24 found the door to the shower room and toilet and painted twice polisandrom Penatex.

In early August, proceeded to install a ground element.To this end, secured the bar 50x50 mm along the bottom of the wall Dusík, and came to him DSPs.Then process it Betokontakt.I made with natural stone finishing cap and fixed flow.

to install on the wall lining boards nailed guide - 50h25 mm in increments of 40 cm, and before it has established across the membrane wall.Then proceeded to finish the external walls lining.

before arriving to the wall linings, phobos24 paint over it with the two sides Polisandr-Penoteks Ultra.Then battens nailed and painted over a second time on the wall.Battens nailed everywhere except in places near the windows.Acquired lining the A-class, used nails to 40 mm.Slopes of sawed lining and corner pieces and trim - the original.

obbivat clapboard house with pre-painting - a very time consuming task.

Dusík at the entrance to the toilet and he hung lights and immediately checked.Burning, so everything was done correctly.


before making screed, phobos24 began in mid-August to the pipe-laying and floor insulation Epps.Communication in Dusík - plastic sewer pipes 2 sinks, drain from the boiler room - is scheduled for floor screed.

This is the result of ill-conceived project.So first waterproofing strapping put stekloizol then Epps.I lay a pipe and a bed net.I did beacons for leveling floor screed.

Next weekend he made a screed floor Dusík.To do this, I bought 12 bags of mixes M-300.The most difficult thing in this case - make the screed smoothly.

Installation of windows

brought box with accessories, but unfortunately, there was mounting elements - screws and plugs had to re-buy them.Then install windows Dusík and finished obbivat wall paneling.

The installation of windows is no big deal.It is necessary to drill holes in the profile to set the level of the window and bolted to the wall.Then zapenivayutsya gap between the frame and the wall.

For windows paid for 5000 rub.- box ready, wood, for baths.

So Dusík looks from the outside.Works on finishing the inside continues.

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