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03 June 2016
Private construction is becoming increasingly popular.Tired of the costs of civilization, people tend to move away from the city noise, forced the neighborhood and find comfort and peace in his house, which was built in accordance with their wishes.Darkens idealistic picture of happy solitude only a matter of cost.

on what can and can not save

house is built for a long time, not for a year or two, and ideally it should serve faithfully for several generations.In advance, please note that the house - it's not just the cost of its construction, but also the subsequent regular maintenance.Therefore, the question about the economy must be carefully weighed and thought out.Experts say that you can save almost all stages of this complex process, as the realization of the idea of ​​the house of their dreams.It is necessary to consider both the initial costs and savings over the life of the building.

savings in service consists of two elements: a long service life of the material (do not need additional pr
otection or replacement) and lower operating costs (such as heating).It is important to strike a balance between the initial cost and operating cost.For example, saving the quality of insulation, it can be for several years to spend more because of the heat loss.Experts strongly recommend to save on quality materials and service performance.

Another way to save money - use materials of different purposes.For example, some types of thermal insulation materials are flammable and require additional fire protection.However, there are materials having a high ability to resist fire (e.g., rock wool), and they can be used as fire protection, combining the two functions.

Good design saves money

If you start building without a clear budget and the finished project, you can easily be trapped and outlet to get a completely different amount of expenses than was planned your budget.In this case, the claim that the miser pays twice, should be regarded as an axiom.A high-quality project will help reduce construction time, reduce material consumption and reduce operating costs.By the way, especially for the cost-conscious is recommended to get the finished project, it will cost significantly cheaper than the individual.

can be saved by reducing the consumption of materials.Sometimes in the case are very creative solutions and design finds.For example, the roof can be made flat or gable and ... round.Today has become popular so-called geodesic dome, invented by the American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller.It is a hemispherical dome, constructed of metal rods of various lengths located on the geodesic lines that connect the shortest distance between two points on curved surfaces.This type of dome allows to cover large expanses minimum quantities of supplies.An example of this architectural solution is in Sokolniki exhibition hall with a dome Fuller built back in 1959, but today this technique is very actively exploited in the construction of houses.

It is at the stage of the project dealt with many issues of the future of home comfort and energy consumption.For example, a lot of money can save the optimum orientation of the building to absorb solar energy.In colder regions suitable large windows on the south side and the lack of windows or small windows on the north.We also need to protect the building from the sun to prevent overheating on hot summer days.Cornices, for example, allow sunlight to penetrate into the building in the winter, when the sun is low and provide shade in the summer when the sun is high

good insulation will keep the room cool on a hot day, and will not release heat during the cold season ... The building should be compact:the smaller the surface, the less heat loss.The optimum ratio of length and width of the room - 3/2.In the premises, the design of which is observed this proportion is maintained more stable temperature conditions.According to the regulations, the area of ​​the glazing may not exceed 18% of the area enclosing structures.Alternatively, the energy loss can increase several times.And this - also the drafting of the questions correctly.

house construction

choice between brick and wood, often leaning toward the second - because of the quickness of a wooden building, but do not forget that after the construction of a wooden house should "settle" for over a year.In general, the timber is an excellent building material in the event that it is well-prepared and dried.Very popular at the moment the construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber, which is produced in factories with modern technology.From it to build a quality home on an inexpensive foundation can be as little as 6-9 months.The advantages of this material is no deformation and the presence of unlimited opportunities in the implementation of creative imagination.

economical and interesting is the style of Half-timbered houses, which arose due to new methods of processing wood.The basis of the house in this case is a wooden frame.The material for the manufacture of the walls here can be any here should be fine and design finds such as the stained glass in the wall panel and simple inexpensive.Manufacturers of construction fachwerk called the warranty period to 25 years.As with any new technology, the technology fachwerk is implemented for the most part only in expensive cottage villages.But before us is an example of the siding, previously used only in the construction of luxury housing and became publicly available in a short time.

One of the promising areas - the construction of frame houses.This technology is widely used in Canada, Scandinavia, Germany and other countries and is becoming increasingly popular in Russia.Construction of frame houses using Canadian technology allows to erect houses, superior quality characteristics brick - at a much lower cost.The basis of the house - a wooden frame made of lumber.

to increase spans can also be used laminated beams.For insulation, usually used stone wool, special plates from it (for example, a world leader in the production of a wool - Danish company ROCKWOOL).A layer of insulation about 150 to 200 millimeters of walls and roofing provides year-round comfortable accommodation in central Russia.Lightweight construction of prefabricated frame buildings greatly reduces the load on the ground, allowing for a more efficient types of foundation.In general, the cost of the set of the house and its setting is between 4-5 thousand rubles per square meter.


known that the share of cold and hot water, electricity and heating accounts for 30-50% of the engineering construction and 12-29% of the total cost of the structure as a whole.This important factor raises questions about the cost-effective solution.


