Attention to private developers, "Your new home" will help you free of charge

By Admin | Building
03 June 2016

When building a house there is a lot of different issues, from which even the professionals give up.How to choose a place to build a new home?What kind of materials and technologies to use, so it was really convenient, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and durable?

Where and at what price to buy these materials?How to spend the home gas, water, electricity?And so on and so forth.And buy a ready-made house - not much easier.Offers mass.They are just full of eyes.How to make the right choice?

Joint Information Centre of low-rise and cottage construction "YOUR NEW HOME" works in the framework of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation "Affordable housing for young people" .

In short, the potential buyer or developer, to realize their dream of a new home, first of all necessary information.Just having all the information we can to minimize all sorts of risks, solve the problem with the least amount of effort, time and money.

The impossible has become possi
ble.Now you do not have to rummage through dozens of references, sit hours and even days on the phone or online.On February 1, in the framework of the state program "Affordable Housing for Young People" is a single information center «YOUR NEW HOME» , whose specialists will answer all your questions.

hotline 8 (800) 100-18-19 you provide free information about the technology of low-rise construction, the presence of certain materials in construction markets and shops, the characteristics of these materials and ready-built cottage communities in the Russian Federation.

If you need professional advice designer or engineer, various legal support, assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation, and call the hotline, and your problems will be solved.

Information Center «YOUR NEW HOME» guarantees a high level of service.Receiving calls the hotline daily from 8:00 to 22:00.During the work of the center appealed to us more than 5,000 people, and each of them received answers to all their questions.Call us and we'll help you!