Self-built framing bath.

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03 June 2016
Small works bath

Near the bath was shed from the boards, I had to take it apart to fill the space under the bath instead of sand excavated fertile soil.With a neighbor put a few sheets Ondulina roof.

adult helpers were not, therefore, together with his nephew 12 years to lay the floor joists baths and nail all the corner joints racks with bottom plate, which were held on the screws.

During the preparation of openings for windows revealed that the height of the room for a window size of 120 cm big.In connection with this, the sill is at a height of 75 cm from the floor.

sort floorboard.On the first floor left the board better, but the second worse.

Paul first floor

on rough floors first wanted to use the GSP, but when he has turned out to b / u boards from the barn, he decided to use them.In the following working day of the tub made of planks and polyethylene poured back anitseptik.Then sawed the pattern b / y boards, which are designed for sub-floor bath, and processed them.

With these boards were made rough flooring, which was laid insulation.Floor joists are laid at exactly the size of a heater, so work on warming did not deliver trouble.On top floor insulation, he spread a Izospan B.

Finally the roof was made strictly according to the instructions ondulinovskoy.Crate made in increments of 30 cm, half fastened with screws, nails and half.

Making the roof, along with an assistant, he made out of the forest and began to trim the walls with boards diagonally.The two long walls 6,0h3,35 meters each, they were trimmed to four hours.At the intersections of the boards, and he nailed the uprights 2 ondulinovyh nail.

After lining two walls of the board ran out.It was therefore decided to sew up small walls OSB.

Purchased a 25 mm OSB on Sunday began sheathing frame bath.The first familiarity with the NDE he did not like.But the material already purchased, so the work continued without interruption.Nails hammered through each 20 sm.Posle cladding he found a window of the first floor and the heavy iron door of the apartment.

In the following days without assistants (at the cottage, children and women), he slowly, performed minor work: nailed boards Binder eaves zapenil window.It started manufacturing bearing walls.On her lean six-meter ceiling joists.This partition is based on the middle of the lag of the first floor.Which is located on the cross bars 150x150 mm sill.

That appeared Assistant - my sister's husband.Along with him set a small window in the dressing room, saydingovye H-profiles 6 foot wall, saydingovye corners.Wall cladding panels saydingovymi he performed "Mitten" with anti-hurricane locks.

More established ebb in two windows - near the entrance door and window dressing rooms.A small window made frame, and the rear wall of the bath sheathed siding to a height of three meters.

For the convenience of working at heights with the assistant he put the forest.Construction scaffolding assembled on screws, make it easier to disassemble.And to be sure it was attached to the bath.In the manufacture of forests we used two six-meter board - backups are screwed with screws to the filing of the cornice boards, then the other two six-meter boards are connected with them by horizontal planks, which is laid flooring forest.

Standing on forests, they have cut opening for the window on the front, you insert the window and zapenili.Corner frame that you forget to warm, zapenili foam remnants from the window by making a hole in OSB.

next day together with an assistant, he began to trim gable siding.Siding cut grinder 125 mm in diameter, and is sometimes used metal shears.The next day they finished gable trim and have started filing the eaves bottom.For this to crate fastened screws beams 45x45 mm through one board.

Much attention during installation saydniga superstasik drew on his uniform tension throughout.After checking with a tape revealed that work exactly to the millimeter.On the feast of May 1 Workers sewed second gable.

to free up some space on the pile of insulation, they embarked on a warming bath.He laid on the wall 15 cm thick very carefully, leaving no empty seats.After three cubes bookmark insulation in the walls decided to rest him and sheathed siding back wall and a small part of the front.

In the days that were set missing floor joists and floor decks.Sawed in size, treated with antiseptic and laid subfloor.Insulated sex in the washroom floor and intermediate floor.Stitched up the ceiling and walls in the washroom.Fully sheathed recreation room timber imitation.

Stoves for baths

for the bath was acquired "Bathhouse furnace Breneran."Its weight is 120 kg, it is charged with 140 kg of stones and it is designed for the steam room of 125 cubic meters.It furnace of steel 5 mm.I bought because the other is the same, works well and reliably.

After a short break in the construction he has put in the bath sauna wall, made insulation rokvuolom, secured penotermom on three walls and scored rails, which will be attached lining.Installed in the steam room door.The wall where the stove is located, has not yet built.

hem eaves.It remains to close the house and terrace balcony.Work is carried out mainly indoors.For baths ordered 5 sliding aluminum windows.Two on the balcony and three on the terrace.Hung door.

While drove doors, he held minor works in different places baths.A week later brought window and they were not easily, safely installed.Here

bath and ready for winter.From the exterior remained gutters, eaves filing and other minor works

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