I build a house in the suburbs.

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03 June 2016
Construction hiding banners

to shelter from the rain Romi93 brought to the construction site banners, an area of ​​about 250 sq.m.I give them to work, so they hid insulation, fitted on the walls from rain and tilers protect the walls from rain, which can interfere with their work.

Delivery brick

Brick Romi93 decided to put in a full size 1NF.I bought it in Novomoskovsk.In quite a nice brick red color and a decent appearance.

in the acquisition and delivery of bricks Romi93 helped forumchanin MrBarobaka, organize deliveries.

His aides Dennis and Timothy did everything clearly and harmoniously.Moreover, they are still trading with the driver of the crane.Everything was delivered on time and unloaded.For 1 hour and fifteen minutes, we unloaded the first car with a trailer, which was 21 pallets with a brick.

In due time the second car pulled up, it brought to the remaining half of the bricks.Her Romi93 did not wait, and trust acceptance brick Denis.

for laying bricks, he immediately bought 2 ton
s of cement, masonry grid, plasticizer solution C-3, and four stitches meter rod - tens of square section.

cost of purchased bricks was - 7.04 rubles.1 pc.with delivery to the construction site.More had to pay 5000 rubles.the crane for unloading trucks with trailers.The boom of the crane was long, so with the help of trays can be put where it's convenient.

masonry bricks

first row of bricks is the base - carrier for the entire structure and it will be laid a solid line and the second row of the workers will leave holes in the seam to the air holes.The third and subsequent rows are placed as usual.

Usually produhi mesh close to the mouse not gnawed foam.A Romi93 did not, because in the construction of his house was not used.But I had to buy a masonry grid, which cost him about 8000 rubles.These expenses he did not plan because they do not know that it is necessary to reinforce the masonry cladding.When laying bricks every 5th series of reinforced masonry net.She was cut in such a way that it can reach the insulation.

construction continues.Builders work and speed seems to be normal - 13 rows per day on the perimeter of the house.But visually very noticeable, because have to put the 80 series.

with water on the construction site napryazhenka.Dug well is completely stopped giving water.Workers were asked to buy a hose for pumping water from a pond located about seventy meters from the site, so we had to buy, and a hose.

Banners brought by Romi93 in his time to the construction site, very useful.They curtained sunny side, provide shade to a solution for a laying ahead of time does not dry up.For shelter from the rain lumber had to buy polyethylene.As it turned out, it is not cheap.

To make jumpers, mason ordered area.I explain how to do the jumper, sensibly and it turns out that one aperture need two corners.They will be attached to each other "spin", and they will be laying bricks.

Efflorescence, which appeared on the walls, the workers were promised rinse with water at the end of laying bricks.Around the windows facing bricks will be laid poking with entering into the aperture 4 cm - this is the fourth.

Ventilation home

According Romi93 home should be breathable, and so when a wall constructions like it, no need to install the hood in each room.More is due to the cost savings.The fact is that through the ventilation leaves the lion's share of heat from the house.

But the house without ventilation can not exist, so it is thought out layout of the main ducts.In them he set the valve to be able, if necessary, to block the outflow of air.

According to the plan the main riser for ventilation will be on the wall of the boiler room, which is adjacent to the kitchen, and another will be held next to the nursery.

costs for the period of construction

  • According to preliminary calculations Romi93 going to spend on a house near the box - 2.1 million rubles;
  • At the moment spent together with the foundation - 1460000;
  • A total of purchase area spent on land and other transactions of about 3 million rubles.

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