House with insulated foundation.

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03 June 2016
Fill jumpers over the windows and doors

One day azemskov with workers filled six jumpers in the house, including the garage door jumper.To fill jumpers workers used a home-made fiber concrete, consisting of brass and polypropylene fibers, and even added the modifier "Thermoplastic" to speed up concrete hardening.

should be noted that the jumper for garage doors is a span of 2800 mm.For knitted jumper frame using 3 rods 16 mm valve, 3 bar at the top of 12 mm valves.For collars workers used 8 mm rebar and secure it at 200 mm.

on door lintels - span ranged from 800 mm to 1000 mm.Used for the bottom 3 mm of the bar 12 to the top 10 mm.

Fill Laying nets

the weekend decided to pour Laying nets, and along with them the remaining bridges and beams.In order not to pay for a simple mixer at the forum he was advised to drain the concrete in the container and only then take out the concrete and pour.

So he took a neighbor's bucket volume of 0.4 cubes to drain from the concrete
mixer.Then, I agreed and ordered a mixer.The first hour he waits for unloading free, and then an hour pay 500 rubles.For pouring concrete at the construction site, he gathered 10 people, rented a vibrator and they poured the concrete cubes of 6.5 to 3 hours.

froze level Laying nets after pouring, he noted that the difference in different locations of 1.5 cm., And for himself put 4+, 5 would put, if the level was within 0.5 cm.

laying slabs

For laying floor deck to 9am had to bring the plate.To unload them he ordered the crane in the yard of the night with a lil more, not stopping, the rain.azemskov no choice but to begin to work in the rain.So he put on workers with hard hats and raincoats started stacking plates.

They were lucky, after 1.5 hours the rain stopped and the sun shone.For five hours they put all the plates.In addition to the top plate raised 15 pallets of ceramic blocks.For rent a crane he paid 9500 rubles.

strapping belt

on this work with concrete continued.And after laying slabs workers began to mount formwork for strapping belts.To do this, we use shields on Laying nets, only slightly tweaked them.After 2 days of formwork was installed.Tied fittings and joints between the boards plugged boards.

for strapping belt, he decided to do manually concrete plasticizer "thermoplastic".According to the calculations necessary to knead 3 cube of concrete.For mixing concrete mixer neighbor took the Soviet model, it prevents a time of about 200 liters.Concrete kneaded on this recipe:

Cement - 2 pieces;
Rubble - 3 pieces;
Sand - 2 pieces;
Water - 0.6 parts;
plasticizer - 120 ml.

Bay binding strip workers went on holiday.On Tuesday, the planned removal of the formwork and cleaning on the construction site.

brought up another batch of ceramic blocks in total - 24 pallets.azemskov wanted to attract workers from outside, but they wanted 3000 rubles.for the car, so he refused their services.For three hours, three of its working slowly, by hand, in 5 hours unloaded, and then lifted up and the pallet 3 posted 2 cubes.Recall that during the day he pays each worker 1,000 rubles.

Support plates on the bearing wall, visible Laying nets and strapping belt

the end of the building he was going to put an estimate on a construction site in which to compare and find out how profitable to pay the "clock rate" or "for the scope of work".More interestingly, how many man-hours may be required to build a house.

left on the drawing plate balcony

costs overlap one floor

1 floor slabs were purchased in February, at a discount, and brought in agreement with the plant in the spring.Their cost together with delivery and unloading was - 95 000 rubles.Working for the work he had paid 1500 rubles.During operation of the crane Klinets 25 tons - 9500 rubles.Dry mixture of 6 sacks - 500 rubles.

for strapping belt he bought about 90 kg reinforcement.- 3 000 rubles.Concrete homemade cubes worth about 3 - 6 500 rubles.Three workers working at a construction site for two days put the formwork, rebar and tied poured concrete for 6000 rubles.

All work performed on an area of ​​103 m / 2.Cost ceiling turned - 1184 rubles per m / 2.

How best to monitor the work of the working

According azemskov, most importantly, that the speed does not affect the quality of work.The workers, first of all, it requires quality.For its observance, he does not regret the time and explains in detail their task, and then they do.

Of course, without the supervision of the quality and speed can not be achieved so azemskov made it a rule that they do not skive, he sets a table and an umbrella so that the workers were always in sight, and he sits beneath a laptop.So 3-4 days a week.Every half an hour, he makes rounds.When he can not keep an eye on the construction site, he is doing his father in the same manner.When coming

responsible work, azemskov father certainly participate in them, and sometimes the workers are taken from the side.

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