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03 June 2016
In 2009 Romi93 acquired in a village near Moscow on 11 acres of land for permanent residence.After purchasing the land, he cleared his 15 years of trash and vegetation and install a fence made of profiled sheet.Held and connected electricity on site, drilled a well and made the foundation for future home.

house project

house project Romi93 drew in Akron using information taken on the Internet, forums and other sources.After much consideration the size of the house turned out 13.7 x 9.5 meters and two floors.

walls, he decided to lay out concrete blocks Ytong D500 300 mm.The house is warm, using Isoroc Izolayt.Outside the house is laid out facing bricks.


Before pouring the foundation company offered its own version - pile-rostverkovy and he agreed.This is not the classic version TISE.First, dig holes 1x1 meter and a depth of 1.5 meters.They set formwork 0,5h0,5 meters with an extension at the bottom of 0,8h0,8 meters.Rostwerk section did 0,5h0,5 meters in some places at different

The result was 24 columns and three more are made separately inside the basement to install an I-beam, which will serve as an intermediate support for the floor beams.

On the whole foundation went 56 cubic meters of concrete.Winter suffered a good foundation.

Delivery blocks

in February Romi93 purchased 100 blocks of cubes with discount (off-season).The price includes shipping and unloading.The scheme "delivery and handling" has been applied to the contract.Before signing the contract, he changed it slightly in their favor.Therefore, when the units were imported, despite the dissatisfaction with the drivers and their complaints about bad roads, they had no choice but to do their job.And all thanks to a contract drawn up correctly.

The plot tractor-trailer did not pass, so pre-determine where it will stand.And it will drive up to the arm with a trailer and shipping trays to his trailer and transported to the site.And so it went, until all the blocks are not moved.

to unload units were three Uzbek advance recruited.These he placed in the cabins, which have already been electricity.They are well equipped with unloading.


units only need to unload soft "Chalco".All drivers want to use chains.When using chains will be a lot of broken blocks.

And yet
If the Uzbeks ask for "Tefal" - so they need a kettle.Tea is the firm "Tefal" is not necessarily to buy.

The construction

as of April came specialists stacking blocks.Total in construction were six builders.After checking the basement levels, builders have decided that it is not necessary to align and Romi93 agreed with them.

start working with welding waterproofing the foundation.While the workers made preparatory work, Romi93 using chainsaws Stihl-180 sliced ​​beams for the floor slab of the first floor size 100h200 mm and length of 6 meters.Beams treated before installation "Senezh antiseptic" in two layers.

the beginning of the masonry blocks Romi93 purchased sand and metal.Metal It is designed to grams and centimeters.The order was: girders 20th, 75h6 corner fittings 12 and 8 mm.Beams need for intermediate support beams of the floor of the first floor.To install them in the foundation were cast ledges, on which leaned girders.A three pillars within the foundation made for intermediate support I-beam.For his painting used kuzbasslak and processing of other bars he used soil GF red color.

for reinforcement of masonry Romi93 bought a 50x50 mm mesh, which the workers lay in the first row under the blocks.Units stacked on the first row of the solution, and subsequent ranks only adhesive Ytong.Color gray glue.It bought together with blocks.

Saturday builders laid the first row in the solution.By evening Romi93 drove to the site and check the level on top of blocks.On a 2-meter difference in height masonry was 4 mm, and what have the foreman than cast him into a deep confusion.Further soundings level stacking blocks showed that the level observed elsewhere.This suggests that some of the tools, and in this case, the "builder of planes" for 3000 rubles, are useful.

After these remarks builders is very tense, it is clearly not pleased.So the next day the foreman said, "Since it's rough wall, not finishing, not worth much to find fault.And if he wants to within a millimeter let him pay more. "

But it is more expensive to pay, he did not, because everything in the contract stipulated, including the price of the masonry.When setting the price for laying Romi93 not traded.

By the end of Sunday put 3 rows of blocks - the pace has increased.With such a rate of 100 cubic meters of calculations Romi93 should go 2 weeks without filling Laying nets and perfect weather.But with the growth rate of the height of the walls probably decrease, so before the stipulated deadline of 1 month the most realistic to raise the walls of the blocks.

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