Modern water consumption rates range from 220 to 320 liters per day per person.But this city census.Outside the city, these rules substantially higher.And if there are such delights modernity as dishwasher, jacuzzi and outdoor swimming pool, greenhouse and fountain, the water flow can reach 5000 liters per day.This flow rate can only provide wells which are drilled to a depth of 20 to 180 m (depth in this case will depend on the depth of groundwater).Well expensive wells in at least two or three times, but in this case the economy - it saves especially on their health, as the quality of well water in the modern ecology is poor.

Well fed surface water, which can contain not only a variety of harmful substances, and pathogens and bacteria.It is not recommended as a good save on the pump for the well.Pay for it once, you can live comfortably for many years, to the same high quality pump in time to substantially reduce energy consumption.Water also requires the right approach.Of course, all the water can be purified to drinking, but it is to be costly.Water supply more efficiently by several branches and to prepare drinking water, water for domestic use and for irrigation alone.This will reduce the cost of water treatment and use smaller diameter tubes.

when laying water pipe using a pipe made of polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene, plastic, copper and steel.Pipes made of HDPE and metal- supplied in coils, they can be cut into pieces of any length.Such tubes are particularly convenient to install, because the number of connections and consequently the risk of leakage is minimized.The remaining tubes dimensional long 4-6 m. Products made of polypropylene can be quickly assembled into the tube of any length.For this four-meter sections are held together by heating the intermediate fitting.Welded construction of polypropylene most beneficial with the ability to easily increase the pipe during operation.And the need often arises in connection with a reduction in flow rate of the well.In addition, plastic tubes are formed rust.It lengthens their life in comparison with metal pipes.


order to maintain the optimum temperature in the house is necessary to establish efficient boilers.Now popular condensing boilers, gas consumption which compared to conventional reduced by 30%.At the peak of the traditional panel radiator in the modern world there are systems of "warm floor" and "warm walls" that provides the most favorable distribution of heat in the room, they create a much greater thermal comfort than previous versions.It is noteworthy that, irrespective of the heat source of these systems consume 20% less energy than a conventional radiator system.They may use such sources of heat, such as solar cells or heat pumps.

optimal choice of the building heating system depends on the available sources of energy and climate, but to a large extent on the quality of the insulation.In energy efficient houses in general may be missing a traditional heating system with batteries.In Central Europe and many other parts of the building is used for heating the ventilation system with heat recovery.It is designed so that the incoming fresh air is heated by the outgoing warm.

very important issue is to protect the construction of engineering networks.Today this is done using modern techniques - for example, products from mineral wool in the form of ready-made thermal insulation shells, allowing to provide reliable thermal insulation with minimal time in their styling.

insulation - the main way to reduce operating costs

are obvious benefits of using insulating materials.They often can reduce the weight of structures and significantly reduce energy consumption for heating and air conditioning.

Enormous popularity of the concept of so-called passive or energy-efficient home.A feature of such structures is considered to be the lowest power consumption, only about 10% of the energy density per unit volume consumed in most modern buildings.The ideal concept of passive house will be a house with a completely independent power system that does not require any cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature.In such a house heating occurs due to heat generated by people living in it, due to alternative heat sources and appliances.Hot water also is due to renewable energy, solar panels or heat pumps.In the UK, also used the term "house zero emissions CO2».This means that the building itself self-sufficient in energy from renewable sources, including energy spent on heating / cooling facilities, hot water, ventilation, lighting, cooking and electrical appliances.In the UK, all new homes in 2016 will be built in accordance with this standard!

available on the market and allow the materials to Russian developers, if not to reach such standards, it is close to them.Reducing heating costs in this case it can be characterized by the following figures.For an average strip of Russia (depending on region numbers may vary): consumption of electrical energy for heating poorly insulated private house of 150 m2 will be more than 39,000 kWh per year.In monetary terms - is 78 thousand rubles.Heating costs can be reduced by seven times, if warm the house in accordance with current regulations (eg, using ROCKWOOL insulation thickness of 150 mm to 200 mm walls and roof).If you increase the insulation thickness up to 300 mm and 350 mm respectively, the heating costs per year amount to less than 1,000 rubles.

When it comes to insulation of facades, now popular outdoor insulation, which allows for heat storage capacity of the walls, which is important for temperature variations in our climate.The most technologically advanced application is ready facade systems, including both a heater plate and fasteners and other parts.

For warming the roof and there are special plate.When selecting a heater, in addition to the thermal conductivity, it is important to consider fire safety, environmental and durability.On the sum of these figures it should be noted, for example, rock wool, manufactured from basalt stone rock group.It has high thermal and sound insulating properties, resistance to stress and long life.Materials of this group of almost 100% consist of natural stone.It may be noted that it is stone wool company ROCKWOOL became the first in Russia insulated, to get not only all the required certificates, but also a sign of ecological safety EsoMaterial Green.Stone wool fibers can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C, whereby a slab of stone wool used as fire protection.

As you can see, today, there are opportunities to significantly save on the initial costs and the performance.Thus the main way to save - not cheap building materials, but on the contrary - the use of the most modern, high-quality materials and technologies.This allows you to lower costs and get a reliable, comfortable accommodation which will serve for many years.