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03 June 2016
Construction font

Font is located close to the foundation.Its walls are also walls of the basement.Reinforcement fonts produced reinforcement D-14.Reinforcing the cell floor - 20x20 cm double-thick reinforced concrete 25 cm, reinforcing 20x40 cell wall with a thickness of 40 cm concrete.

Reinforcing the basement it was made in the same way.

technology fills

technology fills font - monolithic.

beginning was the foundation of the house is filled with ribbon of concrete M350, then the font from the concrete treated with waterproofing of bitumen and between the cups on the floor and put Epps 5cm.And then the cup filled font of waterproof concrete (W18) M700.The result was a kind of a bowl in the bowl with waterproofing between them.

then have to fill in a font so that there was formed a cold joint between the floor and the walls.The technology fills a friend suggested.

On the sides of the pit on the palm of the board are set 50h150 ribs vertically and hung them inside formwork.It
must be rasperet boards 50 mm thickness every 50 cm in height, and the intersection needs to be fixed.Then begins pouring the concrete floor font.After several hours of waiting, but no more than four, the concrete to set.As a test, you need to base long rod reinforcement for concrete, and if it sinks to 3-5 cm, so you can fill the walls.

to the formwork walls are not led, the floor is poured onto 2 cm above the bottom edge of the formwork walls.Fill the walls must be done slowly, evenly around the perimeter, and tilt the hose parallel to the ground.Work vibrator to be very careful.

Performance - monolithic plate without cold joints.

Likewise filled basement.

Waterproofing basement

entire basement smeared with bitumen and with the help of torches stuck flashing on top of it.

To fill the second bowl as reinforcement acquired welded mesh reinforcement of 2.5h6m D 8 20x20 cell.This was decided because the second bowl does not bear any load, she mainly waterproofing function.

thickness of the second bowl is 20 cm and fill it with concrete M700, it is waterproof.As by pouring water bowl, everything was done very carefully.But still not all happen smoothly.

some places the bottom formwork board arched inwards by 5-8 cm.
Grid formwork subsided and with it the drain pipe, laid on an incline.As a result, it has become horizontal.To avoid this, it was necessary to leave more space around the pipe.

basement flooded, as well as font, appliances monolith.

Pouring plate beneath the garage

Before pouring a slab garage dug a pit, and then poured sand cushion - 20 cm. The top is laid insulation Epps 10cm.Reinforcement rod is made with a cell D14 20x20 cm. Height 30 cm plates.

basement waterproofing

basement waterproofing done only horizontally.Make it the usual way - all smeared with bitumen waterproofing torch and solder.Then trim the space between the belt, pour sand on a level foundation.

Construction cap

for the construction of the cap archie acquired Engels in the Saratov region brick - M150.Outwardly, nothing attractive, but the frost had 100 cycles.

Fura bought a brick to the site could not drive, so before CHT arm loads itself pallets with a brick and a ride to the site.Brick was much and all thanks to a neighbor who made a mistake in counting the bricks for 16 pallets or 5700 bricks.First archie did not know what to do with more than a brick.But over time, he went into business.

addition bricks had introduced 12-meter reinforcement of about 15 tons.Since last year, it has risen from 15 900 to 23 500 per tonne.And vice versa concrete fell from 3200 to 2700 rubles.per cubic meter (M350) with the delivery.But if you take out of town and away, the need to negotiate separately.

Buy metal until mid-April, while he was not yet risen

for bricklaying he bought Eurocement 500 from a friend directly from the factory.Width at half-brick cap (38 cm) and a height of five bricks (38 cm).On the outer side 4 more bricks in the height and thickness of a half-brick.The result was a kind of outer formwork for the slab.

Cap made in order to be able to lay sewer pipes under the floor, he was not tall, but you can work.

floor slab of the first floor

floor slab of the first floor decided to make a monolith.As a basis archie put Beams 20th every 60-80 cm. They are based on the ground laying.I-beams painted two-component paint based on epoxy resin (marine tankers).Bottom placed profiled N75, which became permanent formwork and reinforcement lower, while it does not rely on base.Profiled archie armature strengthened to be sure.

reinforcement plates top and bottom reinforcement made from a cell D14 20x20.Formwork under the house made of beams and profiled sheet and a simple wooden veranda.Paul first floor is insulated inside Epps 50. Using as formwork steel sheet, in places where it is not adjacent to either an I-beam or a heater, he put pieces of brick that did not follow the concrete.

Pouring plate

reinforcement and insulation of the house and terrace plate separation.Along the perimeter of the house and between the slabs home and paved terraces archie Epps 50. Sewer pipes protruding from the ceiling, it is wrapped in foam sleeve to pipes filled with concrete had a backlash of 1 cm in case of progress of the foundation.

Pour plate began in late October.Before the filling level, he checked with the help of laser builder planes.With the included priborchik to work in the sun.And in the evening to work quickly and comfortably.

To determine the level on the perimeter of the formwork through a meter Screw the screws, and stuck toothpicks insulation, armatures wrapped at the column on the level of the wire.Along the entire surface of the next plate set reppernye pins of fittings and noted by the same wire the desired level.After pouring the slab cut protruding pins.

slab poured concrete pumps, vibrating and is equal to a specially made "mops."The whole process took place "without a hitch."

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