Bath turnkey

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03 June 2016
When selecting bath comm project focused on the size 6x6 meters.The first floor is designed profiled beam width of 150 mm.The height of the first floor of 2.40 cm, and the second floor - it warmed the frame height of 2.2 m.

list of building materials for the construction of baths
  • Bottom rail is put out of timber - 150x150 mm natural moisture;
  • on the sill logs are placed on the edge - 100x150 mm with a pitch of 0.6 m;
  • floors, insulated material URSA, ISOVER-100mm with glassine liner, on the one hand;
  • for rough floors used neobraznaya board - 20x25 mm, and for finishing - decking 36 mm;
  • walls of corrugated timber placed 145h145 mm with seal jute flax in a single layer;
  • Interior walls made of corrugated timber 90h140 mm without insulation;
  • Ceiling Lining stitched L = 2-4m class «B»;
  • on the ceiling of the first floor is used lumber 50h150 mm, laid on edge in steps of 0.6 m. As a heater used URSA, ISOVER- 100 mm and asphalt from the ceiling of the first floor;
  • Steam sheathed in aspen paneling w
    ith pre-seal foil.
  • Set oven going shelves.

Plan 1 floor bath


  • On Truss use edged boards 40h150 and 40h100 mm increments rafters 1.1 meter.On crate roof edging board take 20-25 mm with a step of 40 cm;The roof is insulated - URSA, ISOVER- 100mm;
  • roof structure - breaking.Removal of the roof around the perimeter is 30 cm. Carrying sutured lining;
  • Roofing - ondulin.
  • windows with glass - 1h1,2 m. - 4 pieces;and 0,4h0,4 m. 1 pc;
  • Doors - filёnchatye with glass without fittings - 4 pcs .;
  • staircase with handrails odnomarshevaya.
Approximate cost of the project amounted to - 400 thousand. Rub.

beginning of construction.The foundation

at the construction site bath ground is - the first 1.5 m. Loam, and then a strong red clay.Piles are screwed to a depth of 1.8 m.

piles for the foundations are made of pipes of 100 mm diameter with a wall thickness of 3 mm.Total found 10 piles (for the fifth wall 4 piles).On top of them Navara headroom - 25x25 mm.

Bruce brought on time, as agreed.The entire set was brought in a car with a trailer.CHT has recently formed, so the roads are not wide.I had to leave the trailer car on the road, and after unloading the car body to go to the trailer and load timber from the trailer body.On all spent a single day.On the construction of baths from the beam came 2 people.It brought back a whole bar like comm.

Construction bath

first made the sill, and then tie made of lumber in the leg, the first timber in a warm corner (without harness).All wooden parts are processed "SENEZH."Subfloor made and processed in the same manner.

while to put the walls of the first floor, comm purchased antiseptic for external processing bath - retardant impregnation neomid 530 and Bioprotective neomid 440. To process steam bath and interior bought the fire-protection of bio - bio neomid fire class 1 and 400. The value of all neomidimpregnation processing baths inside and out - 3 thousand. rub.

On the sixth day of the first floor of building a well prepared.Just had a little trim frame and planed his level.The difference of several millimeters.Then log-treated "neomidom 530" and in two layers "neomidom 440»

Construction of a second, frame-panel attic floor

Within three working days put the rafters, covered roof waterproofing and made crate.The roof was covered with iron, attic sheathed clapboard.

protect themselves from the rain, to warm the floor of the first floor, using glassine and Ursu 10 mm.Floor covering made of boards 36 mm.Likewise warmed floor of the second floor and put a board of 40 mm.Insulate the steam room and board obbili aspen.

brought stove "barbarians" with increased heater with glass.It was more than we thought, so the aperture under the stove had to be increased.So, sauna built.

Due to the fact that the work took late at night, did not notice that two doors - one external and one internal - are not closed, andbuilders have already left, the floor is uneven in places - requires resurfacing.

Protopka furnace

During protopki stove she smelled strongly, but the traction was good.

Cost bath
  • Foundation - 60 th. Rubles;
  • Bathhouse "turnkey" - 400 th. Rub .;
  • Stove + all the materials 35 thousand rubles .;
  • Additional hydro and wind insulation of the roof, vertical beams in the doors and windows - 11 thousand rubles.
Total 506 thous. Rubles.


Unfortunately, the extreme heat contributed to the rapid drying of the timber.It dries and bursts.Walls crack in her eyes - came through the slit.

Downstairs floors rassohlis much, so decided to put comm again finishing top floor.The shower is planned to put a tile.

been made porch 1,3h3 meters.And next to the bathhouse built gazebo 3x5 with barbecue.

Shower room

After rain bath comm started finishing work.First I decided to drain out of the shower.This pipe with insulation double layer insulated roofing material Ursa and 110 mm, goes into the ground to a depth of 1 meter and then through the tube into the hole.The floor in the shower is made of granite and placed on a special adhesive on a flexible basis.

The lounge in the steam room and decided to lay a floor board 36 mm to close the gap and at the same time warm floors.

Shower room will not be supplied with water tsentralizovnno.There is a shower cubicle, with a bucket of water with a tilting function, wash basin and a small font.

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