Bath with a loft.

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03 June 2016

tiling in the bath DS816 hired Uzbek.I buy cheap tile, all because it is not a house and sauna.In the partition as a bridge was laid Area, which now protrudes 7 mm.Therefore tiling DS816 had to buy two more extra bag of glue to align the wall.


Uzbek working in the shower made false panels on the frame, and under it held the necessary communications, and then distributed across the floor heating cable, and made tie.Despite the poor quality tiles, Uzbek swears, but it continues to lay.The washer can be placed more and beige, hallway, just trash.Dimensions differ by almost 5 mm.

The lounge made wooden floor.In the hallway tiles laid, and that there was no cold floor is heated.Testing floor heating in the hall and washing showed positive results.That is heated, as it should be.

DS816 wiring Electricity produced using high-quality and reliable materials without compromise, eliminating all sorts of "snot."

Garret inside all obmёrzla probably have to leave th

e windows open;
with chimney fell cover that protects from rain and snow;
Under the first crown promёrzla bath brick laying on the floor;
front door to the bath along the perimeter of promёrzla.

Installing stair

acquired modular ladder checked on the site is suitable for the size of it or not.The audit found that it is suitable, but steps still need to fit in place.The staircase has 11 steps with zabezhnymi steps below.

During installation of the stairs, it became clear that the anchor bolts in the screed are not held.Then he was advised to use a mixture of epoxy cement.And just squeeze into the hole up, and insert the pin after some time (30-60 minutes), it freezes there.During the inspection, he tried to escape, but nothing happened, all the studs grabbed death.

More had to insulate the attic, and therefore had more to spend on insulation EPP and close imitation of timber rafters.Ceiling decided to paint it white, and wall picked gray.

the stove is located in the floor duct.It paved the cap from the bath to the furnace.

Glass doors

for the bath needed to buy the door.Among the wooden door, he did not find the good ones.Therefore, after much thought DS816 bought two glass doors.One of the doors have to try on, and then there was a nuisance.In the beginning there was a fitting cotton, and on the floor was a pile of broken glass.Good thing no one was injured, escaped with minor cuts.Maybe the glass was marriage.

When the store DS816 lay claim to the quality of the door, there is a helpless gesture, but honestly say that can not help, but the plant still called, because they have a stock had a similar case.

Grinding log

Interior finishing bath logs need to be sanded.Therefore DS816 Bulgarian armed and went to work.A few minutes after the start of grinding logs it was clear that more than 1 m / 2 grind is no hunting.First, polished logs DS816 grinder, trying not to offend konopatku.Then he started buying sanders that would not spoil konopatku.And then he just tore the whole konopatku and ground all logs.

Resurfacing walls with remnants of the last tow converted in down and mixed with wood dust, he covered everything with a thick layer.

For grinding area the size of 5.5 m / s 2 was spent 5 hours and 2 disks erased.During this work, it made a lot of dust, but with a vacuum cleaner, he drowned in it and though with difficulty, but brought the case to the end.

If you want to polish the wall log, then in any case, before that they were not konopatte.

Painting attic

decided attic ceiling painted in white - the color they liked very much.That's what they were looking for - the color of the tree is completely painted over, and the structure remains.

Walls painted in gray.After the first painting, he was like the blue, and when painted a second time longer looked like a gray.

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