Dream house.

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03 June 2016

Dream Home at archie - live in their own house.If you save money, it takes many years.So he decided to sell all that you can begin the long-awaited construction.He hoped that the first money will be enough for a box with a roof, and there can, and will finish on the money.

plot at archie small - only about 10 acres.In connection with this, he decided to build everything in one place.Two-car garage, bath and attach the shed to the house.


  • The project foundation - a monolithic tape to a depth of freezing;
  • Cap is made of solid bricks;
  • Overlap 1st floor - monolithic on a professional flooring with an I-beam, second and attic - a monolith;
  • walls will be put out in keramoblokov brick, Epps 10cm, and in a half-brick cladding;
  • From the first to the roof slab are monolithic columns - 30pcs;
  • Construction will be carried out by the Tajiks and most archie.

measurements at the site

Before the construction started archie mark land for future construction and it turned out that piece of lan

d is not enough.I had to invite surveyors who, after measurements found that the neighbor's fence went to the site archie 50 cm.

had to argue long and hard the neighbors that he is right and in the end, justice has been done.At the same time relations with its neighbors have not deteriorated.With other neighbors, too, I had to talk and pull his barn, which pulled into the station archie half a meter.Dragged barn using jacks.

to secure justice archie filled tape for two rear sides of the width of 35 cm.


on the plot at the GWL archie is very high, almost on the surface.Workers began digging the foundation tape 1.4 x 0.4 meters.As you work constantly had to pump water.And then, as luck would have it, rain came and monthly rainfall washed away and cut everything dug.I had to start all over again and put the spacers into the trench to hit the wall again, and before pouring the spacers were removed.

The area was an old house and a little disturbed, so it was decided to demolish it by half, as the remaining half of the workers lived and stored tools.

foundation height of 160 cm. The land of 120 cm and 40 cm above it. The upper part of the foundation, he decided to go to sleep, and thus to raise the portion of these centimeters.The foundation of internal jumpers deepened by 1 meter (under the house permanent and not chilled).

Fill foundation

According to estimates in the pouring of the foundation requires 100 cubic meters of concrete.It is the foundation of the house plus a cellar and font, drenched by a special technology.Terrace at the house T - shaped and it is made on the same foundation with the house.

for pouring the concrete foundation M350 ordered from the factory with friends.After pouring concrete archie 3 days watered it with water until it is fully grown and then removed the formwork.Thus ended the first period of construction.Past foundation survived the cold winter well, so everything is done correctly

Payment workers

Sewerage archie hired four Tajiks.Pay 1000 rubles.every day.The working day of 10 hours.Laying plinth they did for 1200 rubles.cu.archie gave them a tool for the job and a house to live in.They can build, taken from a neighbor after he built two houses.Guys have got smart, but control is necessary for 100%.

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