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03 June 2016
By wheelhouse first crown Leonid_57 started on April 26 and 27 in the evening ended.For four days I put two more crown.First he chopped the crown to the floor beams, and subsequent to poluzamok.Wife Leonid_57 also made its possible assistance - lnovatin tucked under the rail profile and between the crowns and provide other possible assistance.The wind blows constantly lnovatin, so he decided to buy a stapler to secure it.Much more time it takes to fit in the corners of lumber and milling.

milling technology

With this technology, it does not matter what to do first, to cut down the castle or mill, so Leonid_57 first to cut the lock, and then milled.The main thing in this case is always milling around the outside at a distance of 7.5 cm from the outer edge.Otherwise, because of the different thickness of the beam (14.5 to 15.5 cm) be a mismatch of grooves.

During the May holidays managed to make a crown.In this paper I helped my sister's husband, the real help from him a little bit, mainly moral.


In work he uses a chainsaw Makita and very pleased with it.Cuts wood as a hot knife through butter.

He also uses a milling machine, which works well, too.He tries not to overheat it.A groove depth of 18 mm is held for 2 times.Frese is usually used slots 10 mm.For comfortable work capacity milling machine should not be less than 1800 watts.Rail of 10 mm plywood, he cuts a circular saw.

30 minutes he can handle the timber length of 4.15 meters over the entire depth on both sides.The outer side of the timber Whittle manual plane.Quality of electric planers (Interskol) can not be compared - much better.But time takes longer.Circular saw (Interskol) works flawlessly.

Laying wreaths

Walls already high, without scaffolding becomes difficult to work.Height such that it is time to put the door frame.It will be 1.8 m height on the outside.Thickness of 7.5 cm x 2 (timber, sawn on two) internal dimension of height was 1.75 meters, with a width of 90 cm.

In general, for 4 days - from 18 to 21 - he made only one crown - the ninth.But I make and install.After konopatki corner crown is very reliable.Slots are completely excluded, even now worry.But still have to caulk, especially from the inside.

sawn timber for two crown, and now with the windows.He started manufacturing window frames.The washer - 60x60 cm in the lounge - 60h75 cm. Put another 2 crown and made window boxes.The underside of the window turned out at the height of 130 cm from the floor.It is high, but maybe for the year settles bath.

Last independently laid the crown - the tenth.Eleventh and twelfth helped put the children arrived.

That laid wreaths sixteen.With the seventeenth crown have to suffer - to do nine gashes under beams and rack veranda.


at the front porch, he found metal expansion joints, made by hand, and leaned on them a crown of the last bath.The roof of the veranda baths will be on the last crown baths, generally with a veranda.It laid the beam.The left side of the bath turned lower by 1.5 cm than the right.

Beams are made from 100 mm bar.Three of them are installed in the walls.The rafters are made of two types.Of the 100 mm beam collected four pieces, and the board of 50x100 mm.- Six.The slope of the roof will turn 30 degrees.

After assembling the rafters of their processed SENEZH.Then he bought a roofing material, metal profile and all necessary materials.

to install trusses son came to him, with the work went faster.He decided to fix the rafter beams, rather than on the walls.The beam is inserted into the groove and to the rafters and fixed spike nail.At the ridge, the rafters are attached to the joint.For stiffening trusses interconnected board.Then he made a crate and put it on top of her roofing and metal profile on him.Thus, the height of the bath turned out 4.15 meters.

About insulation and waterproofing

on the roof as a vapor barrier is laid roofing attic because the cold.And in the steam room he was going to lay a foil lining.

bath inside no chemistry it is not processed.He himself from Yakutsk, no cakes (steam and waterproofing) was not used.In Yakutsk, the house of logs is already 150 years old are without ognebiozaschity.

main thing, according Leonid_57, avoid direct exposure to moisture in the logs.And if you got inside, just aired.

Well sewed and gables.It's time to do the windows and doors.

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