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03 June 2016
romeomk machines have not, and nowhere to go.And then Comrade cheaply bought land and began to build, and then romeomk thought, and what we are worse, and remembered that his grandfather's wife has undeveloped land near Solnechnogorsk.And just then my parents gave an old but in good condition nine.And it made the first foray to the country.

In the country except for the tool shed nothing.Father-sometimes came to the area to mow the grass, but there is no electricity, no water, no home.

Town area is good that there is a road.It is from the rubble, goes to CHT, is at a distance of 100 meters from the house and a small stream of cars.She constantly clean so that you can come to the country all year round.

plot has a regular rectangular shape and is fairly flat.Electric pole next to the station and after paying a small fee, you can connect to it.On the site there is a foundation - that is what is left of the frame bungalow.

site development

Nearby are two neighboring plot.They are fence
d off by a fence, so it was decided to start development of the site with the construction of the fence where it yet.Poles were installed and cemented.Fence made wooden and painted Aquatex.The entrance to the site to close the gate, made of mesh netting (temporarily)

then disassembled and removed rotten floor on the old foundation, and there a surprise in the form of a basement with water.

clean the area of ​​debris, romeomk and his wife began to estimate their financial capabilities.Already a loan was taken, and the financial capacity to pay the hired construction permit - the size of 6x8 boxes at home, the attic and roof of roofing material.A construction company would like for it from 400 to 500 thousand. Rub.without foundation

black band

After such a good start came a black stripe.Grandfather's wife died, and had to deal with relatives over summer.As a result, we agreed that the site remains romeomk, but for part of the site will have to pay back the money.

That same winter he was in a major accident.Two cars crashed heavily.As a result, you need to pay a large sum, the machine can not be repaired and had to sell the garage.

The crisis laid off from work, and for 3 months there is a job search.

white stripe

As you know, after the black band is bound to be white.I found a job, parents helped buy a car VAZ 2111. In his pocket money and not a lot of hired building is no longer the question.Cottage to be built with their own hands, and in the mode of austerity.

1st floor plan

Due to problems with the site, and because there was no work, construction stopped for five months.While there was nothing, I romeomk drawing house plan, collecting information on the Internet, did drawings and reworked.As a result, he decided that the house should be spacious and if necessary, take all their relatives, so the rooms should be bigger.

Hall on the ground floor of 16 m / 2, and on the second floor of 24 m / 2.The kitchen should be small - for cooking.You can sit at a table on the terrace in the summer or in the winter.Toilet be combined, one with en suite bathroom.The boiler room is the entrance from the street, and there will be a geyser.

Plan 2 floor

The construction

finally made home plan, buy a car, there is a certain amount of money and a great desire to build a house.

Construction began with a trip to the market for building materials.After visiting the market was purchased:
  • Bruce 150x150 mm.- 22 cubic meters;
  • Beam 100x150 mm.- 2 cubic meters;
  • board 50h150 mm.- 3 cubic meters;
  • stapler with staples;
  • Nagel 1.2 m - 120 pieces;
  • Staples for timber;
  • mezhventsovogo insulation Flax Jute fiber - 3 bags of 12 rolls;
  • Nails;
  • Chainsaw Oleo-Mac, handsaw;
  • Angles, plates in coils - 2 units.of 10m;
  • different screws - 3 kg.
Remaking foundation

First of all, romeomk began to clean different rubbish that has accumulated in the flooded basement.The result was a hole in the middle of the foundation.To close the hole, he pumped the water, and then ordered the KamAZ land with clay, and showered her basement, lined and rammed layer of the earth.Because of resource constraints, it was decided to leave the old foundation.

for temporary housing in the country have decided to buy a used / have shed.In the shed did not find ads.Then he wrote to purchase and to his call and was told that there cabins b / size 6h2,2 wood up to 22 000 rubles.with delivery to the site.He immediately agreed to buy it.After she arrived, he threw out all her stuff, ennobled, and she began to look like new.

After much thought and calculations it was decided to order a home from a bar, but it needs to extend the hand of the foundation.To improve living conditions in the country, romeomk began to increase the area under the house foundation.

Party foundation to increase the size of 4.2 meters to 7.2 meters.On the front side filled monolith of 3 meters.Side decided to add three columns and one column of a possible fire.He further will keep the wall.Fireplace, likely will not brick and firebox with a light facade.

strength to the fifth wall, it was decided to make three more foundation pillar, and between them have laid four beams, the rest of the carcass, they only proshkurili and painted.

pier foundation doing so.Drill hole drill size 1,3h40h40 cm. Fall asleep sandy base 10 cm, compacted, making the formwork and pour concrete.

Cement for concrete mixing it bought themselves brought sand from the quarry and schebёnku carted off the field, where previously it stockpiled.As an armature using a variety of metal scrap (fittings, pipes).So the foundation was built.

as foundation waterproofing using 2 layers of roofing material.Thus, the foundation took two months of work on the weekends.And it's already the end of July.Before laying roofing felt is put on the timber lining boards fifties, but before it is treated with a primer and then laid on the foundation to check the size and Gaugeable diagonally.

The second row is set bar.It must be connected to the wood floor.After laying the entire series a must fathom the diagonal and level and then beat the angles and joints brackets.

floor joists, it was decided to make independent, so that if something happens to replace them without dismantling the house.Therefore, in the 1st series allowed around the perimeter of timber 100x150 and have him put a floor joists.Laghi laid relying on the fifth wall every 60 cm and a safety net in the middle of making another support under the logs out of the board 50h150 mm.All logs were treated with antiseptic.

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