Bath with a loft

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03 June 2016
all started in August 2007.In my cottage house, which is already 25 years old, DS816 set frame house 9x9 meters with a temporary roof and filled the ribbon foundation for future bath.

not understanding anything in the construction and, especially, in the sauna fact, he blindly copy what he had seen his brother, but even that he did not work well.During the pouring of the foundation under the bath did part of the foundation under the brick partition.


As a result of the efforts of the builders did DS816 tape foundation under frame 6x6 m on the outer edges.In addition to the whole area of ​​tape baths DS816 wants to fill the plate with reinforced insulation EPP, thickening under the partition and make the expansion joint between the tape and the plate.With base plate does not bind.


  • first and main mistake in DS816 - he does not like to draw on paper plans.
  • second - I did not think how to make the floor.
  • third - on the builders hoped that they will make the foundat
    ion for the framework.

Blockhouse he decided to order 130 km from the destination.He agreed with the manufacturer for May, but suddenly he called the end of March and offered to put today.He offered to come and bring a video made by the framework.

DS816 But he decided to live to see what it looks like.Log cabin appeared Kryven'ka but white.On examination, it turned out that there are four instead of five beams.Manufactured think that four is enough, but at the insistence of the customer promised to do the fifth.

When the frame was brought despite the pretense that a winter forest do not have to be processed, DS816 insisted that felling Tikkuriloy treated prior to assembly, not after, as he wanted the manufacturer.Workers at every log processed brёvnyshko collected bath and left.After leaving the team on closer examination revealed that logs and subtle curves.

log house with thick logs of 22 cm in the small place is flush with the outer edge of the tape foundation, and inside the tape is free to 15h18 cm. The height of log beams to 2.25 m. And if you measure from the floor lag, then the height nothing remains.Therefore, in the bath, it is planned to fill the foundation slab.


long had to find roofers.Advised a guy who liked DS816.At the appointed time the team started to work, and instead raise the frame, they cut down the beam.I had them all correct.We put the timber, and it opёrli rafters.

As planned by the builders of the ceiling in the bath made of lining.She nailed to the rafters, which were previously covered Vultee Pohyuste with a black color scheme and linings covered itself is similar, but without the caramel.Along timber trusses let 50x50 in increments of 40 cm. To strengthen and ensure the ventilation gap.Then working peppered crate made from the same timber in increments of 40 cm, and on top of the crate made continuous SIR-3 9 mm.The roof is covered with shingles Tegola.

Gables bath quickly sewed Block Houses, so DS816 did not have time to buy their membrane.She, like insulation, have later installed inside.

be hemming Eaves boards with ventilation gap.Because of the large number of mosquitoes in those parts of the binder boards will be laid mosquito net.

pipe to stoves bought without looking.I bought a sandwich 150x200.Route the cables in plastic ripple for overhead lighting.

Roofers pull the end of work on the roof.Had DS816 to get down to business and take a bath of 30 cm base coat.

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