Self-built framing baths

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03 June 2016
In the country already has a house of 90 square meters, but despite this, superstasik decided to build a framework bath with two floors.To avoid wasting a lot of money, he decided to build himself and an assistant himself took her sister's husband.

In terms of carcass room is 6x4 meters (length of lumber).Boards had introduced even when covered with snow.Dimensions of planks: 150h150,150h50,150h40,150h25.For storage made 8-meter canopy.

foundation for a bath, he decided to make pier foundation of the 12 pillars.Pillars of asbestos-cement pipes of 150 mm, filled with concrete.The concrete reinforcement rod 4 fit 10 mm diameter with curved ends that come into the widened portion at the bottom of the pit.

Before you put the pier foundation, he hired Tajiks.They removed the fertile soil on a bayonet and dug pits for the foundation.Then, two days put all the pillars of the foundation.

pole setting

to install poles dug pit depth of 140 cm and a width of 35-40 cm. At the bottom of the
sand poured 15 cm and compacted.Before filling with sand from the pit removed ground water using a bucket on a rope.

then poured concrete into the hole about 20 cm, it is laid out poker 4 valves 10 mm.On the reinforcement tube is worn, oiled mastic asphalt, and then the pit is filled to the brim with concrete.Concrete Bayonet to remove air bubbles.The pin is inserted into the concrete with a washer and two nuts at the bottom and the top of the washer and nut.

diameter studs embedded in the concrete, M 16, drowned in the concrete - 35 cm and 15 cm from the outside leaves. On the pin is secured waistrail.The foundation of the bath will not close below.

Building carcass baths

After the concrete has stiffened, they proceeded to install the sill.It is mounted on the stud 16 mm M, which are set in concrete.

On waistrail let timber 150x150 mm.Previously he was treated "SENEZH" heavy duty.

Walls bath collected in a horizontal position.In advance racks make cuts under logs and supporting the ceiling beams.And then raised and secured to the bottom plate on the corners, galvanized screws and are aligned to the plumb line.

After installation and alignment of the walls, superstasik for further comfort and safe operation of a future built around the former baths forest.
made on forests was very convenient to put the roof.Rafters were made a pattern of galvanizing.During installation, the extreme truss for temporary catch to be used by forest stands.

During all work tree pililos mostly circular saw, only a few details and rafter tooth sawed jigsaw.Rafter coupler is attached to the rafters with two screws superstasik 10h120.All other compounds of wooden structures were going on the screws with galvanized corners, and then nailed to the fortress nails.

finished construct truss system, superstasik proceeded to install racks attic.Then he fitted a roof vapor permeable membrane scored crate and covered half the roof Ondulin.After that work was suspended, because the rains came.

roof bath on a plan will not be fully insulated.The attic will remain cold, and part of the roof - the walls of the attic will be warmed.This decision was made because the room is not for permanent residence.But if there is a need for it to warm up in the winter, in the bath should be warm.

When the rain stopped, it was decided to urgently make a crate with the membrane in the second half of the roof.By this time the assistant superstasik vacation was over and he left.But then suddenly a neighbor offered his services and helped cover the crate to the roof.To close the gable as an assistant, he drew his wife.


During the deliberation of the project baths superstasik primarily thinking about reasonable use of lumber, so the size of the bath so chose:
  • length of the building is determined by 6 meters in length boards;
  • 4 meters width of the building is determined by the minimum width for a comfortable room, and the remains of two-meter can be used successfully to transform the porch to the terrace;
  • Step racks, log rafters and asked relative to the width of insulation;
  • Along the 4 meter high wall - rack height of 360 cm, and the remaining trim can be used on the rack walls of the first floor;
  • Along the 6 meter wall - rack length 300 cm. From a board turns 2 racks;
  • Laghi, a six-meter length of the beams go through the whole bath, and in the middle are based on the central beam strapping (lag) and a partition in the middle of the 1st floor bath (beams).
After these calculations almost no waste remains.

Consumption of lumber in the frame and truss system

Log dimensions 150x150 mm - 5 pcs.0.7 cube;
boards size 150h50 mm - 53 pcs.2.5 cube;
boards size 150h40 mm - 30 pcs.1.1 cube.

Total;4.3 cube.

roof sheathing

roof sheathing decided to seriously mount screws.To do this, I bought a new screwdriver.With the new battery is very convenient - one does not have time to discharge the battery, and the second is charged.

decided to strengthen the crate carefully, because when reading the forums about the ondulin, read that on one roof, he looked bad because of the dry and warping crates.During his crate he is calm.He rafters set at 60 cm, and at the intersection of sheathing and rafters, he tightened the screw 2.

method in which sparingly spent boards sheathing gable

To do this, you must first expand the six-meter board close to each other, vrazbezhku, as shown.Calculations are carried out based on the actual size of the board and the angle of the roof.

then slash line (red line) which are sawn planks and the result is a set of boards for sewing gables.And as a waste remain triangles (it happened in superstasik the calculations).


for a bath he ordered PVC windows with profile KBE expert, 70mm triple glazing.Two windows size 120h123 cm. The windows offer a fold in two directions.He also bought one small window 60x70 cm. The windows in the bath after it installs siding boards.

sheathing frame

frame bath superstasik assembled without the use of struts.And for his fortress, he decided to sheathe bath board 25 mm diagonally.He believes that this framework is strong and no worse than using the RSD.In practice, it is checked in the construction of his garage.

frame wall sheathing board diagonally gives, according superstasik, the following benefits:
  • This will dispense with struts and braces;
  • Square meter board 25 mm less than the GSP;
  • On planked wall baths can easily be installed siding with the required step of fasteners 30-40 cm;
  • board, unlike GSP, environmentally friendly material, without chemical additives;
gap in cracked board will enable faster time-out pair of insulation than a continuous layer of OSB.To not barrel through the cracks, apply vapor permeable membrane that prevents moisture trapped under the siding to penetrate to the skin and skeleton.

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